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My Buddy's Ticklish Mom
(Posted on Tuesday, January 22, 2002)
This story was submitted anonymously.

As I sat and waited for my buddy Joe to get his ass home from school, I couldn’t help but notice and stare at his Mom, Janet. She was a tallish woman with dirty blond hair that hung down to her shoulders. At 40 years of age, she did not look a day over 30. She obviously pampered herself whenever she could and this reflected in her good looks. The thing that turned me on the most about her, though, was her pretty feet. Having been a footman for many years now, it drove me crazy whenever she walked around the house in her bare feet or open-toed shoes. Today, though, she was just coming home from a business appointment and was wearing sheer black nylon stockings, with the seams running the back of her legs. To top it all off, she was also wearing a pair of strapless high-heeled shoes that complemented her pretty feet wonderfully.

As I watched her, my mind drifted away in fantasy as I imagined running my tongue down the length of the seam of her stockings right up to the tips of her toes. I imagined myself kissing and licking the soft, smooth, moist sole, gently caressing it with my fat fingers, sending explosive tickling sensations up and down the length of her spine. Foot tickling has always been one of my favourite turn-ons. I could spend just hours subjecting tightly bound female to foot tickling. Holding her ankles in a vise-like grasp with one of my arms; the other, gently wiggling my
fingertips along the soles of the feet, watching the rest of the body squirm and wiggle.

My daydream was disturbed as Joe’s mom sat down at the other end of the couch from me. We started off talking about idle bullshit: “how are you”, stuff like that, nothing of great importance. I don’t think I could have carried on a decent conversation anyways because my mind was distracted by the way Janet kept on sliding her stockinged feet in and out if her shoes. I tried to act as if I was paying attention to what she was talking about, but I kept on breaking eye contact to glimpse at her feet. My groin was irritated as I watched her slowly remove her toes and flex them in the air.

She must have noticed the attention that I was giving her tootsies because she finally removed them completely from her shoes and placed them next to me on the couch. She continued to flex and wiggle her pretty toes, teasing me unmercifully. I stared down at her pinkish toes and every time she wiggled them I fantasized it was because I was cruelly teasing with expert fingertips, causing her to peal with hysterical laughter.

She closed her eyes and faced the ceiling, leaving her tempting toes within hands reach. Finally, I couldn’t resist. I reached down and with a slow upwards stroke, I ran my right index finger up the entire length of her left foot. I smiled as I noticed her big toe jerk backwards in the fashion characteristic of a ticklish foot. Janet confirmed my suspicions of her being ticklish by letting out an audible “Oohhh!” as I did this. Then she really added to my growing excitement by saying that her feet were really ticklish. I couldn’t help noticing, though, that she made no attempt at
withdrawing her tasty feet from my reach. Closing her eyes again, she returned to facing the ceiling.

Again, I reached down to tickle her sole, only this time I used several fingers in a slow circular motion across her stockinged arch. And this time, Joe’s mom began to giggle like a little school girl. I stopped after a few seconds, feeling as though I was going to explode in my pants. My rock hard cock was bulging against the inside of my jeans. To my disappointment, however, Janet got up and slipped her high heels on, excusing herself for a minute.

I sat there and watched as she headed for the bedroom door, sadly thinking to myself that it was good while it lasted. But, she returned a few minutes later, sitting closer to me than ever before. I was delighted to see that she hadn’t changed out of her shoes and stockings and was still hoping to continue fantasizing about her feet some more. She, however, had something much better in mind…

Looking me straight in the eye, Janet asked me if I found women’s feet attractive. At first, I could not believe my ears. I stared at her in disbelief for about half a minute, and, seeing that she was sincere, admitted that I did. I also told her that I liked to tickle women’s feet as well. She responded by having her eyes roll back into her head and grin maniacally (okay, that last parts a lie, but a man can dream, can’t he?). She really responded that she was happy to hear my interests in feet since she enjoyed having her own feet played with and tickled, adding that Joe’s
dad had never really been into it.

I could not believe that this was happening. I had fantasized many times about tying Janet up and tickling her feet but never expected it to become reality. In dominant-like fashion, Janet teasingly removed her slender right foot from her high heel. With her stockinged foot bent in aristocratic form, she extended her foot to my waiting lips. I kissed and sniffed her foot like a crazed man. I sucked her toes through the nylon, causing her to moan in ecstasy as she rubbed her other slippery ped up and down my hot crotch.

After about 20 minutes of this torment, she asked me to stop and follow her into the bedroom. When I walked into the room, I realized why she had excused herself before. She had set up some wrist and ankle restraints at the top and bottom of her bed. The wrist restraints consisted of leather straps attached to chains which were then secured to each of the upper bed posts, effectively pulling her arms over her head in a taut position.

The foot restraints were what intrigued me, though. They were stocks that were used during colonial times to secure the legs of prisoners. The stocks were padded so the victim being restrained would not injure his or herself while thrashing around, and thrashing around was what Janet was going to do, so help me God. They also provided very little room for movement and were set at exactly the right height for someone like me who would be sitting in a chair across from the toes in front of them.

“Tickle my toes and don’t stop even if I beg for mercy,” Janet said.

That was music to my ears. My hands were shaking from excitement as I bound my friend’s mom to the restraints in front of me. She looked gorgeous tied up like this just waiting to be tickled. In a trance-like state I extended my two index fingers
slowly forward, running each one up and down the stockinged feet in front of me. Janet began to struggle and squirm as she felt the tingling sensation from my fingertips on the nylon. I brought more fingers into play and soon my captive was jerking wildly and writhing like a snake as my fingers tickle-tortured her sensuous feet.


Her laughter was music to my ears. I continued tickling her this way for about a half hour, after which I let her rest and catch her breath. “Oh God, that was great,” she moaned, “but don’t stop now.”

I assured her I had no intention of stopping for long and proceeded to remove her stockings from her feet. Janet had the most beautiful bare feet I have ever seen on a woman. They perfectly proportioned with pinkish soles that were smooth as silk. Her toes were neatly pedicured and wiggled temptingly in my face. I bent over and began to rhythmically stroke my wet, raspy tongue up and down the length of her foot, causing Janet to burst forth in a fit of uncontrollable giggles. My dick nearly exploded as I inhaled the sweet aroma of her feet and felt the smoothness of
her ticklish skin. While I was slurping on one foot, I would be stroking the other with my fingers, giving her a sort of 1-2 punch.

Joe’s mom was beside herself with laughter as I tickled her sensitive soles mercilessly. “EEEEEEEE HAHAHAHAHA OHHH HAHAHA OH GAWD HAHAHA IT TICKLES,” she screamed. But remembering what she had told me I paid no attention to her pleas of mercy. I attacked the naked flesh of her arches, feverishly tickling them with spider-like movements of my fingers. This drove her to the brink of insanity. She bucked up and down on the bed, slapping her pelvis against the soft mattress. But that was all the movement she could make. The stocks did a marvelous job of holding her feet still as I tickled them.

Janet’s head shook wildly from side to side; her face and forehead were covered with sweat from laughing and struggling so hard. With each stroke of my fingers on her feet, her toes would curl up and down, wrinkling her pink sole in an effort to make it less sensitive to my cruelly teasing fingertips. Concentrating on the arches caused her toes to stand up and wiggle wildly in the air, prompting me to bend over and suck on each toe, tickling the sensitive skin at the base of each squirming digit.


After a while of this I stopped and watched as Janet gasped for air. “That’s enough tickling for now,” she said. “Untie me, please.” “Untie me and fuck me,” she said.

Well, I had every intention of untying her and fucking her, eventually, it was just that I was not finished with her deliciously ticklish toes, yet.

“I will release you when I feel like it,” I replied in no uncertain terms, “and not a moment sooner.”

“I say when you tickle torture is over, you bohemian slut.”

“Oh please,” she begged, “I just cannot take anymore tickling.”

“Well, you’re gonna have to,” was my reply.

I left and returned a few minutes later, concealing something behind my back. When I walked into the room, Janet gave me a puzzled look, not really knowing what I was up to. Her look of confusion turned to one of horror as I revealed my two hands, one holding a piece of twine, the other holding a small make-up brush I lifted from her purse. “These are for you toes,” I sneered. Her eyes bulged open as I moved closer to her feet.

“OH PLEASE NO!! NO PLEASE? YOU CAN’T USE THAT THING ON MY TOES!! I’LL DIE!!! YOU’LL TICKLE ME TO DEATH!!” and so forth were the pleas for mercy as I quickly tied up her toes, bondage-style, so that her sweet piggies were restricted to only the slightest movement, the area beneath them effectively exposed and vulnerable.

Peals of agonized laughter ensued from her comely mouth as the exquisitely sensitive undersides and the soft sensitive skin between the toes were gently explored by my silky, probing sable-tipped brush. The room was filled with deafening hysterical laughter. Janet’s feet twisted and contorted in every way possible in a feeble attempt to escape its tormenting device. She was laughing and screaming so hard so could not even beg me to stop. The brush had her paralyzed. Each careful stroke only added to further her maddening torment. I finally had to relent, afraid that she would literally die from laughter.

I untied her and we fucked like tigers until Joe came home.

This story was submitted anonymously.

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