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My Wife's Younger Sister
(Posted on Saturday, January 23, 1999)
This story was submitted anonymously.

My wife and I are divorced, but last year we got back together. She has a younger sister, about 23 yrs old. I believe she is her stepsister. Same mother, different father. Anyway, I always thought she was a little cutie! She reminds me and others very much of Drew Barrymore, only with brown, long, curly hair. I have always noticed her nice, shaply, sexy feet. However, with her being younger and family I never dared to compliment her on her feet. Besides, my ex-wife knows all too well about my foot fetish. If her sister ever commented on my compliment, it might seem worst to my ex than a sexual thing!

My ex has gorgeous, classy, size 6 feet! She has extremely high arches and is hyper-ticklish. She has, for years, enjoyed the lavish worpship to her beautiful peds by me. On only one occasion was I able to tie her down and tickle her to nearly passing out! HOWEVER, THAT'S NOT THE STORY I STARTED TELLING.

Since my ex has moved back in with me, her family visits often. About two months ago, her younger stepsister came to stay for a weekend with her 4 year old daugther. I was in the kitchen early one morning when my sister-in-law came walking in for morning coffee. We have always been sweet on each other and very flirty! She was wearing nothing but a big night shirt, I think with a Disney character.

After exchanging a morning flirtation, I noticed her feet. They were so cute and almost childlike. She is not a super model but she has that sex appeal of a little girl on the edge of becoming a women! Her toenails were bright red! I complimented them and she said she painted them in the spirit of her favorite football team. Not much more went on until about a hour or so later when she was getting dressed for the day and I was getting ready for work, so we were passing each other in the bathroom.

She was only wearing a towel and still wet from her shower. Flirting once again, I pretended to pull her towel off. She playfully screamed and fought just a little bit. This lead into me tickling her ribs to help loosen the towel. That's when it happened! She exploded with helpless, uncontrollable laughter! I was in heaven. My ex heard the screams and came into the bathroom to reprimand me. So I stopped and left for work.

The next day, only my sister-in-law and I were home with her daughter and my 6 yr. old son. She was laying in bed late into the morning, so I sent the kids in there to wake her up. I heard them run in and jump on the bed yelling for her to wake up. Then I heard it. Giggling and screaming and laughing coming from two very small children. I knew immediatley what was going on and I reacted without hesitation. I ran into the room to find her on top of the children tickling them! I jumped onto the bed and came to the kids rescue!

As I began rib-tickling my sister in law, I was pleased to see her in nothing but a night shrit again! She immediatley went into hysterical spasms. She was laughing loud and screaming. The kids dissappeared immediately, and this was fine by me. As I pinched and squeezed at her ticklish ribs, she fell onto her back on the bed. After a few seconds, her legs and feet shot up in the air, her knees touching her chest to protect her ribs.

It was then that I feasted my eyes on her smooth bare legs and cute little panties with a flower print of some sort, I almost thought they were her daughters! I moved my attack to her knees and was rewarded with more frantic giggling as she fell to her side. As I worked my wriggling , pinching fingers from her knees to her thighs and back to her ribs, she began to roll onto her stomach and crawl away from me. As she did this her feet found her way near my lap. I jumped up and sat on her ankles. As I contemplated what was about to happen, I almost fainted!

My eyes were wide and my tongue kept my lips moist. I must have looked like a mad scientist! And then I began to wiggle my fingers all over her flat, white soles. I would say about a size 7 or so. Bigger than her sisters and less of an arch, but just as hyper-ticklish! I was in paradise. She could hardly move under the weight of my body and my dick was hard as steel from the delightful sounds of her out of control laughter. Soon one of her feet came loose and she was able to turn on her back. I resorted to using both hands on the still trapped foot.

She thought she was slick by kicking my back with her free foot as I tickled the other. So I turned and caught the free foot and began to nibble and scrape my teeth over her sole, this made her scream! As I looked down at her with her foot in my mouth, her shirt had ridden up past her belly button. Like the rest of her body, her tummy was sexy but childlike. As she twisted and squrimed I got full views of her butt in those cute panties.

Suddenly, as she turned to face me, I noticed in between her laughter she had a very overwhelmed look on her face. Like she was enjoying it, laughing uncontrollably and sensing there was something naughty happening all at once! I felt it too, as I was fighting not to pull her shirt up all the way and suck on her breasts! I dropped her foot and she immediately yanked on her shirt. She really did want to pull her shirt down but the tickling had all engrossed her.

Now laying on her side she was completely out of breath. I laid down next to her and we ended up in a spoon position. We were both breathing heavy and in between her giggles she threatened to get me back! When I felt the time was right, I began again. I pulled her body up against my chest and began rib tickling her again. As she twisted in laughter, her butt rubbed against my pounding hard dick. I knew she was able to feel it. I moved one hand up to her armpit and my other hand began to squeeze her butt cheeks. This tactic went on for about 15 seconds. Then I realized it was too much, I had crossed the line!

Then , as fate would have it, the children returned. So I politely made my exit. Later, she was as nice as could be to me. I was very relieved. We are very close now. About a month later she phoned and said she was visiting again. Regretably, I informed her I would be out of town. She asked if I would come home while she was there and I daringly said, "If you let me tickle you again."

She actually said, "OK." I laughed and said she was a great siser-in-law. We talked about the tickling for a while, I acted like it was all just fun and not a turn on. She actually admitted she didn't know she would be that ticklish on her butt. I 'm sure I will tickle her again someday. I will let you know if I do!

   This story was submitted anonymously.

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