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The Ticklish Waitress, Part 2
(Posted on Wednesday, December 12, 2001)
This story was submitted anonymously by Steve.
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In November I posted a true story about tickling the sandaled foot of an older waitress who I work with at a local Red Lobster restaurant (see The Ticklish Waitress, Part 1). Since then, I've fantasized about what I would do to her if given the chance and hear it is. I hope you enjoy it!

It's about 1:00am on a Saturday night and I have Terry held captive in the manager's office at Red Lobster. The two of us were in charge of closing the restaurant for the night and I couldn't pass up this golden opportunity since I finally had her alone. So I quickly overpowered her and now she's tied tightly to a large wooden chair and her ankles are tied to another chair with her feet dangling over the edge. She's still dressed in her waitress uniform. I walk into the office,close the door, and sit down next to Terry's helpless feet.

Terrified,she demands to know what's going on. I say nothing but proceed to slowly untie her sneakers. I pull them off, peel off her socks, and savor the sweet aroma of her hot, sweaty feet.

"My, my, Terry, what pretty toes you have. I just love the shade of blue you have them painted, "I tell her.

"Steve," she shouts with a look of panic on her face, "untie me now!"

"Not so fast Terry," I reply, "you're a toe teasing bitch and you need to be punished." I walk over to the broom closet and pull out a large feather duster.

"Come on Steve, please, anything but that!" she begs, "please,God,I can't handle having my feet tickled!"

But I ignore her pleas for mercy and gently glide the feathers across the bottom of her left foot. "Aw, is my favorite little waitress ticklish?" I ask with a fiendish smile.

Terry grins her teeth and tries to hold back but within seconds I have her giggling uncontrollably like a little school girl. I take the feather duster and start running it up and down both of her feet.

"Now Terry,kitchy,kitchy,coo," I taunt, "this will teach you not to come to work wearing those skimpy sandals. I have an intense foot fetish and you drove me insane this summer. Now I'm going to tickle your sexy feet until YOU go insane!"

I continue my feather attack on Terry's sensitive soles until I have her laughing so hard that she's about ready to pee in her panties. When I think she's had enough, I pull out my rock hard cock and jerk off as I lick and kiss her beautiful bare toes.

No one ever finds out what happened because Terry is to humiliated to tell anyone
that she was tickle tortured by a co-worker. And needless to say, it's a long, long, time before she wears open-toed shoes to work again!

The End


This story was submitted anonymously by Steve.

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