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Two Tickling Stories
(Posted on Saturday, December 8, 2001)
This story was submitted anonymously by Michael.

I was taking a walk one day when I passed by one of my neighbors houses. Shes a small woman,a teacher by profession and here she was trying to lift some heavy boxes. I stood at the opened garage door for for a couple of minutes watching her before offering to help her. I lifted the boxes up and carried them to the storage space in the back of the garage. When I was finished she asked me if I'd like to come in for a while. The woman who we'll call Sally, was dressed in blue jeans, sandals, and a tank top.

As she walked from the garage into the house she slipped off her sandals and went into the kitchen leaving me in the living room. I walked over to the sliding glass door that lead into the back yard, then she came back into the room and walked over to the couch. She was on the couch on her knees with her back to me. I couldn't tell what she was doing so I went over to the couch to look. She was straightening a pile of magazines that was on a rack behind the couch. As she reached forward her tank top came untucked and as it did I could see her belly button.

I reached a finger out and lightly tickled her belly button, saying "What a cute belly button you have", Sally giggled but didn't pull away so I reached up under her tank top untill I reach her ribs and started tickling them. Sally jumped as my fingers work their magic on her ribcages, her laughter reminded me of my grade school days and tickling the girls at recess. I continued to tickle her ribs on one side while I started on her underarm on the other side, she laughed so cute. I went back to her ribs and tickled while she lay on her belly, on the couch. I turned around so I was straddling her hips, I grabbed her legs as bent at her knees and wrapped my legs around hers so she couldn't move them. Now I had her barefeet right where I wanted them, she couldn't move them at all.

I started running a single finger up and down her naked soles and over her arches. Her feet squirmed helplessly, I began to use all my fingers and rake them across her ticklish soles, every time I touched the midles of her soles her laughter became more intense, so I concentrated on that one spot, just digging my fingers into that one area, she was hysterical with laughter, laughing at the top of her lungs. Her laughter filled the room as I kept tickling her soles.

When I felt that she had been tickled enough and got up to leave, she asked me,"What did you stop for?"

Later that same day I was across the street from Sally's house visiting with my friend Janice (my friends mother ) Janice is an asian woman wth a cute little body. She came to the door dressed in shorts,a blue stripped button up shirt and she was barefoot. I followed her into the house into the back of the house where she had been cleaning. She was looking for the hose to her vacuum cleaner when I knocked at the door. Janice was on her knees on the floor looking under a table. There was alot of stuff under the table including a feather duster that she pushed out. Janice was so far under the table that only her feet and ankles were sticking out.

All of a sudden Janice announced that she couldn't move, she crawled back so far and got wedged between the table and some boxes of books under the table. I asked her if she could move at all, and she told me no, not even an inch. All I could see of Janice was her feet sticking out from under the table, her bare soles calling my name. I picked up the feather duster and began to lightly brush it against her soles. Her feet wiggled as she told me,"stop that."

I told her,"You know, Janice I have always wondered if your feet were ticklish, and now is my chance to find out."

I began to tickle both feet with the feather duster as she was going crazy under the table. She begged me to stop so I dropped the feather duster, she sounded relieved, untill I started tickling with my fingers, all over those cute little feet. there was no escape for her as my fingers dug into her soft baresoles,she was laughing like a madwoman. Her feet having spasms with each tickling touch.I sit there tickling her feet for what must have seemed like an eternity to her but was actually about a half
an hour before I moved all the stuff so she could crawl back out.

After that she went in her room and when I walked in she was in her closet with just her feet sticking out.



This story was submitted anonymously by Michael.

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