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My Aunt's Feet
(Posted on Sunday, January 17, 1999)
This story was submitted anonymously.

My name is Frederick Johnson, I'm 18 years old, I live in a small town in Alberta, Canada and this is something that happened to me a couple of months ago. Every since I can remember, I have been in love with my aunt's feet. Her name is Mary, she's in her mid 30's, brown hair, awesome body as well as feet. She takes very good care of her feet and she's is always wearing sandals, letting everybody see her mid sized feet, always teasing them.

We have family in Mexico, and she asked me if I would like to go with her to Tamaulipas to visit my aunts and uncles I have there. I said I would love to, I got permission from my parents and we went in her truck across the United States all the way to northern Mexico. I loved how she'll take her shoes off and drive barefoot and how her toes just bended when she pressed the gas pedal. I think I had an erection throughout the whole trip.

We arrived to Reynosa, Tamaulipas after a few days of travel and seeked our way into my aunt Martha's house. So we had reached our destiny after 2 days of travel, and I was about to see for the first time in a few years my aunt Martha, I barely remembered her but when she opened the door of her house she was wearing an extremely arousing pijama which laid upon her bare feet. I thought I was in heaven, I was going to sleep for the 5 next nights besides 2 beautiful women with the awesome feet.

I was tired from the trip, so I immediately went to sleep after greeting my aunt and finding out that my uncle was on buisness travel. I was going to be completely alone with 4 of the sexiest feet I've ever seen. Of course, my two aunts slept on one room, and aunt Martha gave me a room for myself.

The next morning, both of my aunts decided they wanted to go to Mc Allen which is a nearby American city to do some shopping, so I went with them. We left early and had lunch in a Lubby's, did some more shopping, went to the movie theater and for dinner.

When we came into the house, the two sexy women went into their room and invited me with them so we could watch a movie my aunt Mary wanted to see. First, my aunt Martha threw herself in the king size bed and told me to lay down beside her, and so I did. Then, my aunt Mary came from the other side and locked me up in the middle of them both. The movie started to play and slowly my aunt Mary moved to the front, laying head down with her feet pointing at my face.

Not too much time passed by until my aunt Martha did the same and had all 4 feet close to me. When they were really concentrating on the movie I could take my time and just go slowly through their feet, inhailing that aroma that makes feet so wonderful. I couldn't stop to notice how my aunt Mary wiggled her sexy toes again and again.

As I got more comfortable in the bed, my hand fell right next to aunt Martha's feet and with a movement of her, my hand and her feet touched. She then turned at me and asked me if I could give her a feet massage because she was very tired from all that shopping walks. I immediately said yes and took her feet in my hands as she gave a little laugh and the sexiest of all looks.

She then threw herself back, sitting on the bed, extending her precious well exercised leg in my lap and opening up her toes, telling me to go for it. I grabbed her feet, and started massaging it, slowly and gently as she started to moan. She got her finger into her hand and started making some very sexy moaning as my erection got like a piece of steel.

Without noticing, Mary grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back laying me down. She sat in the bed and extended her leg as well, leaving her feet on my mouth. I was about to cum at that moment. I had my aunt Martha's feet in my hands and my aunt Mary's feet in my mouth... I could feel her toes getting into my mouth, my tongue passing between them while I caressed Martha's feet.

Suddenly, as I turned right to look at my aunts, I saw Mary's hand inside Martha's vagina while they kissed and grabbed each other. This was like a dream come true. As they both looked at me, stopped kissing and slowly started laying their hands all over me. They got me naked in a matter of seconds and told me to lay down on the carpet.

So there I was, with two beautiful women which happen to be my aunts, laying on the floor with my erection pointing north. They both got naked and aunt Mary sat at the edge of the bed and introduced her toes once again in my mouth. I kissed and sucked her toes like a madman, and then I felt Martha's feet on my cock, caressing it and rubbing her toes and soles all along it. Suddenly, I felt her two soles wrapping my cock and moving up and down slowly. I couldn't believe it, I was actually recieving a foot job!

As Martha continued, aunt Mary got her soaked feet out of my mouth and came by my side. She then grabbed my cock and started to give me a blowjob. Her tongue could be felt all around my cock, making circles all around the head, I could feel her sucking it with determination. Then, Martha came to me from the top, and got on her knees right above my face. I licked her clit, I almost ate her pussy while Mary was sucking nice and hard.

Mary then stopped sucking my steel hard cock and sat at the edge of the bed, where Martha once was and started to give me a footjob. I was in heaven, as I was recieving a footjob from Mary. Martha then got off from my face and went to my feet. She pulled up one leg of mine and started to suck my toes. I could feel her tongue between them, as my other feet was being fucked by her. She had my feet inside her pussy, and I could feel her clit with my fat toe, rubbing it desperately all over while Mary gave me a foot job and I had my toes sucked.

Then, it happened. I exploded! It appeared like gallons of cum which came out, bursting into the air! Hot cum all over Mary's feet. I could see her toes just soaked in cum and then, Martha came in to do some cleaning as she licked the remainings off of my cock and licked Mary's feet all over. I was so excited to see Martha licking my cum off of Mary's feet.

As expected, we did something similar for the next nights and until this moment, my aunt Mary and I keep having ocasional sex. It's not very frequent but I woudln't change my aunt's feet for anything.

This story was submitted anonymously.

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