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A Woman's Pantyhose & Foot Tickling Fetish
(Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2001)
This story was submitted anonymously.

My boyfriend just recently got me into reading these stories and we thought that we would share our own true story. To tell you a little about myself, I'm Japanese, 5'8 and a former clothing model at a local department store over here. My boyfriend says I have a great ass, legs and feet to die for. :) Thanks to my wonderful parents, I developed a pantyhose and foot tickling fetish at a very young age. My dad has a serious foot tickling and pantyhose fetish and ever since I was young, he would tickle me and my mom's feet until he drove us insane! My mom was nearly in pantyhose 24/7 and it was only a matter of time before I was in hose and almost wearing them 24/7 as well.

I first tried on pantyhose at the age of 9 and after that my feet were never safe around my dad. As I grew older, so did my pantyhose and foot tickling fetish. I'm almost 21 and I've become what my boyfriend calls ... a fanatic! Of course he doesn't mind one bit. :) I love pantyhose and tickling so much that I sometimes wear pantyhose with stockings over them. I really love wearing seamed pantyhose the most. Black, white, brown, red, you name it, I have those colors.

I love the seamed hose because of the seam that travels from my toes and up to my legs. The thought of someone running a finger or two up and down my seamed feet drives me over the edge. I work in the financial industry, which requires me to dress very professional. My usual wardrobe are skirt and pants suits. When I wear pants suits I always wear seamed pantyhose underneath. Of course I never wear panties under my hose no matter what I'm wearing. As my mother would say, a real woman never wears panties with pantyhose. :)

Anyhow, I've got my pant suits tailored to where they're long enough not to show any ankle when I walk. I like the fact that I and I alone know that I'm wearing seamed pantyhose underneath my pants. Of course anyone can find out that I'm wearing seams when I slip my feet in and out of my shoes. I do that very often when I'm standing in line or sitting down in a chair. I always wonder what men are thinking when they see I'm wearing seamed hose with pants.

For the longest time I never thought I'd ever meet a man who had a foot tickling and pantyhose fetish like my dad did. Even though I've had men tell me how sexy my legs and feet were, that was the farthest it went and I didn't think all that much about it. That all changed during a trip to a local store. Anyhow, here's our story on how my boyfriend and I met:

Being a former model, I'm what some would call a health food nut. I'm always watching what I eat and some of my co-workers are the same. A co-worker told me about this certain bread that's supposed to be good for you and he told me the store who sold it. I've always passed that store on my way home and I decided after work that I would check it out. On this day I was wearing my black pants suit with black seamed pantyhose and 4" heels. I walked inside and there was no one around except this really good looking sales clerk. He was standing behind the counter as I entered and I asked him about the bread that my co-worker told me about.

He said it was on the shelf in the middle of the aisle and took me to it. I told him, "thanks" and I didn't pay much attention to him after that. I picked up the loaf and started to read the contents. After being in my pumps for hours, I needed a relief, so I slipped my right foot out of my shoe. After a couple minutes, I'd switch to my left foot to give that a breather. Little did I know, but my future boyfriend was watching me from afar. I wasn't paying attention to him until he grabbed a rack of bread from the back and started to restock the shelf directly behind me.

Later on he told me he got so hard looking at me slipping my feet in and out of my shoes and looking at my seamed feet. He told me that he knew I must have had a foot fetish because I was wearing seamed hose under my pants. Something that other women wouldn't wear. After reading the contents of the bread, I decided to see what else was in the store and every time I stopped to read a package I would slip my feet in and out of my pumps. I didn't realize that the sales clerk was following my every move.

After finally getting what I needed, I went to the counter. After paying for the bread, I was just about to walk out the door when Tim (the sales clerk) asked me if he could talk to me for a minute. I had time so I said, "sure."

He then proceded to tell me this story about buying clothes for his supposed girlfriend and told me that he was going to buy her pumps, but had a hard time finding her size. He then asked me how tall I was and I told him. He then looked me up and down and told me that he thought I was the same size as her. He asked if  I would mind taking off my pumps and standing flat footed so that he could siize me up.

I gladly said, "yes" and took off my pumps.

He took a quick look at my height and then took a very long look at my painted burgundy toes. For some reason I didn't catch on about his foot fetish and after putting my pumps back on he asked me for another favor. I asked him what it was and he told me how he had measured his supposed girlfriend's feet with his hands while she was sleeping and wanted to know if he could measure mine. I was kind of embarrassed, which he saw on my face and he said it would be "real quick."

I said, "yes" and teasingly added, "only if you promise not to tickle my feet."

He laughed and told me that he promised. He told me to stand behind this shelf so nobody could see us from outside and to look at the door to make sure that no one was coming inside. As I stood there, Tim kneeled down and took my right foot and placed it on his knee. I looked back to see what he was doing as he took his left hand and placed it underneath my pants cuff and gently held my ankle. He then used his right hand to slowly and softly slip off my pump. The cool air felt so nice on my hot sweaty foot.

He saw me watching him and asked me to please watch the door. He said it would be embarrassing if someone was to walk in on us. I agreed and started to watch the door. All of a sudden I felt his cold hand on my warm foot. Feeling that this was unusual and embarrassing I told him I hope my foot didn't smell even though I lightly spray perfume in my pumps. He told me that it smelled like perfume and that it smelt sexy.

I chuckled while watching the door, still not realizing about his fetish. I had so much on my mind from work and it just never hit me that he was into my feet. As I was watching the door, my mind began to wonder about work when all of a sudden I felt a tingling up and down my foot. I instinctively wiggled my foot and even though I'm very ticklish on my feet, I didn't laugh. I thought to myself, "Is he tickling me?" I didn't have to think long as I felt another tingle up and down my foot, but this time it was just a little harder. I giggled as I jerked my foot, but his hand held my ankle to his knee.

I looked back at him and he asked if I was ticklish? I said, "Yes."

He said, "good" as I saw him drag his index finger along my seam from my heel to my toes. I laughed louder this time and he asked me if I wanted him to stop. I told him only if he wanted to stop and he said, "no" and began to tickle my toes with all of his fingers. I started to really laugh and squirm around while trying to wiggle my foot away from his grip. It was no use as I felt his hand holding my ankle tighter. He started to drag his index and thumb up and down my seamed foot while telling me how sexy my feet were and how he loved my seamed hose. I couldn't respond since I was laughing really loudly now.

During the whole time my nipples started to get very hard and my pussy was beginning to get soaked in my pantyhose. After a few more minutes of tickling and laughing he asked me if I would mind if he measured my left foot. When I stopped laughing I said, "yes" and with that he put my pump on my foot and slowly let my foot down. He then picked up my left foot, placing it on his knee and quickly removed my pump. He immediately began to run his index finger up and down the seam on my hot sweaty foot. I jumped and squirmed as I cried out with laughter.

He started saying, "tickle tickle," which made me laugh even more. After a few more minutes of tickling my foot, he raised my foot to his face and began to smell and kiss it. My nipples and pussy was on fire and I wanted to rub myself to an orgasm so badly that it hurt. Fate must have been with us because during this whole time no one had entered the store. After a few more minutes of kissing and tickling my foot, he boldly asked me if he could tickle both of my feet at the same time.

After finally calming down from the tickling I said, "Sure, but where?"

He told me, "in the back room," and at first I was hesitant until he told me that he would place a chair near the entrance of the back room so that he could see the front door. I then agreed and off we went. I sat down in the chair and he grabbed a chair for himself. As soon as he sat down, he picked up my ankles and placed them on his left knee. He then put his right knee over my ankles, virually trapping them. He pulled off my pumps so fast that by the time I realized what was happening, I saw his fingers tickling my toes. It felt like I jumped a mile off my seat as I started to laugh and squirmed under his tickling assault.

I laughed and wiggled my legs trying to free my feet, but his legs held my ankles in place. He worked his fingers from my toes down my arches and that really got me going. He said the seams on my feet reminded him of train tracks and started to make choo choo train sounds as he started to drag his fingers up and down the seams on my feet. All of this squirming and wiggling made the seam on my pantyhose rub my pussy. The more that I wiggled and squirmed, the more that it rubbed my pussy. The more tickling that he did, the more that it made me wiggle and squirm until I finally had one of the best orgasms of my life!

After what seemed like hours of tickling when it was only an hour, he stopped tickling and began to massage my feet. Everything he was doing to my feet felt so wonderful that I didn't want him to stop. Unfortunately he had to when fate stopped being on our side and a customer entered the store. He quickly let go of my ankles and jumped up to greet the customer. I also jumped up and quickly put back on my pumps. After looking at the time and realizing that I needed to get some work done at home (plus rub myself to another orgasm), I waited for him to finish his business before saying, "Goodbye."

He told me, "Thanks for the wonderful time," and after some small talk about this and that, and if each one of us were seeing someone, we exchanged phone numbers. That was the start of a wonderful relationship and after a year we're now living together and talking about marriage. We love making love while I wear pantyhose and I'm starting to get him into wearing them also. Tim is the man of my dreams and I'm the woman of his. For all of you women out there, I suggest that you try wearing seamed pantyhose under your pants, slip off your pumps and show off your feet, and maybe you'll find a guy like mine!  :)

This story was submitted anonymously.

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