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Leslie's Pedicure
(Posted on Sunday, January 10, 1999)
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My wife Leslie's first sexual experience was with a boy who had a serious foot fetish, and I asked her to write about it for other men to hear. Her version of the story was very short and left out many of the details I wanted to know about, so I convinced her to 'grant me an interview' so I could help her bring out the foot fetish drama of her experience.

Me: "Tell me about what you were like when you had your first foot fetish experience."

Leslie: "Back in high school I went through an awful ugly phase. My mom was very poor and single, so she couldn't afford much to help out my appearance. She did find enough money to get me braces, but that meant I had to endure coke bottle glasses and old worn out clothes and shoes."

Me: "I've seen your pictures. I don't know how you could call yourself ugly. You had beautiful hair and skin. And of course those long legs. Weren't you proud of your legs?"

Leslie: "Well, no, because at first I was taller than most of the guys. My long legs made me feel self-conscious."

Me: "So the guy you liked in 11th grade was named Dave. Tell me about that."

Leslie: "There's not much to tell. I liked him, and he liked some other girls. It was just a crush, but I really wanted to catch his eye. One weekend our youth group was going on a day trip to a zoo in a nearby city. The day before, I visited my Aunt Trish who owned a beauty salon and asked for help. She saw how nervous I was, and was really nice about cheering me up. She got all the ladies to work on me for a total makeover. One did my hair while one worked on my fingernails and another gave me a pedicure. I felt totally pampered, especially when they started talking about how pretty my FEET were!"

Me: "Wow! Did you ever think your feet were attractive before that?"

Leslie: "Actually, yes. I've always liked my feet. I used to suck my own toes when I was younger."

Me: "Really? I didn't know that. Why did you stop?"

Leslie: "It's kind of immature, don't you think? It's like sucking your thumb?"

Me: "Doesn't matter to me. I'd like to see you do it someday for me."

Leslie: "Okay."

Me: "So what did you do when these ladies were talking about how pretty your feet were?"

Leslie: "I remember making a sarcastic remark about how all I needed to find was a guy who was into feet. I was joking because I didn't know what a foot fetish was back then. Trish told me I should show my feet off more, and let me borrow a pair of her shoes for my trip the next day. They were shiny black platform slides that just had a couple strips of leather over my instep, but otherwise my foot looked almost completely bare. You could see all my toes, and the red polish made them stand out like Rudolph's nose."

Me: "Was that the first time you wore heels?"

Leslie: "Serious heels, yeah. I couldn't even stand in them. But Trish showed me how to walk in them. It was weird how I suddenly felt more like a woman walking in those shoes. Then she sat me down and explained how to cross my legs and dangle the shoes, and finally how to make the heels clop against the ground then slap loudly against the bottom of my foot. It was all very fun and sexy. It made me excited about the next day. Then before I left, she showed me how to keep my feet soft by moisturizing them and wearing plastic bags over my feet and socks to bed."

Me: "I'm glad you don't do that when you go to bed with me. She laughed. So did you take her advice?"

Leslie: "Yes. I would have done anything if it meant getting Dave to ask me out. That night I looked at my feet for a long time. I looked at them from different angles in the mirror, and I practiced posing and walking in Trish's shoes. The thought of Dave admiring my feet made me feel wicked horny. Later I moisturized my feet and wore bags and socks to bed like Aunt Trish told me."

Me: "Did her advice work? Leslie: Kind of. When I got up early the next day, my feet were so soft! I did my make-up, and when I showed up for the field trip, I felt like everybody was gawking at me, especially MY FEET."

Me: "So Dave finally noticed you?"

Leslie: "Well, no. He didn't seem to care."

Me: "Bummer. So what happened?"

Leslie: "It was weird. Several guys who I had never shown any interest in me started competing with each other to talk to me. One really cute guy named Matt, who I had never met because he was from a different school, introduced himself and spent most of the day with the group of people I was with."

Me: "So even though Dave showed no interest, you suddenly had several admirers. Did you think it had anything to do with your feet?"

Leslie: "No. Well, kind of. I thought maybe my pedicure and shoes made me more attractive as a total package, but I had no idea that they were SEXUALLY attracted to JUST my FEET. Besides, I was depressed about Dave, and I wasn't thinking about the others too much."

Me: "Did you ever get Dave's attention?"

Leslie: "No. By the end of the day, Dave was ignoring me altogether, and I was thoroughly depressed and cursing Trish for putting me up to this. My feet were cold, and I felt foolish. I asked our chaperone if I could go back to the bus early. When I got to the bus, it was running and it was warm inside. The driver showed me where to sit so I could warm my feet on the heater. I kicked my shoes off, and the warm air felt so good on my cold bare feet that it made me feel sleepy."

Me: "Did the driver check out your feet?"

Leslie: "I don't think so (laughing). He was an old guy. I snickered. Anyway, when my feet were warmed through, I pulled them up onto the seat next to me and took a nap. I don't know how long I slept, but I awoke when everyone started getting back on the bus. Dave walked by me and hardly looked at me. Then the cute guy from the other school, Matt, stopped at my seat and asked if he could sit 'there' as he nodded at the seat my feet were resting on. I started to put my feet on the floor when he reached down and touched my ankle. He told me I could leave my feet there, and that there was plenty of room. I figured he was just being nice, but also thought it odd that he chose to sit with me of all people when other girls were calling him to the back of the bus. Anyway, I pulled my feet off the seat and put them back on the heater."

Me: "Did you know he had a foot fetish at that point?"

Leslie: "No way. Like I said, I didn't have a clue about that in 11th grade. But he was staring at my feet as I warmed them, and asked me if 'my tootsies' were cold. He also said he liked my toenail polish, but I thought he was just being polite, and I actually liked his attention to detail."

Me: "What happened next?"

Leslie: "We talked all the way back to our town, and Matt offered to give me a ride home. I told him my mom was going to pick me up, so there would be no need. But when I got off the bus, my Aunt Trish was there. She said she told my mom that she was going to pick me up and take me to dinner. She nodded toward Matt and told me to have him drop me off at her house by 8:30. She was so cool."

Me: "So Matt drove you where?"

Leslie: "To his house, in his BMW. He was rich. He lived in a mansion. His father was a lawyer."

Me: "Did anything happen in the car?"

Leslie: "He asked me if my feet were still cold."

Me: "Was he looking at them a lot?"

Leslie: "I caught him glancing at them a few times at first, so I started letting my shoe slip off my foot like Trish suggested. Then he started looking at them a lot. He got a bulge in his pants, and he started talking very romantically. Ya know, complimenting me and talking about how much he'd like to see me again."

Me: "Did he touch your feet in the car."

Leslie: "No. After meeting his parents at his 'mansion', we went to his room so he could show me his 'new CD's'. I sat on his bed and tried to look sexy. I crossed my legs and leaned back on my elbows. I dangled my shoe again because I knew he liked it, and by the way he reacted in the car, I figured he'd rip my clothes off and fuck my brains out on the spot. He walked toward me and instead of joining me on the bed, he dropped to his knees at my feet and pulled my shoe off. He asked me if my feet were still cold and began rubbing it."

Me: "Were you surprised."

Leslie: "Hell yeah. But his hands were warm and they felt great, so I just relaxed into it. He kept saying stuff like 'poor feet', or 'poor little cold feet'. I had my head rolled back and my eyes closed when I felt him kissing my foot."

Me: "What did you think of that?"

Leslie: "I was very confused. I felt like laughing because it tickled and it seemed a little silly, but I was also intrigued because I deliberately brought it upon myself. I mean, I didn't expect anyone to be making out with my FEET, but I WAS trying to draw attention to them. It was like a power trip you know. It was the first time I had ever felt really sexy and in control. It also felt great and looked delicious."

Me: "Did you use your feet to control him?"

Leslie: "I didn't know any of that back then, but I wondered about it, and later talked to Trish."

Me: "Okay, I'll save that question. Did anything else happen."

Leslie: "Oh yeah! Matt apologized for getting carried away with my feet, and when I told him I didn't mind, he asked me to lie in the bed on my stomach. Then he pulled my feet up into the air behind me and started kissing my feet all over. He was breathing REALLY hard and moaning. Then he started sucking my toes, and he got even more into it. I felt him humping my legs and panting harder and harder. Then I heard him groan 'I love your FEET' right before he came in his pants."

Me: "Cool! Did you cum?"

Leslie: "He came so fast I didn't know what was happening."

Me: "Did he get you off afterwards."

Leslie: "We didn't have time, and I really didn't want to. At first the whole thing was a little bit of a shock for me, and I asked him to drop me off at Trish's. He apologized the whole way for his behavior, and he seemed really embarrassed. I felt sorry for him, but I didn't know what to say. I talked about most of what happened with Trish when I got to her house. Like I said, she's really cool, and it really helped talking to her about the experience."

Me: "Let's save that discussion for later."

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