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Truth or Dare
(Posted on Sunday, September 9, 2001)
This story was submitted anonymously.

When I was younger, I live in an apartment and the girl that lived beneath me had perfect feet. I know you hear that in every story, but this was true. About an 8 and a half, a toe wiggler, and smooth as can be. The problem was that she caught on early that I liked feet and would always wearing socks near me. She teased me by asking me to massage her feet, but I could not take off her socks. I could feel her amazing feet underneath that cloth, but I couldnt see them.

One day I went down to her apartment and she was wearing those old 80 jelly shoes without socks. I immediately told her that I needed her for something, not giving her the time to change into socks, so she came upstairs right away. I knew that my fetish had already been exposed, so we decided to play cards. If I won a hand at Hearts, she agreed that one shoe would come. Another win, another shoe. However, if she won while both of her shoes were still on, I would have to do something for her (I really don't remember what it was).

I was so happy with the first hand, as I won it easily and there was one of her exquisite bare feet in full view. She was wearing jeans as well. I won the next round and finally had this sock clad girl barefoot. "Let's double the stakes," I said. "You can earn your shoes back or you have to put them one by one in my lap if you lose. All I will do is massage your feet. You win both ways. Lets just keep this between us."

She agreed and earned a shoe back.

Damn! I was so close and my guards were down and I really wanted it. I won the next hand and one bare foot was in my lap. I won the final round and had both of her bare feet sticking out of her jeans and in my lap. Her toenails were painted a crimson red.

Boy, she moaned and groaned during that massage. I never had to massage her in socks again because she liked it and it felt so good. I'm sure that she thought that I was weird, but she always wanted her feet massaged from that point on and I rarely saw socks on her.

This story was submitted anonymously.

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