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Heel Pop-Office Tickle
(Posted on Tuesday, July 31, 2001)
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Nancy worked at the front desk. She has reddish blonde hair, 21 years old, a few freckles, about 5'2" and very petite. She looks like your stereotypical, fair skinned, Irish type girl. In an office filled with beautiful young ladies, she was one of the standouts. Underneath that desk of hers where she greeted clients, there was just enough room to see her master shoe-playing with the most perfect size 6 feet you ever saw. She was a world class dangler, defying gravity as the tips of her toes hung on to her heels. She would pop off her shoes under the desk and every once in a while I would see her rubbing her tired feet into the plush carpet, giving herself a foot rub.

I would love to see her lean foward on her desk, because her legs would shoot beneath the chair, her heels would pop out of her shoes forming a perfect letter "L" with her foot and shoe. And those soles! To this day, I have not seen more tempting, lucious feet. And one great day, I found out just how soft and ticklish they were.

I was the office prankster. Everyone knew that if something out of the usual happened (in a good way), I was probably involved. This was something that did not rank up there in my usual office buffonery. But to me this was the greatest thing that I ever did. Nancy was a quiet girl at work. Very nice, always a smile. She was a great receptionist-filer, but never stood out publicly. She didn't like being the center of attention unless it involved her job at the front desk.

Behind my desk was a filing cabinet that Nancy used frequently. Discreetly, every time she used it, I would watch her feet as she bent down and put papers away. Her heels would almost always pop out of her shoes as she squatted there putting papers away sometimes for up to 4 or 5 minutes.

On one particular day, I thought of a way to see her toes as she was filing. She had perfect tootsies, but I never got a super up close look. She was wearing white pumps with a small heel and tan pantyhose. Nancy went behind my desk, squatted down with an armful of papers to file and as usual, her heels popped right out of her shoes. All of her weight was balancing on her toes as I took a fist full of rubberbands and dropped them into her left shoe.

Nancy immediatly felt them drop in, turned, smiled, looked in her shoe and said, "Ok, wise guy. Now you can take those out of there." And she continued filing!

I could not belive my luck! The soles of her feet stretched from squatting and balancing her weight, so her feet popped out in an "L" shape. I did not let the chance pass me by! I removed the rubberbands slowly. I raked three fingers from the ball of her stocking foot to her heel. Immediately she quickly turned with a shocked expression, and than went back to filing. She was in the middle of the office and did not want to laugh out loud.

I continued to slowly take the rubberbands out of her shoe, raking her foot up and down. Nancy's legs and body began shaking. She stifled several laughs, but they were still just barely audible to me.


She did not want me to know it tickled, but I knew. Her body shook even more violently as my four fingers went back and forth over her creamy, soft soles.

After about one minute, she laughed out so loud in her somewhat hi pitched voice.
"AH HAH HAH AHAH HAH OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And she fell sideways onto the rug.

Bother of her shoes popped off and her papers fell next to her. So as not to reveal my fetish and my absolute delight in what transpired, I stopped the tickling even though her entire two feet were now exposed to me.

A co-worker with filing in his hand walked up and saw Nancy on the floor with her face beat red with me kneeling next to her. He said, "What happened here?"

Nancy replied, "I don't want to talk about it." She put her shoes back on and went back to the front desk, not even looking at me. I will never forget that day.

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