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The Girls In Gym Class
(Posted on Saturday, December 12, 1998)
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Ever since I can remember, I have had a fetish for small sexy female feet. Just the sight of a petite pair of peds drove me insane. Especially if they were attached to a beautiful body. High School is when I really started to let the fetish get the best of me. I have to consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world. I was a P.E. teacher's aide from my freshman year in high school until the dreaded day of graduation as a senior.

I consider graduation a dreaded-day for one and only one reason. I would be leaving behind 4 years of the best foot and shoe worshiping a guy could ever imagine. You see, I was the teacher's aide for the girls P.E. class. Four years of every size, shape, smell, and taste of some of the most erotic feet imaginable. I survived the grueling years of high school knowing that every day, I'd be able to enjoy watching these high school girls work up hot and sweaty feet that would in turn allow me to fulfill my fetish fantasy.

In our high school, the guys and girls were in separate P.E. classes and on Friday's the two classes would combine for co-ed P.E. Let's just say that Monday-Thursday were my best days of the week. The girls locker room was off of the gymnasium and most of the time, during good weather, the girls would go outside to the track or the athletic field to have P.E. Class. As a teacher's aide, I was sometimes with the girls and sometimes in the gymnasium grading papers. And sometimes enjoying shoes!

As soon as the girls entered the gym I was staring at their feet to see who was wearing what type of shoe. Then I got a mental picture so that later I could get those shoes and enjoy them. Some of the girls wore tennis shoes. Keds were my favorites. Especially when the girls didn't wear socks with them. Then I'd have to say that various types of dress shoes were my next favorite. Of course a shoe that was worn without socks got my first attention. And when selecting which shoes I was going to enjoy, I made note as to which ones were worn by girls that I wasn't attracted to. Those shoes never got touched. (or tasted!!)

So on with the good stuff. I remember one spring day in May and the girls were taking their end of the year state physical tests. All of the girls had entered the locker room to change clothes and then were heading to the athletic field. "Amy" was wearing her usual shoes. They were very worn. Of course with no socks. I call them "Bow-Shoes." They were the soft flat material shoes that had a small bow on the top of them down near the toes. Tricia had on her black leather dress shoes with a slight heal on them. They were also worn, but with stockings, which also added a special flavor.

Anna was wearing her Keds with no socks and she was very athletic, so her shoes were very well worn and always moist. I always got the double dose of each girls' shoes. You see, they had to leave a pair of tennis shoes at school in the locker room in a big box. And after each class, they'd change back into what they were wearing and would leave their hot & moist tennies for me to put away.

But while the girls were out this particular spring day, I got the chance of a lifetime. I went into the girls' locker room, locked the door behind me and had the best 1 hour I can ever remember. Since I knew I had a foot fetish but there were no feet around, I figured the next best thing was 30 pairs of very worn shoes. I first headed to Amy's shoes. This girl drove me nuts. I never had the chance to go out with her but if I had, well that's another story. Her bow-shoes were laying on the locker room bench just perfectly atop her clothes which she had left behind. Of course the first thing I did was take note as to how she had them placed so that I could easily return them to that spot. (I didn't want to arise any suspicion)

At this point, my heart was racing and I could feel my hands shake with excitement. Of course my hands weren't the only thing excited. My dick ached in my pants since it was straight up and ready for a workout. I sat down on the bench and picked up Amy's right shoe. It was still warm from her soft sexy feet and had the perfect amount of moisture in it. I examined the insoles of her shoe closely and imagined her feet placed perfectly inside. I could see the soft imprints that her toes had made and, God, she had some perfectly pedicured toes. She also liked to wear open-toed sandals and I admired her toes for hours at a time. I brought her shoe close to my nose and gently inhaled her scent. It was a scent that you really can't describe. But I'm going to do my best. It was a combination of sweat, body lotions, and her natural body scent. I inhaled deeply and took in more of her feet. My dick was ready to explode, but I had a lot more exploring to do before pleasing myself.

I licked her insole from the heel to the toe and tasted that sweet & salty taste of her toes. I could only imagine myself sucking those precious toes. I took off my shoes and placed Amy's other shoe on the floor so I could put my foot in. She had a petite size 6 foot and my big 10 and a half wasn't going to fit in her shoe but I wiggled my toes as far in as I could and felt the soft imprints her toes had made. This was so erotic. I felt like giving up sex for the opportunity to worship these shoes every day.

As I looked around at the other selections delicately placed on the bench around me, I noticed Tricia's leather dress shoes. She had a size 7 foot so these were a little bigger. I took Tricia's left shoe and placed it on the floor and wiggled my toes into her shoes. Since her shoes were leather, they held in the moisture even more and they were actually wet inside. I brought her right shoe close to my face and again deeply inhaled her scent. It was a combination of a popcorn smell and body lotion. Since her shoe was really wet inside I knew I had to taste some of her sweaty feet. I couldn't get my tongue in far enough to "lap" up her juice so I decided to be a little destructive. At this point, I was on "Auto-pilot" and nothing was stopping me. I decided to try and pull out her leather insole so I could get a closer look and taste of my most wildest fantasy. Her insole came out quite easily. At the tip of it was a lot of mositure. I deeply inhaled the muskiness and knew that I wanted next. A taste.

So I took a long lick of her "toe-area" of the insole. It was one of the best tastes imaginable. This popcoorn, lotion, leather, musky, salty, sweet taste was all over my tongue and I closed my eyes and savored every bit of it. I passionately continued to lick her insole. From heel to toe. I ran my tongue along the toe imprints and imagined sucking her toes. I could feel her rubbing her feet along my dick and then sucking each toe one by one. She even had a little "fuzz" in her shoe which I guess was a build-up of perspiration and toe cheese. Of course I licked as hard as I could to get every bit of it off of the insole. With my left foot still in her size 7 shoe I rubbed my foot back and forth to feel the soft leather she wore each day. My toes were actually wet with her sweat and after I took my foot out of her shoe, I licked her sweat off my own toes. It was so erotic.

At this point, my dick is a about ready to snap in half. I still had one more pair of shoes that needed my attention. They were Anna's Keds. I actually got a bonus with her shoes. She had a duffle bag with another pair of dress shoes in them that she was going to wear to work. They were black pumps and she wore hose with them. And stuffed down in her dress shoes were the hose that she was going to wear. She must've worn the same hose one time before without washing them because they were so delicious. I took her hose out of the shoe and brought it to my nose. I rubbed it all over my face before stuffing it into my mouth. As my saliva built up in my mouth I sucked on her stocking like it was her precious little toes. I actually had the whole stocking in my mouth. The taste was awesome. A very salty popcorn flavor. As I examined her shoe I noticed that the leather was very soft and worn and as the others, the soft toe imprints brought me to almost immediate orgasm. I continued to suck on her stockings very hard and brought her other pump up to my aching dick which I unzipped and let out.

As I grabbed her Ked, (I had almost forgot about these), I brought it up to my nose and inhaled deeply.Again the smell was unbelievable.With my left foot and toes caressing the inside of her left pump and her right pump in my right hand I starting masturbating with her right shoe. As I sucked and swallowed her stocking juices, I rubbed the inside of her pump against my aching rod. I imagined my dick being rubbed by her sexy soles and teased with her toes and with all of the pressure built up in my rod, I blasted 4 hot gushes of cum into the toe of her pump. I continued to rub my dick with her shoe as hard as I could. My hot blast was all inside. This had to be the best day of my high school career.

As I finished "making love" to her shoe, I started realizing that class was about ready to end and the girls would be coming back in to change. I knew that I had to do a quick clean-up job and restore the shoes to original condition. I expertly placed all of the shoes back on the bench. Anna's pump (the one I made love to) was still filled with my jizz and I figured it would be a few hours before she had to put them on for work. (She had cheerleading practice after school). So it would be at least 5-7 hours before she'd be putting the pumps on. The soaking ringing wet stocking that I had been sucking on now became a souvenir of mine. I figured I better take it to avoid the risk of questions as to how her stocking was in a balled-up wet clump. I stuffed it in my pants pocket and knew I'd have something to look forward to when I got home. As for the "gooey-pump," I placed it back in her duffle bag with the other one and zipped it back up. I took one more inventory of the shoes to make sure they were all back in place and headed out of the locker room to assume "grading papers."

About 15 minutes later, the girls came back in to change and leave their sweaty tennis shoes behind for me to put away in the "box". Anna, Tricia, and Amy were all good friends and I wish I could've had each of their toes in my mouth to enjoy. Anna went to the water-fountain to get a drink and was the last to go in to change. Being the last one to go in, she was the last one to come out. As she opened the locker room door, my heart completely stopped. She was wearing her work clothes and the "sticky" pumps. I could feel a hot flash go across my face and I was completely unsure as to what was about to unfold. Of course she didn't have any stockings on, they were in my pocket. She was wearing her shoes barefoot and with a sticky blast of cum in her right shoe. She exited the locker room with a weird look on her face and continued on towards the gym doors.

As I sat there not knowing what to do, I figured I would play everything off and ask her what was wrong. She turned around and said that she was mad at herself for forgetting to put her stockings in the duffle bag. She didn't want to wear them barefooted that night because she was cutting cheerleading practice to go interview at a new part-time job. She wanted to look her best. Then she said she was mad because her lotion had spilled in her duffle bag and had leaked into her shoe. What a coincidence! Then came the words I thought I'd never hear. She asked me to give her a foot massage in the first-aid room to rub in the lotion that had spilled in her shoe.. I was completely amazed she would ask me this, but since I knew what she definitely wanted, I agreed and couldn't imagine what her sexy toes would look like with my jizz spread all over them.

We had about 5 minutes before the bell rang to end the class so we quickly went into the first-aid room and she hopped up on the table. She laid back on the reclining table and asked me to take off her shoe. Another warm flash came across my body and I was about ready to blow another load. As I gently pulled off her right pump, I made sure to take notice of her toes as they slid out of her shoe. It was hard to believe that 20 minutes earlier my dick was inside her shoe and I was blowing my nut all in it. I continued to pull her shoe off and her toes were starting to be exposed. I could see the "lotion" all over her toes and knew what my job was. As I rubbed my cum into her soft sexy toes and soles I asked her to spread her toes apart so I could rub in between to get the excess "lotion."

My fingers ran in between her toes and my thumbs massaged the cum into her soles. It was a very sticky "lotion" and she commented how sticky it was. I told her it must've been from her sweaty foot and the lotion all over it. Her foot had completly soaked up all of my cum and looked like it was ready for some real worshiping. I wanted so bad to suck on those toes and lick in between them. Even with my cum soaked in her feet, I could only image what they'd be like in my mouth. As I asked her to raise up from her relaxed position I told her I wanted to ask her a very personal question that I didn't want her to tell anyone. She agreed and I asked the question.

I told her that I had heard how erotic it was to suck on a girl's toes and lick her feet and that I would really love to worship hers. I was completely running on adrenalin at this point. I would have never thought to ask her this question. Her face got really red and she repeated my question. "You want to suck on MY toes, and do WHAT with my feet?"

She was very surprised at my question and said she didn't know what to say. I told her to say yes. I was still working on adrenalin. She said, "I guess. If you want to. I've never had that done."

My dream had finally come true. She had said YES! I told her to lean back in the reclining position. I brought her left foot (which hadn't been cum soaked) to my nose and deeply inhaled the sweaty smell of her left foot. I gently licked her big toe then took it completely into my mouth. I sucked really hard on it and then moved to her little toe. Her little toe had a better taste. I guess it's a little more sweaty on that side. I licked passionately between her toes and made long licks from her toes across her arch and down to her heel. I could feel her squirm a little as I continued to lick her sweaty toes. She started to move her hips a little. I was wondering what she was doing.

As I glanced up I noticed that she had unbuttoned her pants and was rubbing her clit. I couldn't believe that I was making her masturbate. As I licked and sucked her toes harder she fingered herself harder bringing herself to a quick climax. She squeezed her legs together and I took as many toes as I could into my mouth and sucked! She let out a moan that I've never heard before. She continued to finger herself until she had finished the deed. She completely relaxed and then took a deep breath. When she finally caught her breath, she told me that was the hardest cum she had ever had. She said she came so hard that it hurt. I was still in amazement at the whole outcome. She asked me to put her shoes back on her. So I kissed each toe then covered them up with her soft sexy pumps. As she got herself together, she leaned over to me and rammed her tongue down my throat. She said that was thanking me for the best orgasm she'd ever had. And she walked out the first-aid room and off to her next class.

All I could think about the rest of the day was worshiping her feet after her job interview. I even thought about calling her at home later to see if I could give her a massage. As the bell rang for the next period to start, I went back into the girls' lockeroom to put away the box of shoes. I made sure to pick out my 3 favorite girls' shoes and take in a deep inhale of each one. I made sure to give Anna's a little more attention. I spent another 10 minutes worshiping Anna's, Tricia's and Amy's shoes. Before I put the box away, I reached in and grabbed Amy's Reeboks (they were more worn than Anna's and Tricia's) and pulled out the insole. (Tennis shoes insoles are easier to get out)... they were wet with her perspiration and I put the end of her insole (where the toes were) into my mouth and starting sucking. I got her flavor this time. A sweet musky flavor that sent me into outterspace. The teacher's papers never got graded that day.

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