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A Late Night Surprise
(Posted on Wednesday, May 23, 2001)
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I was watching a foot video, wishing I had a girlfriend, when my doorbell buzzed. I thought, "Who's that at 1 a.m.?" So I opened the door and there was the girl of my dreams. I invited her in, forgeting that I had left my video on.

She said, "What in the hell are you watching?"

I said, "Sorry, I'll just turn it off."

She said, "No, I want you to do that to me." She pointed to the tv where a guy was licking a girl's toes. I was freaking out. I reached down, grabbed her ankles and put her feet in my lap. I untied her sneakers and took them off. Her socks were moist and pretty. I bit the toe of both socks and pulled them off. I sucked on her toes all night.

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This short story was submitted by

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