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Tickling Feather, Part 2
(Posted on Saturday, April 21, 2001)
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After that horrendous night, the pleasure of tickling my friends feet and the pleasure of us making love stayed with me.

She awoke me early that morning and said, "Baby I'm about to leave. I'll see you later."

I said, "Alright, see you later." Then she got dressed and left.

I awoke later that morning around 8 a.m. I decided to eat some breakfast and watch some TV. Suddenly the phone interrupted my morning and I answered it in my usual chill voice. "Hello?"

The voice that I heard was a beautiful. She sounded so sweet, like a little girl selling girl scout cookies. I knew who she was, though. That voice belonged to Shella. She was a one of the finest women whom I had ever met. One thing about her was that she loved for me to mess with her feet. She also knew Katie, (The girl whom I had tickled previously).

Katie had obviously told her about our tickling session and told me that she thought the whole scenario was kind of cute and that she might like it, too.

I thought to myself, "I knew that tickling Katie was fun, but I want to tickle Shella."

Shella told me that she wanted to come right over. I was hesitant because I knew that they were friends and that might be wrong, but with her constantly begging me, "Please, please," I couldn't resist. I told her that I'd see her around noon. Once again I cleaned and cleaned, making sure that everything was just right!

Shella came over at 12 noon right on the dot. I answered the door to a soft hollow sounding like knock. It was raining, so she had on some usual rain gear. She came in and immediately made herself at home. I was shocked 'cause I was thinking, "Im supposed to welcome you first right?" But she sat down, looking beautiful I might add. She had on some boots, jeans, a blouse and her coat which I hung up in the closet. She didn't talk much, but she kept staring at me.

"What?" I asked her.

In a teasing voice she kept on saying, "You're so nasty. Ooooo ...  soooo, soooo nasty, aren't you?"

I said jokingly, "Only when people spill shit on my carpet or in my house."

She said, "Oh, really?"

Katie had warned me about her before. "She's almost like a superfreak, very kinky." I remembered her saying. "She'll do anything."

Moving along back to the story, I told her,  "Really? I hate that." I then pointed out the spot where someone had spilled some tea about 3 years prior.

She said, "I bet you would really get mean and nasty if I did that."

I said, quickly like a jab being thrown in a boxing match, "Yep!"

She darted into the kitchen saying, "In that case," and then opened a pitcher of iced tea, spilling about a quarter of it all over the floor.

I had my mouth wide open in shock. "Why the fuck did you do that?" I asked her meanly. She started giggling and ran into the bedroom like a little scared dog. I entered the hallway to my room yelling, "You can't come into my fucking home and spill iced tea on my ..." but then I stopped by the sight before me.

I was shocked. She was laying on my bed. I sat next to her and asked her, "Why did you do that?"

She told me matter-of-factly, "I figured that if I did that, you would get mad and be nasty to me." She then said, "Katie doesn't know how to appreciate anything, but I do! I want you to do the same thing you did to Katie to me."

I asked her, "Are you sure?"

"Yes please!" She answered.

I got up yelling, "No, No, No. I can't do that. I'm sorry!"

She threatned me by saying, "If you don't, I'm going to fuck something else up."

Caring for my property, I told her exactly how I tickled Katie so that she would have an idea to what might happen.

She said, "I wanna be suprised. I want to be asleep, too. I wanna wake up tied to the bed so that I can't get loose. That'll really turn me on!!!" So I shrugged my shoulders and left the room with the door shut. It took her longer to fall asleep than Katie's 20 minutes. It took her an hour.

It was now about 1:45 p.m. I was ready, so I cracked the door and peeped inside. She was out. I grabbed the materials that I had from the previous night and had her legs and arms cuffed in no time. This was what she had wanted. She asked for it and she was going to get it, especially for fucking up my living room carpet. I had both of her legs  and both of her arms, too. When I had finished the final touch, I lifted her shirt so that I could tickle her belly and naval.

She finally awoke and said, "Oh, oh, oh, yeah. I remember now."

I told her that she had asked for the wrong thing that day. She started smiling and kept smiling. I lightly tickled her neck and she giggled. I asked her while in the process of tickling her neck if her feet were ticklish. She answered, "YOU WOULDN'T!!"

I said, "Yep, you asked for it."

While I was unzipping her boots, I told her that she was really going get it. She started making mock protests by saying, "Nooooo, Nooooo."

I got her boots off and was peeling her socks off, but it was hard because she was wiggling her foot too much. But I got both of them off. I took my fingers and walked down the middle of her foot. She started twisting and straining like a spider was on her. "HAHAHAHA!!! I HAHAH! TAK- HAHAH!! IT HAHA! BAC!!HAHA K."

I then took the feather and stroked it in between her toes. I then took the feather and waved it across her feet. She curled her toes with every stroke, laughing and trying to get free. I told her, "Shella, curling your toes isn't going to save you!" I continued tickling her soft feet. I was in heaven. I shot cum all over my bed sheets.

Then the unbelieveable happen. The phone rang and I didn't answer. My answering machine came on. It was Katie. I stopped tickling Shella's feet to listen to what she had to say. She said, "Hi. I have to admit that last night was fun. I didn't realize it until I got home today."

Shella stopped laughing and was trying to catch her breath. Shella then said, "I wanna come over and do that again."

It was great to have two sexy women who enjoyed this pleasureable fun. I continued to tickle the shit out of Shella and started thinking, "Next stop, double trouble."

Tickling Feather 3 (Double Trouble) Coming to a fetish near you.

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