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Behind The Scenes of Tickling Feather
(Posted on Monday, April 23, 2001)
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NOTE: This statement is in reference to Tickling Feather, Part 1.

After that tickling action I experienced with my friend, I knew that ever since that day she wouldn't look at me the same. So I vowed to myself that I would from now on watch how I do my tickling adventures. I never meant to upset her, but I have always had a strong affinity for the pleasure of tickling women's feet. (Pretty Feet Only Though!) I can't run from it aymore. Im hooked! Its there, always. But I decided from now on that I'm not going to tickle women like I did that one time.

That was my first and last time. I felt horrible tickling that woman like that. I see it like this. My story could' ve offended some women out there. If I spoiled the tickling, I'm sorry. I'll never do that again. Like I say, people call others perverts and weird because of thier sexual pleasures and desires, and it's true that we have many sexual thoughts on our mind. We hope to encounter them because we somewhat know that it'll make us feel good.

But if you narrow it down technically, we are the same people who are called perverts and weird. We're the same ones that can satisfy our mates just as much as the non-wierd or non-pervert can. Yeah, we rent our sex movies and porno flicks. It doesn't matter! In the world of sexuality, we are looked at as "pleasing." Why? Because we are willing to go that extra fucking mile!

So I say this and one time only. Don't be afraid to satisfy your lady. Your lady is special. She is a fucking gift. Remember that.

Webmaster's NOTE: There are many differing opinions about the subject of foot fetishism, no doubt, but all us us should be aware of certain boundaries that we should never cross. None of us should ever practice or condone actual rape or sexual assault no matter how much we might think that it is pleasurable. Simply put, non-consensual sex is not acceptable in any form.

Having made this distinction, it should be noted that consensual sex can be in the form of rape scenarios, forced tickling and other forms of forced sex, but ONLY if all parties are doing this consensually. There is a difference.

Have lots of great foot fetish fun everyone!  :-)

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