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The Most Ticklish Feet
(Posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2001)
This story was submitted anonymously.

Once I invited my girlfriend over (not for that), but just to chill and watch T.V. I have a strong affinity for beautiful feet! I never let feet escape my vision. I also try to make it my responsibility to tickle the hell out of girls' feet! But anyway, she came over one weekend and my mother was on her way to work. I decided to wait until my mother left for work, so that my mother wouldn't see what her son likes to do with women's feet.

So 6:30 p.m. came and she went out the door to go to work. I then started tto think about my girlfriend's feet as we sat there and watched T.V. together. So I started to get a kind of hard. After a few kisses and hugs, I asked her if she would like to see my bedroom.

She said, "Yeah."

I thought, "good," and then told her, "Lets go upstairs then."

We arrived to my room and sat on my bed. I offered her some more comfort and told her that she could lay in there if she wanted. She said, "okay."

I used a shitty excuse to get her socks off since her shoes were already off. I said, "Are you really going to leave your socks on like that? It's not right."

She replied, "Oh, okay. I'll take them off baby."

So we got in the bed and started kissing and rolling around a lot. After about an hour of this, I asked her if it would be okay if I massaged her feet.

She replied, "Okay."

So I lifted the covers and began to massage her feet. This girl's feet were so sexy, rich and creamy, and smooth like a bunch of rose pedals! It made me instantly hard! I began to massage her feet with my hands.

"My, my. Your hands are strong!" She said.

I didn't say anything but continued rubbing her feet as my Sonic began to stick through my pants. I couldn't take this shit any longer. I had to tickle her feet! All I know is that the one thing that keeps my dick hard is when a girl is fighting the tickling sensation. When I start tickling, I start with a little warm-up. A gentle finger rub in the center, asking, "Does that tickle?"

When they reply, I pick up the speed a little. But with her, I started tickling very softly and smoothly. She starting screaming like crap and almost busted my eardrum! I said to myself, "Oh good. Just the way I like it!"

I continued to tickle her feet, picking up the pace a little faster.


I couldn't stop. I was hard and felt good. So I took these braces I had and shackled her feet so firmly that she could barely wiggle them. I secured her arms behind her head and I was ready for action. She started to stop laughing and looked at me as If I was going to try something. That's when I sat next to her and told her how about my fetish. She agreed that I could tickle her as long as I would let her do the same to me. I agreed.

I had her all tied up and ready to tickle when I thought of my secret weapon. (Fellas, listen up!) If you wan to really tickle a woman's feet, tickle them with your tongue. (Extreme Foot Fetish People Only)

So I tickled her feet with my tongue. It was tight, because she couldn't move her feet at all. She just sat there and laughed and laughed as she turned bblue and red! I let her catch a good wind and started tickling her under her arm and on her feet.


So I begin to ask her stupid questions, and if she got them wrong, I would continue to tickle her feet. It was so funny though, 'cause I'd ask her shit like, "Why did Abraham Lincoln eat Cheerios instead of Captain Crunch?"

Eventually I had to untie her and let her do the same to me. But it really didn't tickle much, so I figured that I'd laugh a little more so that she could feel like she got her payback.

This story was submitted anonymously.

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