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Paybacks Can Be Fun!
(Posted on Monday, March 5, 2001)
This story was submitted anonymously by Casey C.

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I asked Antinette if she had any special ideas about what she wanted done to herself and she replied, "I just want you to tickle me like you would want to be tickled. Then do it ten times more."

I asked her if she was sure that she could handle it because I was going to tickle her like she had never been tickled before.

"I hope I can stand it, but with you tying me up it might be easier to take. I just hope you can make me cum again like that time I was tied to the couch before." (I never told you that part of the story) Then she continued by telling me, "When I was being tickled, at first I thought I was going out of my mind. Then all of a sudden I started to get turned on. I couldnít believe it. All that tickling was getting me hotter and hotter. I came in waves that time and since then, it's never happened that way again, but I'm hoping with your help I can do it again."

"I'll do my best," I told her and pulled up a couple of chairs for her to sit on. Antinette took off her skirt and blouse and sat down. I moved behind her and tied a scarf over her eyes.

I told her that I loved the way that her high heels looked on her and asked her if I cold put them back on since she had taken them off earlier. She said, "okay" and slid her nylon covered feet back into her shoes.

I moved around front and grabbed her left foot, put on the cuff and then connected it to the pulley. I moved over and did the same with her right foot.

"I'm not so sure about this now," she nervously said. "Be nice to me okay?"

I told her that I'd be nice. I asked her to give me her hand so that I could put the cuff around her wrist and connect the clip to the pulley. Then I moved over to her other wrist and did the same thing. I moved around to the front of her and started to take the slack out of the rope. "I sure hope this is what you wanted because I think I'm going to have a lot of fun," I told her as I moved my finger down her arms real slowly.

"Ppplease don't. Ha ha ha. I cccaan'ttt stand it. HA HA! I think I shouldn't have let you do ... HE HE HE  ... this to meeeeeee!!!"

"Antinette, I'm just getting started. Wait until I move to your feet!" I wiggled my finger into her shoe. I thought that she was going to jump off of the chair!


With all of her laughing and squirming, I started to get hard again. "You know what I think?" I told her. "You're moving your legs around too much. I need to add more rope."

"No, thatís Okay. I think I've had enough fun. You can let me go. I'll never tell anyone about finding you and you can have your disks back. Just please don't tickle me anymore and let me go." She pleaded.

I told her that I couldn't do that and that we had a deal. I tied her ankles to the chair with the ropes pulling up and new ropes pulling down and tied to the chair. She could hardly move them at all. I was now rock hard again. I took my dick and rubbed it one of her feet. Antinette wiggled her foot and tried to get it away, but it was no use because of the way that she was tied.

"Please ... HA HA ... Don't use that on my foot. Bring it ...  HE HE ... up to my mouth! I need to suck it."

"That's a great offer, but I have some business to take care of first," I told her as I moved my hands to her sides. I slowly tickled her ribs up and down. I couldn't believe how ticklish she was. Her laughing was so loud that I thought the neighbors might hear. I worked up and down those sides and then into her armpits.

"NO NO, STOP! I CAN'T ... HA HA ... TAKE IT! Give me ... HA HA  ... A break! I need to catch my breath. PLEASE!"

I stopped to let her catch her breath. But then I asked her in protest. "How can you have an orgasm if I keep stopping?" I answered my own question by adding, "I guess thatís enough of a break now. I have to take off those shoes. I hope your feet don't tickle too much?" I teased.

"Please don't tickle my feet! They tickle so much! I can't take anymore!" She pleaded again.

"I'm just doing what you asked me to do. My goal is to make you climax just by tickling your feet no matter how long that might take. Kelly won't be home for days." I slowly unbuckled Antinette's shoes as she kept wiggling her feet and trying to get them away from my fingers. I slid off one of her black pumps and tickled her foot with her own shoe.

As I pulled it off, she begged, "That's enough! Please leave my other shoe on. One foot is enough for anyone to be tickled on."

I told her that I had to take them both off to get the right effect. Then I unbuckled and took off her other black pump. Now both feet were free of their shoes and just waiting to be tickled. I started to tickle her left foot with my fingertips. Her laughing was great. I was so hard that I didn't know how much longer I could last. Then I used my other hand on her ribs.

"HA HA HA ... stop! I can't take it! Please ... he he he ... let me go!!!"

"Not just yet," I told her as I moved my mouth over to her toes. I nibbled and she went crazy.

"Oh my god! That ... ha ha ha ... tickles so much! But it feels so good. I think ... ha ha ha ... you might be on to something! Don't stop," she begged. "Just a little bit more."

I was so hard! I took my hands off of her ribs and moved them to my dick. I began to stroke myself. Her toes tasted great and I was in heaven!

"Please don't make yourself cum. Let me suck you off. Please let me do it."

I stopped, straddled her and brought my cock up to her lips. Antinette sucked on it like there was no tomorrow. I knew that it wouldn't take me long to shoot my load, so I thought I could slow her down if I tickled her underarms. I wiggled my fingers all over her sides and muffled giggles came out of her mouth. After about two minutes of sucking and tickling, I shot my love juice and she licked up every last drop.

"Tickle both of my feet at the same time and don't stop until I'm cumming," she begged me. "I'm almost there! I can feel it building!"

I went to work on both of feet as she continued to moan and  laugh. "Don't stop! I'm cumming!" She shook like mad. She was cumming in waves and I just kept tickling her.

After about three minutes she asked me to stop. After all that, I had to give her a break. "I want you to know that was great. I never thought I could cum that hard. That was the best! I'm sure glad you needed some help. If you ever need help like this again, don't be afraid to call me."

I told her, "Okay" and asked if she was ready to be let go.

"In a little bit," she answered back. "Just nibble on my toes a little bit more and I'll be all set."

I bit and licked both of her nyloned covered feet for about 30 minutes and then I let her loose. As we cleaned up, Antinette said, "goodbye," and then added, "Since Kelly won't be home for a couple of days, maybe I can come over for lunch tomorrow and you can be waiting for me in a different position."

I told her that it was a great idea and told her that I'd be ready at noon.

"Okay then, it's a deal. See you at noon tomorrow. Bye bye."

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This story was submitted anonymously by Casey C.

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