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Kimberly's Tease
(Posted on Friday, December 29, 2000)
This story was submitted by John H, the foot fetishism King.

I have always been turned on by female bare feet. Now at age 30, my foot fetish is still as strong as ever. This story is about Kimberly, my cousin`s 19 year old daughter. Paul, my cousin, called me on the phone asking if I would mind stopping by his house after I got off from work. He said that Kimberly was having a lot of trouble with her history studies for school and asked if I might be able to help her. Paul knows that history was one of my favorite subjects.

"Sure, no problem," I told him.

After work I stopped by my place and picked up some of my old history books and headed for Paul`s home. When I arrived, Paul and his wife Sara were eating dinner. Sara said that Kim was in the living room waiting.

As I entered the room where Kim was studying, she said to me, "If you can help me with this stuff, I will do anything."

We got to work and within an hour or so we had just about finished. Sara came in and thanked me for helping Kim. "No problem. I`m glad to help." I told her. She said that Paul had gone upstairs to catch a quick nap and that she had to go over to her mother's for a little while. I said to her that we were just about finished for the night and that I could help anytime. After Sara left, Kimberly and I finished up and she asked me if help her study again.

"Just let me know and I will come over after work, Kim. I enjoyed working with you." I told her.

With that., Kim leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. "I bet that you don`t know that I have a crush on you," she said. I laughed, not really taking her seriously. Kim leaned over again and kissed me on the cheek again.

"Okay, I think it`s time for me to go now." I told her. "After all this is my cousin`s daughter." I thought to myself. But then Kim got up and sat across my lap.

"This is not right," I told her, trying not to become aroused. Here is a beautiful girl with shoulder lenght brown hair and deep blue eyes sitting on my lap. I tried to stand up, but she wouldn`t get up. "Kim if you don`t get up, I will call your dad."

"Go ahead. Mom says he sleeps like a bear."

This was becoming too much for me as I started feeling something rising in my pants. "If you don`t move, I'm going to tickle you."

"Go ahead," she said. "I`m not ticklish." So I began tickling her ribs. "No,  that won`t work on me."

When I could see that she wasn`t laughing, I got another idea. I looked down at her feet. I noticed that she didn`t have on any shoes and was only wearing white ankle cotton socks. Her feet looked to be probably a size 6. I reached down with my hand and grabded her right leg. "How about your feet?" I asked her.

"Oh no, not them! They are very ticklish!" She protested.

I was now getting turned on. I had to see those bare feet! I pulled Kim off of me, took her by the hand and walked over to the couch. I sat her down on the couch and grabbed her socked feet and put them on my lap. I told her to keep still or I would not help her study anymore. I began racking my fingers over her socked feet causing her to jump and giggle. After her laughter started becoming too loud, I stopped. I didn`t want to wake up Paul whom I had forgotten about. "I had better hurry," I thought, "just in case he comes downstairs or Sara gets back."

Kim was starting to calm down and tried to pull her feet away, but I wouldn`t let her. I raised her left foot to my face and pressed my nose into her still socked foot. The smell was awesome. I slowly pulled her white sock off and put it into my pocket. Kim looked at me with a strange look on her face. "What are you going to do with my sock?" She asked.

I didn`t answer her. I reached down and put her right foot in my lap and did the same thing, taking her sock off and putting it into my pocket. Now that her feet were bare, I couldn`t believe what was happening. I had two young high arched bare feet on my lap! I began without hesitation to kiss her toes. I don`t think Kim knew what to really say as she just looked at me. I couldn`t control my passion for her feet. I licked and kissed her feet like a madman. I was in another world and I didn`t care who saw me.

After about 10 minutes, I tried to explain myself to Kim. I told her that she had incredible feet. I explained that I wanted to work something out where I would help her study if she would let me have her feet. She agreed, telling me that she had to pass her history class. I don`t think that she understood how her feet had turned me on however.

Sara arrived just as I was leaving. I told her that we did a little extra work and that Kim had agreed to let me help her twice a week. The drive home for me was very hard. I couldn`t wait to get home and fill Kim`s socks with the gallon of cum that she had caused me to build up. Over the time that I helped Kimberly with her history, I made love to her feet every chance that I got.

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John H. ( the foot fetishism King )

This story was submitted by John H, the foot fetishism King.

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