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Smelling Her Shoes & Feet
(Posted on Saturday, January 13, 2001)
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Hello everyone. I would like to tell you about Emily. She was my girlfriend for 4 great years. Emily has dark hair, brown eyes and a fantastic pair of legs. Having said that, she is pretty ordinary to look at. I dont know what first attracted me to her, but whatever it was, I am very glad that we got together.

When I started going out with Emily, she was at college and had to work long hours during weekends at a clothes store to make ends meet. I would pick her up from work and take her home so that she could shower and relax after a hard day at work on her feet. As time went by, we got closer and braver with each other. One afternoon after work, she asked me if I would mind massaging her feet because they were sore from standing all day. Of course I gladly obliged.

At this point Emily was unaware that I had a thing for feet. I said to her, “Anything for you dear,” which made her happy.

As I took Emily’s shoes off (which were sturdy work shoes, no open toes or anything), the smell from her feet wafted straight up my nose. Sshe never wore socks in these shoes and they had seen a fair bit of action. This smell was better than any perfume I had ever smelled. It smelled kind of sweet, and yet musty and stale all at the same time. I was instantly addicted to it.

Emily asked uncomfortably if her feet were smelly to which I replied, “Yes darling, but  I can soon fix that for you.” I then lifted her right foot up to my face and took a deep breath.

She said, “I can't believe you just did that. Doesn't that make you want to heave?”

I said, “No, I think it’s a fantastic smell. One of the best in the world.”

She said, “Cool. What are you going to do about my smelly feet then?”

I lifted her foot  to my mouth and licked up the sole of her foot, from heal to toe. The taste was unreal! Hours of her bare feet inside those shoes had marinated them in their own sweat and oder. Not even the finest wine could come close to the taste of her hard-worked feet. Whats more, her salty slippery sole had just touched my tongue. I was in heaven! One lick and I was instantly her foot slave.

She said softly, “Thats nice baby, dont stop.”

So for about an hour and a half, I licked and massaged every inch of her feet, tasting every drop of sweat and eating every crumb of meat from between her toes. Once I had finished, she got up to go and have a shower. On her way out she said to me, “Don't think that you have finished. I’ve got another job for you.” Then she disappeared into the shower.

She had left me in her room on my own, and knowing Em, she would be gone for about 20 minutes. After cleaning her feet with my tongue, I was still horny as hell and didn't know what to do with myself. As I lay back on her bed, I noticed her work shoes in the corner of the room just sitting there, stinking her room out. I instantly knew that it was my duty to give them an airing. I took one of her shoes and lifted it to my nose and mouth. Before it was 9 inches away from my nose, I could smell her potent foot oder. I held her shoe tight to my face and took in long deep breaths, in and out deeper and deeper.

I was getting dizzy from the powerful smell that was filling my lungs, but I still couldn't get enough, so I wrapped her laces around the back of my head nice and tight. I fastened them tightly so the her shoe was held firmly to my face. Then I lay back on her bed, taking deep breaths airing her shoes out with my lungs. I did this for abut 10 minutes with each shoe. Then as I heard the shower turning off, I put her shoes back where I found them. I laid back on her bed thinking of other fun things that I could do with her shoes in future as I lay there waiting in anticipation to see what else that she would like me to do.

This is my first story and would appreciate some response on how I did. All I have to say is true. I have a few experiences that I would like to share with all of you fellow foot lovers, so e-mail me if you’d like to hear what she had me do next and how she slowly turned me into her footslave.

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