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My Sister-In-Law
(Posted on Saturday, December 16, 2000)
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I live with my brother and sister-in-law. My sister-in-law's name is Saima and she's 25 years old. She has a most wonderful pair of feet. I always dreamed to be under her feet so that I could kiss and lick her feet like an obedient slave. She always wears high heel shoes with socks which makes me upset because I can't see her sexy feet.

One day I was looking at some foot fetish photos on the computer when all of a sudden, my sister-in-law came into the room. I quickly closed the browser, but I was afraid that she might have seen what I had been doing. But she didn't say a thing. She just looked normal.

The next day when she came home from her job, she was looking very tired because it was really hot that day. She sat on the sofa and called out to me. When I came into the room, she said, "I'm very tired and if you dont mind, could you please pull off my shoes and socks?"

My heart was pounding as I heard that and my hand was shaking. I sat down at her feet and lifted them in my hands. As I removed her shoes, I smelled the aroma of her feet. I also removed her socks. They were hot and wet. Soon a huge bulge could be seen pressing against my pants. Then she told me to apply nail polish on her toes. I couldn't believe my luck! She gave me the nail polish that she wanted me to use and I began applying it to her sexy toes. While I did this, she read a book. I got so close to her feet that I could kiss them, and I did. The aroma of her feet made me dizzy.

After I applied her nail polish, I asked her if she wanted a foot massage. There was a smile on her face and she replied, "sure sure you can."

She put her feet onto my lap, and as I was massaging one foot, she put her other foot on my chest. She pressed aganst my chest a little and I was going nuts! Then she slowly lifted her feet and put them on my throat. As she put her feet on my throat, I was going crazy again. The feeling of having her feet so close to my face make me dizzy. My heartbeat was running very fast and my breathing got heavier.

She then raised her foot a little. The smell was very strong and now I could feel the heat from her feet. Her soles were pink and very sexy. I hoped that she would put her feet on my nose and lips. I felt my stomach turning and tossing. She finally put her feet on my cheeks and began rubbing them. She was teasing me for half an hour. Her feet were just short of my lips, but I could not kiss them. I was feeling very helpless.

From that day on, it was my job to take off her shoes and socks after she would come home from work. Then I would have to give her a foot massage. One day when she came home from her job, I was sitting on the bed and she took a chair and sat close to me. She put her feet on my lap. I was going to take off her shoes, but as I touched her shoe, she grabbed my hair with one hand and with the other hand she slapped my face! She slapped me so hard that tears fell down my face. Then she slapped me three more times. My face was getting red like a tomato.

"How dare you to touch my shoes without my permission," she was shouting at me. Then she told me to take off her shoes and socks. I felt very ashamed that a lady who is my sister-in-law would slap me so hard. After I took off her shoes and socks, she raised her feet a little and brought them closer to my face. Then she gently put of her both feet on my face. Oh my goodness, it was electric! My breathing got heavier and I began to squirm. Her feet were so hot and sweety that my whole face became hot and moist.

I was feeling that I was in heaven. I was inhaling the sweet smell of her feet with a real passion. Then she told me, "Why don't you kiss and lick my feet?"

Again, I couldn't believe my luck! As I gave her feet a kiss, it felt so good that I started giving her passionate kisses. Then I started to lick her feet all over. I placed my tongue on her soles. Oh, God! Her feet were so salty in taste. I was really in heaven. I was licking her feet madly like a dog. This was the best day of my life.

After one hour she told me to stop and then said, "From now on, you will be my foot slave and you have to call me Mistress Saima! You will do everything according to my orders, otherwise you will be punished badly!"

I replied, "Mistress Saima, it was my honor to become your foot slave and I will do everything as my mistress has commanded me."

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