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Under Teacher's Desk
(Posted on Saturday, December 16, 2000)
This story was submitted anonymously by Archie.

Hello all. My name is Archie. I think most of us went through some sort of experience when we were younger that shaped our sexuality and left us forever excited by the sight of pretty female feet. I wanted to share my first experience with you. I grew up in the 50's, a time of great prosperity in our country, but also a time of great innocence. When I was younger I had a teacher named Ms.Case. She was about 35 years old and I could only describe her as an ice maiden. She was thin with jet black hair and a pristine alabaster complection. She had a svelte figure and peircing eyes that went right through you.

She maintained rigid discipline in her classroom and she wasn't afraid to punish us if we didn't behave. She might sneak up behind you if you were talking and press both long thumbnails into your neck or have you stay after school and clean the classroom. Teachers were not afraid to discipine students in those days and they would do things that would get someone sued today.

Ms. Cases most striking feature were her legs. From her head down to her hips she looked like a prim and proper school marm with her hair up in a bun and her grey formal looking top. But from the waist down, she looked like a pin up queen. Her skirt was always just a little shorter than the other teachers and she wore black full fashion stockings. Covering her feet were the highest tightest blackest patent leather pumps you have ever seen. When she sat behind her desk you might not take a second look at her, but when she sat on the desk or walked by me, I would stare at two incredibly long and shapely  legs with the most slender delicate shapely ankles a woman could own.

I lived for the times when I could stare at those legs and feet and dream about touching them. I wasn't a bad kid, but my mind wandered a lot and the other kids would pass notes to me, probably to get me into trouble. When this happened, Ms. Case would tell me to stand in the corner or she would take me by the hand and lead me into the closet. As she held my shoulders and whispered admonitions, I would feel excited and try to inhale more of her perfumed scent. I learned that if I misbehaved, I would get some sort of attention ( punishment) from my teacher.

One day I was being particularly disruptive when she said, "Alright, that's it young man. I want you to come here and get under this desk and stay there until you learn to behave!"

As the other students snickered and laughed, I walked up and hesitantly crawled under her desk. It was a real wood desk with drawers on the side and it totally encased me. went on with her lesson, but I could hardly hear her through the thick wood. There was room under there to lay down, but I could not see anything but the teacher's wooden chair. From time to time I would hear the clicking of heels and see those incredible legs near the chair, but then she would walk off again.

Just as I was about to nod off, I heard her coming toward me and pulling her chair close to the desk. She sat down and slid her chair under the desk, leaving me just a few inches from her legs! I couldn't hear anything and I assumed that she was resting while the class was reading or working on something. She crossed her legs and swiveled her chair back and forth, each time swinging her heels to within inches of my reddening face. I could smell her perfume and the leather from her shoes. I was intimidated, but also incredibly excited! Surely she remebered that I was sitting under there.

She continued to swivel  and her feet began to make contact with my neck and shoulder! She moved the chair in closer and I could feel her other foot slide against my crotch. As her nylon clad ankle continued to push against my neck, I experienced a rush of pleasure that I had never felt before. It was as if I had gotten cramps in my stomach, crotch and chest all at the same time! Then it happened!

She dangled her shoe from her foot and  before I knew it her foot was pressing against my nose! I froze and inhaled the perfumed  scent of her foot! What felt like a lightning bolt surged through my body and all I could do was to smell the soft foot that was pressing into my face! Time seemed to stand still as my body stiffened with pleasure. Then, the bell rang snapping me out of my delerium. Ms. Case reached down, pulled her shoe on and moved  the chair away from the desk.

"Alright," she said, "you can come out now. Have you learned anything?" I was dumbstruck and still filled with so much excitement that I couldn't utter a word! Then she said, "If you misbehave again, you'll end up right back under that desk. Do you understand?"

I just nodded yes, but if it meant having that incredible feeling again, I intended to misbehave the next day too! As I sat on the bus on the way home, I tried to figure out why she had done that. Did she think that she was punishing me by pushing her foot into my face? If so, it had just the opposite effect. I wanted to be under that desk again!

The next day I sat in class and immedaitely began to pass notes to other kids. I didn't even try to hide it and before long I got Ms. Cases' attention. "Alright Archie, you know what I told you yesterday! Get back under the desk!"

The other kids roared with laughter as I shuffled up to the front of the room and crawled under the desk  I must have been there for two hours and she only walked by the desk two times. The lunch bell rang and when I tried to crawl out from under the desk, two slender legs appeared in front of me and Ms. Case said, "Oh no, young man. You are being punished. If you can't behave in my classroom, you will spend every lunch hour this week under this desk! Now get back under there!"

I slid back to where I was and saw the chair and those killer legs coming close to me again. I heard a drawer open and what sounded like a paper bag opening. Suddenly she slipped both of her heels off, crossed her legs and slid closer, pinning me against her. She began to swivel the chair again and as my head began to spin, her  slender stockinged foot  landed right on my face! The pleasure was more intense this time and without thinking I grasped her warm soft foot and pulled it against my face! I ran my nose and lips over her toes and then her soles! A bomb could have gone off in the room and I wouldn't have heard it.

She shifted position and rested her other foot in my lap. I felt the stirrings of my first erection as I continued to pull her foot to my lips. There was just enough room for me to lay on my back, so I slid down. Ms. Case uncrossed her legs and rested her feet on my face! Between her feet and my excitement, I could hardly breathe, but I held both of her ankles and slid her soles across my face. She did not utter a word during all this. She just let me worship her feet and run my hands along her smooth legs!

The bell rang again. Soon the other students would be coming in. She pushed back her chair and told me to get out. As she pulled on her heels, she looked at me and said, "You still must be punished for the rest of this week. Do you want to clean the blackboard and erasers after school or do you want to be punished under my desk during lunch hour?"

I didn't have to think about it at all! I chose the under the desk punishment. I spent the rest of that week under her feet, but she said that I would start to be missed at lunch, so my punishment would have to be after school the next time. That was fine with me as I intended to be punished every chance that I got! All these years later I wonder what was going through that woman's mind while I worshipped her feet and I've decided to try to contact her!

Good hunting footlovers!


This story was submitted anonymously by Archie.

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