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Lisa, The Babysitter
(Posted on Monday, November 6, 2000)
This story was submitted by John H, the foot fetishism King.

I married right after graduating college to my wife Susan. We had been dating throughout college and planned on spending the rest of our lives together. We have a six year old son, and really tried to make our relationship work. However for one reason or another, sometime things don`t always work out as you first hope they will.

After nine years of marriage we started to head in different directions and are now divorced. We each have custody of our son and it was my time period to spend with him. On this day, I had an after-hours business meeting to attend and needed a baby-sitter. My neighbors have a daughter Lisa whom I thought about. Lisa had once baby-sat for us so, I was sure that she wouldn`t mind.

I contacted Lisa`s parents and they said they would try to get her to stop by. Within the hour she came over and said, "Sure, I would love to babysit for you."

Lisa is a cute girl, about 5`3 with blond hair that comes to her waist. I asked her to babysit for four hours or so. When I returned home, I found her in the family room on the couch watching tv. She was wearing sock and had her feet on the table. She said that everything had gone fine and that my son was asleep upstairs in his room. I sat down next to her and we talked for awhile.

I could not help but catch little glances at Lisa`s small looking socked feet. She must have caught me looking at them, because all of a sudden she asked me, "Why do you keep looking at my feet?"

I commented to her that she had very small looking feet and that "they look high arched."

"High arches?" Lisa asked. "How can you tell with my socks on?" She looked at me again and removed her feet from the table. What happened next was a complete surprise! Lisa swung her feet, this time on the couch next to me and asked if I had a foot fetish.

I placed my hands on her feet and stammered, "Yes!"

She gave me a little smile and I started to tickle her right foot. Lisa said, "My feet aren`t very ticklish, but I love to have fingernails lightly raked across my toes because it feels good."

I then began to fiercely rake across the bottom and of her toes then her soles and arches of both of her feet. She closed her eyes, giggled, and moved and flexed her toes. I could tell that she was loving it as much as I was. I tickled every inch of those small hot feet.

"My boyfriend likes to tickle my feet, so that's why I don`t mind. Would you like to massage them?" She asked.

"What do you think? Of course!" I said to myself. She didn`t have to ask twice. I needed to remove her socks for this and Lisa did not object. Lisa`s bare feet were very soft and smooth with high arches and gorgeous little wrinkles on her soles. I gave her feet a massage that would make any reflexologist proud. Lisa started to moan with every stroke.

After I would massage a foot, I`d lift it up to my lips and place a nice long kiss over her arch, followed by lightly kissing each toe. When I would kiss each toe, she would arch her back and moan. I could tell that she was getting hot and I was definitely ready to explode. We got up and laid on the floor. Lisa laid on her stomach with me at her feet.

I licked again every part of her feet until they seemed slippery. I could also see that she now had her hand down in her shorts masturbating. I began to quickly unzip my slacks and pull down my boxers. I wanted to have an orgasm at the same time that she did. Lisa`s body became more heated with fire and I knew that it wouldn`t be very long. I quickly lifted her feet up and thrust between those soles and arches. This was an unbelievable feeling for me and I now began to almost cry out in pleasure.

We each kept this up until I heard Lisa say, "Now, now, yes, fuck I`m cumming!"

That was it for me. I lost it. I shook without control and began to spray cum everywhere. Lisa`s feet and parts of her bare leg were drenched. We both could not believe what had just happened. Since that night, I was able to worship Lisa`s awesome bare feet on three more occasions. This year she left for college. Maybe when she comes home sometime, she will stop by and see me.

Feel free to e-mail me if you enjoyed reading my story. Thank You.

John H. (the foot fetishism king)
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This story was submitted by John H, the foot fetishism King.

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