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Tickled In Heels, Part 2
(Posted on Saturday, October 28, 2000)
This story was submitted anonymously by Casey C.

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I had a hard time walking, between cumming and being tickled. I was in rough shape. "You better hurry up if you want your chance to tickle us," Lisa said. "Thereís not much time left before Kelly gets home."

I told them both to sit down and get ready to be tickled. First I couldn't help but notice that Lisa looked happy and aunt Chris looked a little scared. "Don't worry aunt Chris, I'll be nice to you like you were to me." Then I asked for her wrist and put the strap around it, pulled on the rope and took out a little slack. I did the same to Lisa's wrist. Next came their other wrists. I tied those two together and pulled them up with the pulley. Now both of their hands were useless. "Time for the blindfolds," I said as I wrapped scarves around their eyes.

Then came the part I liked, tying their feet. I tied aunt Chris first. I grabbed her left leg to put the strap on her ankle and she was trying to squirm away. "Can't get too far with your hands tied." I told her. It took a little more time, but I got it.

Then I moved to Lisa's right foot. She put it right in the air as if she was showing it off. "Just do it like that." Lisa said.

Talking to aunt Chris, Lisa said, "I know what it is. You donít want to be tickled. It's been a long time since I tickled you. Every time that I try, you stop me. That's why I let him cum, so that I could hear you getting tickled."

"I cant believe you did that on purpose." Aunt Chris replied. "You like to be tickled and I like to tickle. That's why we have so much fun together."

With the two of them talking about tickling, I started to get hard again. I had to finish tying their feet. I strapped them together and pulled them up into the air. I looked at the clock. "We have about forty minutes until you have to be gone. What shall we do until then?" I asked. Then I touched aunt Chris's left foot, "Please don't tickle ... haa, haa, hee, hee, haa ... me. I donít like haa, haa, haa, to be tickled." I worked my fingers inside of her shoe. It wasn't too hard with the open sides of her shoes. "You have to ... ha, ha, ha ... stop ... tickling me ... ha, ha!"

"Lisa, she likes it." I said with glee.

I gave aunt Chris a short break and moved to Lisa. First I started with long strokes along her sides. The nylon bodystocking helped my fingers move with ease. Little giggles started coming from her lips. I reached her feet. She wore the same shoes, 4 inch black pumps with open sides just like aunt Chris wore. It was no time at all 'til I was tickling the soul of her right foot. She wiggled, but it didn't help. My fingers were all over her foot. She started to laugh.

"Please don't just tickle ... haa, haa, hee, hee ... me. Tickle Chris at the same time. She loves it." Lisa pleaded.

"Don't listen to her," protested Aunt Chris. She is the one who likes to be tickled. Not me."

"That's OK. I can tickle you both at the same time because I have to hurry." I told them. I began to tickle their feet. There was loud non-stop laughter which caused me to get even harder.

"Please! I can't do it ... ha, ha, ha, ha ... anymore!" Chris yelled out. "Please just ... he, he, he, ha ... just tickle Lisa!"

After hearing that Lisa said, "ha, ha, ha, ha, you can tickle me hee, hee, hee, all you want haa, haa, but please don't stop tickling haa, haa, Chris!"

I told them I'd give them a short break and stopped for a little bit. I looked at the clock. I had about fifteen minutes left. "I'm running out of time." I started to unbuckle the straps on their shoes and assured them, "Don't worry. I'll be nice. I'll leave one shoe on each of you."

"Please, whatever you do, please don't take off my shoes," pleaded aunt Chris.

"If you keep wining," I said, "I'll take them both off. Whoever keeps their one shoe dangling can help me tickle the other person while they're still tied up."

"You can't do that to us. It's not fair!" Aunt Chris said.

"OK Lisa, I'll let you go and we'll tickle Chris." I said.

"OK maybe it is fair," aunt Chris said, "but you better be fair and tickle each of us equally."

I moved behind them and started to stroke their nylon encased ribs. "I hope this doesn't tickle you too much. I'd hate for one of your shoes to fall off." I teased. I slid my fingers up and down their sides.

"I can't believe you're tickling us, you  ... ha, ha, ha, hee, hee, have to stop!" Chris said.

"I can't do that. There's not much time left." I reminded them.

I gave them a chance to catch their breath and then I moved over to their feet again. I noticed that I still had the camcorder taping. I had forgotten all about it. The whole thing wss on tape and it was still running, so I asked them to tell my about some of their tickling adventures.

Aunt Chris said, "No way!"

"OK, I'll just get back to tickling you and only you until your shoe falls off. Then I'll let Lisa go so she can help me. It will be fair because I will still tickle Lisa, but not enough to make her drop her shoe."

"You can't do that. It's not fair!" Chris said.

"Life isn't fair," I reminded her. I began to stroke her left foot slowly up and down, being careful not to hit her four inch heels. I thought that if her shoe fell, it would fall because of her struggles, not because I pushed the shoe off myself. To help things along, I started to tickle her right foot. That was easy. Her shoe was already off.

"Stop it! Ha, ha, ha, ha! You're not ... hee, he, ha ... tickling Lisa ... just me!" Chris pleaded.

"I'm tickling her too," I joked as I teased and admitted, "oh I'm sorry. That was your other foot."

"Ha, ha, PPPLLLEEaase stop. I can't go on. I'll tell ha, ha, ha, you a story! Just stop!" Chris was desperate at this point. So I stopped and after a few moments of catching her breath, she started to tell her story.

She explained that it had all started at work. That's where she got to know Lisa. They always got along great and after awile, they would go out after work. They went shopping, to the movies, out to eat and stuff like that. One time they were going to a bachlorette party. It was a Saturday. So they decided to go to the adult bookstore together. She  was surpised at how much stuff there was.

Chris went on to explain that there were books about things that she hadn't really known about and that Lisa had finally called out to her to show her a pair of handcuffs. She had mentioned to Lisa that they should get them for a friend of theirs named Terri since they knew that she'd love them.

Chris then noticed what looked like a red baseball with straps and asked Lisa about it. Lisa explained that it was called a "ballgag" and that it worked very well. So they added that to their bag of goodies and began to look at the videotapes that were for sale.

They had found one titled, "Tied and Tickled On Your Wedding Night," but Chris had wondered is their friend would like it. She explained to Lisa that she couldn't stand to be tickled and wondered if Lisa enjoyed it. Lisa explained that it wasn't so bad as long as you were with a partner whom you could trust. She also had told Chris that she'd show her later on.

Since Chris was a little nervous about it, she told Lisa that she'd let her show her, but only if she could tickle her first. Of course Lisa had agreed without a second thought. A little while later they had decided on getting together that Friday night after a couple of drinks.

The part below will be first person from Chris

"When do you want to tickle me?" Lisa asked.

I didn't know what to say. I told her, "Next time we go out. This way we can have a couple of drinks to relax."

"How about tomorrow? It's Friday and we don't have to work on Saturday." Lisa suggested.

It was happening so fast. I just said, "Ok."

Friday was just like another workday. We went to lunch together and talked about the upcoming party on Saturday. One time Lisa said, "I can't wait until tonight. It's going to be fun."

I told her, "You're lying. You don't enjoy being tickled!"

All she said was, "Don't knock it until you try it."

"I'll never try it," I told her and we just moved on to where we were going to eat. "Let's go someplace nice. I want to get dressed up." We set a time and I told her that I'd meet her there.

I couldn't believe what she was wearing when she walked through the door. She had on a short mini skirt and her high heel shoes must have been four and a half inches tall. "Do you like my outfit?" She asked. "I wear this when I'm going to get tickled."

"Your shoes are so high," I said.

"That way I can't run away if you try to catch me." She explained. I was confused and excited at the same time. "You'll have fun, too I'll bet." She assured me. I thought that she was crazy. Dinner was great. So was the wine. All Lisa did was talk about how much fun it was to be tickled.

When we got back to Lisa's house, she poured us another glass of wine and sat on the couch. I was starting to feel a little drunk when Lisa said that she had to go upstairs for a minute. I made myself at home and just relaxed. I could hear her walking around upstairs, but didn't think much about it. I poured myself another glass of wine and yelled up to ask Lisa if everything was ok.

She said, "Everything is fine. Come on up. I want to show you something." I reached the top of the stairs and I noticed a soft flickering of candlelight. I took a big drink of my wine and asked if she was in the bedroom. She said, "yes" and I started to walk into the room.

I couldn't believe what I saw. The only thing that Lisa was wearing were a pair of nylons, a blindfold and her very high heels. What really surprised me was that she was tied to her four poster bed with her wrists in handcuffs which were attached to the headboard, and her feet were up on pillows about six inches off the bed. She was still wearing her shoes  and her ankles were tied to each post and to each other, making any movement impossible.

"Lisa, what are you doing? How did you do this to yourself?" I asked with intrigue.

"My old boyfriend loved to tie my up all the time," she explained. "Once in awhile I would tie myself up for him and he loved it. After some practice I got good at it."

I looked at her and could tell that she could not get loose on her own, so I asked her if she wanted me to help.

"Sure, but first I want you to tickle my sides."

I said, "I donít know. That doesn't seem like a good thing to have done to yourself."

She said, "Go ahead. First my sides and then my feet."

I took another big drink of my wine and then started to stroke my fingers up and down her sides. She started to laugh and wiggle, but the ropes held her tight. "See Chris? Ha, ha, ha. Tickling can be fun for both of us. Don't ... ha, ha, he, he ... forget my feet."

I was having more fun than I thought I could by just tickling someone. I also noticed that I was getting wet. I couldn't understand how that was happening, but I just kept tickling her ribs and then moved down to her feet. "First I'll have to take off these nice shoes," I told her as I moved my fingers down along her leg and to her foot. I tickled the tops of her toes while her shoes were still on.

As I tickled her feet, she said, "OH, I don't think ... Hee, Hee, Haa ... that I ever felt so ticklish before. It feels great." I slowly unbuckled her strap for her pump on her right foot and slid it off her real slowly. "Please Chris be nice. It's really going to tickle too much. I can tell already. You can let me go now. Please. I'll do whatever you want. Just let me go."

I knew that the wine had taken effect when I told her, "No, I remember you just saying how much fun it is to be tickled," and I began to slide my fingernails up and down her foot. I couldn't stop tickling. This is what she wanted, so I had to give it to her.

"Ha, Ha, Ha! You have to stop  ... please!" She pleaded.

"I'm just doing what you asked for. You kept telling me how much fun it is to be tickled." Then I teased her some more by asking, "What? You're not having a good time?"

"Yes I'm having ... ha, ha ... fun, but I don't want you to miss out. You should let me go and I'll tickle you. What do you think about that?" She asked.

"No way! I'm not going to fall for that. Besides, I can't stand to be tickled, and if I couldn't get away or make it stop, I don't know what I would do." I told her.

"OK! Ha, ha, he, he, ha. Just stop and let me go. I won't tickle you. Just ... ha, ha ... please stop tickling me." She pleaded some more.

"I will ... in a minute. But because your left foot is feeling so left out, I'll have to take off this shoe too. I'll be fast. I'm going to show you how I can tickle both feet at once."

The look on her face as classic and I was having fun. She yelled out to me, "NOOOOOOOOOO! You can't tickle them both at once! I'll die. Please Chris, just let me go. I'll do what ever you want!"

But I wasn't finished just yet. Even though I was very tired and quite drunk at this point, I continued. I started to slide my fingers up and down her legs real slowly, working my way to her toes. "No, no, no, ha, ha ... please stop  ... please ... donít touch the bottoms of my feet!"

"You mean right here," I teased her as I tickled the soles of her feet. I was glad that she was securely tied to the bed. Otherwise, she'd be all over the place. "Lisa, are you having ffun yet? Because I'm having a great time. You were right. Tickling is fun!" I stopped tickling her so that she could catch her breath.

As I was untying her, she told me, "That was the most fun I ever had being tickled. I don't know why, but it was great."

First I untied her left foot then her right after a couple quick tickles on her toes, and then finely her hands she said thank you and gave me a big hug.

We went back downstairs and Lisa got us some more wine. I sat down next to her as she asked if I wanted to be tickled. I told her, "No way! Youíre the one who said that it was fun being tickled, not me."

"I know, but I had to ask anyway. I'll get my chance soon enough."

I asked her what had she meant by that, but before I knew it, I was starting to get really sleepy. That always happened to me whenever I drank too much. So I excused myself, went into the bathroom to relieve myself, cleaned up, and then somehow made it to the bed where I must have passed out. I don't remember passing out, but I was out like a light!

When I woke up I noticed that I couldn't move very much. And then I realized why. As my eyes focused on things, I realized that my feet were tied to the bed post just like she had tied her own, and my arms couldn't move even an inch. I tried to get loose, but there was no way. I started to yell for Lisa to let me go, but hardly any sounds came out. My speech was muffled. She had put a red ballgag on me while I was sleeping. I was stuck.

She walked into the room dressed in a bodystocking, high heels, and she had a funny smile on her face. "You're such a party pooper. I can't believe you fell asleep. I have something that we can do to keep you awake."

With that ballgag in my mouth, I was effectively prevented from yelling out any protests. Then I felt her fingers unbuttoning my blouse and opening it up so that my camisole was showing. Her fingers started to tickle my ribs. I wiggled around the best that I could and started to giggle and squirm, but Lisa didn't stop.

She started to tell me, "Chris, isn't this fun? You must be having fun 'cause your're laughing."

I had never been tied up and tickled before. To my surprise, I liked not being able to stop her. It was a real turn-on for me. After what seamed like forever, she slid her fingernails down along my legs and towards my feet. "MMuph mmmph dopph mpp mmEEE," was all that came out of my gagged mouth as I tried to tell her, "Please don't tickle my feet!"

She couldn't understand what I was trying to say. I don't think that she would of listened anyway after how I had just tickled her without much mercy. "Let's see how ticklish your feet are Chris. I'll be nice just like you were to me."

Then she started to tickle the top of both of my feet at once, My high heels didn't offer much protection. I tried to pull my feet away, but they were tied too tightly. I was just hoping that she wouldnít take my shoes off.

"Chris I have a  deal for you. I'm going to take off your shoes off and tickle your feet for two minutes straight. If you don't laugh at all, I'll let you go and you can do whatever you want to me. Deal?"

"MMuph mmmph dopph mppllle  lmm guuph mmmph dopph mpp ttmmnpghh," was all I could muster.

"Great." Lisa said. "I'll go get the timer and be right back."

I couldn't believe that this was happening. I was trying to tell her to please let me go, and that I couldn't stand to have my feet tickled. I'd never last for two whole minutes. Lisa came back with the egg timer and set it on the dresser. First I have to take fff your shoes.

"Nnnggph lghpp tppgh nnnn"

"Chris, quit complaining. You'll have fun." Then she slid off my right shoe and slid her nails down my foot. I thought that I would go through the roof. "Wow! Your foot is really ticklish. You're brave trying to go for two minutes in a row." Then she pulled off my left shoe and set them both on the floor.

Lisa set the timer, took a drink of wine and came back with a big smile on her face. "Ready? I hope you can make it because I can't wait to have all the fun you're having"

Lisa's fingers were on both my feet at once. I tried to think of anything else to take my mind off of what she was doing to my feet. It wasn't working. I laughed into my gag after only a few seconds.

"You have to try harder Chris, otherwise we'll be here all night."

She started again. This time she was being nice. She would tickle for 20 seconds on my feet and then move up my legs for a little bit, and then back to my feet again. She started to count out the time. "Thirty Seconds left."

I think to myself. "I think I can make it. She's tickling my feet, but I can last that long." Then out of nowhere she starts to nibble on my toe's. I lost it.

She even started to laugh from the excitement of it all. This time she started on my ribs. I was doing good so far, but the tickling was getting to me.  "I can make it," I thought to myself. "Just a little while longer."

Then she was nibbling on my toes again, but I was ready for it this time and I held out. The timer rang. I made it, but for some reason I really didn't want her to stop.

"You did it Chris. Now wasn't that fun!" Then she started to untie me. I felt exhausted. It was a night that I'll never forget.

End of Chris' first person version

I was so hard after hearing their story that I was glad I got it on tape. "So how long have you two been playing together?" I asked.

"I don't know. A couple of years, I guess." Chris answered.

"OK, time for one more big tickle on your feet. Then you have to go because Kelly will be coming home." I told them.

"Please, no more!" Aunt Chris said.

"Quit winnig about it, Chris. Go ahead and tickle us," Lisa said. "I can take it. I don't think Chris can, but that's half of the fun." I tickled both of their feet a lot and I finally had to let them go.

"I hope nobody ever hears about this." Aunt Chris said.

"They won't." I assured her.

She and Lisa left me to clean up the ropes.

To be continued ...

This story was submitted anonymously by Casey C.

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