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Andy's Mom
(Posted on Sunday, October 4, 1998)
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It all started when I spent the night with my new friend Andrew. We just started school and he asked if I wanted to spend the night. I said of course, but I never thought that that night would be one I would never forget. My mother just dropped me off and Andrew answered the door. We greeted each other and then I walked into the kitchen

I saw Andrew's mother for the first time. She was around 5'5, blonde hair down a little past her shoulders, blue eyes, around a 38c bra size, and I am guessing around 125 lbs. She was wearing a tight white cut-off shirt with a black skirt down to her knees. If you think that was sexy, wait til' you hear this. Past her skirt I noticed she was wearing black nylon stockings, but then down her feet she was wearing black heel platforms (around 4 inch heels) with a nude toe and heel. That wasn't all. I noticed through the stockings on her feet (her size was around 6) that her toenails were painted plain red.

I noticed my dick started to stiffen. I think she caught me staring at her feet and legs in total amazement. I tried to look away and she greeted me. The rest of the night while me and Andrew hung out, I secretly caught glimpses of his mom's feet. After about ten times of staring at her feet, she asked me if I thought her platforms looked good. I said the expected yes and then she wiggled her toes and smiled. She then asked if I thought her toes were "cute" enough to show off in her heels. I said yes and then she winked at me. After that, Andrew and I just watched TV since she left to go run some errands.

"When is your Mom gonna be back," I asked.

"Around 3:00 in the morning," he responded. I sighed and I asked him if we could go to bed. He agreed and we fell asleep quick.

It was around 2:30 in the morning when I woke up with his mom slapping my face. She looked at me and said, "I have something for you." She took me to her room and she sat me on her bed. My penis was erected because she still wore that outfit. Heels and nylons. She took off her earrings and then sat next to me. My heart was pounding. She started to remove her platforms and said, "I can tell you are in love with my feet."

I nodded and she put her stockinged feet on my face. The smell was delicious. I asked if she would let me suck them. She said "Oh yes, please do." So I sucked them and then she pulled them out of my mouth. Then she rubbed my erect cock with them. She unzipped my pants and and took them off. My cock was extremely hard.

She put her silky stockinged feet around my dick and she gave me a foot job. She pulled harder and harder. She took her feet and rubbed my balls softly. She then whispered, "Oh God! Shoot your spewing cum on my stockinged feet and toes!" I took one look at her feet giving me a foot job and then I exploded with white cum all over her sexy black stockings. She gave me a satisfied smile and I went to bed.

The next day Andrew's mom insisted that I stayed one more night...

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