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Arab Girl, Part 2
(Posted on Saturday, October 14, 2000)
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Well, she had gotton me on tape. I was completely humiliated and sitting there with soaked underwear. She ran off into her room and locked the door before I could get to her. I was feeling very desperate and completely humiliated. I begged and pleaded with her to open the door and give me the tape to no avail.

Finally, after a good 10 minutes she opened the door, but demanded that I be on my knees. When she opened it, she said to crawl like a dog to her bed. While I was sitting there, she explained to me my options. If I stayed at her house the remainder of the week, I could leave with the tape. Otherwise she would give the tape to my parents or find a way to put it on the internet and pass out flyers at school to everyone.

I chose to stay. She went on to tell me that I was to be at her beck and call for the entire week. I was to make myself available at anytime for her. She then told me that if I refused to do what I was told, I would definitely regret it. She looked at my underwear still dressed with cum and told me to take them off.

I was now standing nude in front of her. I was being stared at like a circus freak. She had me turn in circles for her as she looked me over. Then she had me lay on the ground in front of her on my back. She placed her feet on my face and told me to continue to repeat what I did on the couch, except this time I would have her feet in my face and be forced to lick them.

While I tried my best to cum for her, I was overwhelmed with what had just transpired and was unable to reach an orgasm. She began to get upset. “I want you to cum for me dammit. If you don’t, YOU WILL NOT SLEEP tonight!”

I tried as hard as I could, but after another 5 minutes it was useless. She stood up and said as my punishment I was to lick her asshole clean. I was totally shocked. I never dreamed she would be like this. Most Arab girls I had known were very modest, but this one had a devil in her. She laid on the bed and put two pillows under her stomach to elevate her ass for me. She looked at me with a little smirk and smiled.

I sat next to her and slowly leaned over. I was kind of trembling. This would have been exciting I guess, if I wasn’t being forced to do it. I am always up for trying new things, but this was a little extreme for my tastes. (No pun intended) I was inches from her asshole. She could feel me breathing and began to wiggle her butt in anticipation. I brushed her ass with my hand as I dove in deeper. My nostrils were filled with an aroma that almost made me sick.

It was apparent at this point that this exit had been used earlier in the day sometime. I stuck out my tongue and began circling her asshole. She began tightning and relaxing her butt muscles with every circle completed. After a good 15 minutes she demanded that I enter her hole with my tongue. I tried to put it in as far as I could. We remained in this state for at least 20 minutes. My tongue had been worked overtime and was really sore and tired. She finally allowed me to stop.

I sat up and slid off the bed, sitting on the floor next to her. I put my hands on my face and actually wanted to cry. I couldn’t believe that this was happening. She looked down at me and said, “You have a wonderful tongue and I intend to use it. I really enjoyed that.” Sabrina was trying to be compassionate at this point, seeing my distress. She assured me that I would get the tape and it would be over after this week. She then went on to tell me that was the first time she has ever had that done to her. She had always wanted someone to do it to her, but was afraid to ask any of her boyfriends. I guess I was her experiment for the week.

She rolled over in her bed and asked for a massage before going to bed. As I was giving her a massage, she actually admitted to once having a crush on me. I was thrilled to hear that. Well, without writing a huge essay on my servitude that week, I will end with one other interesting situation.

On the following Friday night, Sabrina and two girlfriends went to Canada to go dancing at a bar. In Canada you only have to be 19 to drink, so she had a fake ID and her friends were 19. When she came home, her friends Kelly and Michelle came over. I was in the backyard having a smoke and she noticed me. She told me to come over and hang out. I knew that she was not asking me, but telling me in front of her friends.

Kelly and Michelle went to the community college in our city. Michelle was a hot blonde about 5’9 and Kelly was a curly black haired girl who was 5’6 and with a very tight body. We were sitting in the TV room watching MTV. I was seated next to Sabrina, but in between her, Kelly and Michelle on a L-shaped couch. Sabrina took off her shoes and stretched her toes saying, “Wouldn’t it be nice to get a foot rub right now!”

She glared over to me and I knew to volunteer. The other girls were all excited to have a massage too. Sabrina immediately placed her bare feet on my lap. I was massaging her feet for 15 minutes or so when Kelly said, “Is it my turn yet?”

Sabrina looked at me and I went over to Kelly. The way she was seated, it would have been uncomfortable for her to put her feet on my lap, so I kneeled in front of her. Kelly’s feet were still in her Doc Martin type shoes. The girls were watching and talking about the new Bush video and how hot the lead singer was. Kelly paid no attention to me as I got down and untied her shoes. I pulled her feet out and her socks were sweaty. I began to rub them when she asked me to take her socks off because it would feel better.

As I did this, Sabrina noticed sock lint in her toes. Jokingly, she told me to clean her feet for her. Kelly and Michelle began to giggle (they were all a little tipsy). Then Michelle asked if Sabrina had any beer. Of course Sabrina asked me to go get it. I was saved for the moment. When I returned with 4 beers, Sabrina again brought up the toe lint. They started giggling and Michelle said to suck the lint out of Kelly’s toes.

I turned completely red, but knew that Sabrina wanted me to do it. So I did, and they all got a big laugh out of it. Kelly really laughed as my tongue was tickling her toes. I immediately downed my beer. I went on to rub Michelle’s feet, but nothing else like this happened with her.

This week was filled with feet sucking and licking. I also licked Sabrina’s ass a few more times before all was said and done. I got one good thing out of the whole experience and that was that I became really good at eating a girl out. Sabrina absolutely loved to see me kiss her feet and then beg to lick her pussy. I didn’t have much experience in this arena and she really put me through my paces.

The following day Sabrina gave me the tape and all was over. I had a hard time looking her directly in the eye after that week. I felt like she had something over me. We actually started dating about 4 months later. But the precedent had been set and she thought that she could just have her way with me, which didn’t happen without her blackmail. She is a really hot girl, but I feel sorry for the next guy she ends up with. She is one wild child. She looks innocent enough, but boy are you in for a ride by dating this one.

I am actually looking for a girlfriend who is not as wild as Sabrina, but still into having her feet sucked and kissed. That part of this experience really turned me on and I would like to pursue a relationship with someone who also enjoys this. Please e-mail me. Maybe even for an online friend.  Thanks!

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