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My Asian Wife's Feet
(Posted on Friday, September 8, 2000)
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I would like to share the story of my first foot experiences with my beautiful Chinese-American future wife. I have always thought that Asian women have the best looking feet, and this story confirms it for me. On my first date with Laura, she cooked me dinner. She wore a very short print minidress with no panty hose and bare feet. I watched her cook, all the time running my eyes up and down her gorgeous legs, down to her pretty, unadorned feet.

After dinner we sat on her couch and I started talking about her legs and feet. Her toenails were unpainted. Since painted toenails really do it for me, I asked her if she ever painted them and she said that it just took too much time. I volunteered, and surprisingly, she agreed. As I painted her toes, I'm sure that she had no idea of the huge erection I had the whole time. She loved the way her feet looked afterward.

The next week she she invited me over after she got out of work. I got there just as she got home, and because she was on her feet all day, I knew they would be tired and I had plans to ask her if she wanted a foot massage. She was wearing a tank top, a mid-length wrap-around skirt, and open toed slides that she had bought that day to show off her toes. I offered the massage and she said let's go in the bedroom where it would be
more comfortable. Yahoo!

I tod her that the less clothes she had on the better, and to my surprise, she took everything off but her panties! She told me to get more comfortable, so I threw caution to the wind and took everything off. I kneeled down while she sat on the bed and started massaging her feet. As I raised her toes to my mouth to kiss them, she started to pull away because she was afraid they would smell bad. I reassured her they were just fine and that being said, I slipped her tiny pink toes into my mouth.

I can still remember the salty taste and delicate scent. I had a throbbing erection at this time, and I could feel a big pre cum droplet on the tip of my penis at this point. I tend to get a large droplet there quite quickly. She noticed my hard-on. While I kneeled, she took her big toe and touched it to my tip and slowly made circles around the head, smearing my cum drop until the head was completely wet, as well as her toe. What a sensual feeling!

Upon hearing my breathing getting heavy, she took the top of her foot and ran it along the underside of my shaft, up and down. Within about five strokes, my cum shot out all over the top of her foot, with one shot hitting all the way up to her shin. It was the most sensual orgasm I had ever had to that point.

That was just the beginning of our relationship, and now we have been happily married for four years, with many erotic episodes. I still love to look at her feet, paint her toenails, and smell their delectability every chance I get. Guys if you ever get the chance to date an Asian woman, pay extra attention to their feet. They are small, delicate, and oh so tasty! I have to go now as she is coming in the door and she needs her weekly pedicure.

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