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Grandma's Smackdown, Again
(Posted on Friday, September 8, 2000)
This story was submitted by Foot Man.

I was sitting here going through some old cassette tapes that I have and was reminded of an awesome tickling experience that I had with my Grandma which I had secretly recorded. I have since lost the tape, but the Smackdown is as fresh in my mind today as if it had happened yesterday. Please allow me to share it with you.

I was sitting in my Grandma's den watching the Dallas Cowboys beat up on the Washington Redskins. My Grandma was in her bedroom just a few feet away, preparing to go to the hospital to visit a friend of hers. She had asked me if I would accompany her on her visit, but I was too involved in the game to leave at that moment.

Twenty minutes later the most erotic sound filled my ears. I was so excited that I could hardly contain myself. From my comfortable seat on Grandma's leather couch, I could hear the clear sounds of leather mules slapping the soft 64 year old foot bottoms of my grandma's sensitive feet as she scurried about her bedroom looking for accessories to accent her attire.

At the next commercial, I abruptly left my seat and walked over to the file cabinet to get my Grandpa's tape recorder and some tape. This would be an experience that I wanted to remember for a lifetime. I taped the tape recorder to my abdomen and pulled down my shirt. Then I sauntered into my Grandma's bedroom to, uuhhhh, help her with her accessories.

Grandma had just lotioned her feet with a peach scented cream and her toenails were painted a deep burgundy color. The dark skin of the tops of her feet erotically contrasted her light soles which were barely contained in her skimpy black high-heel mules with two criss-cross straps that hardly held her feet to her shoes when she walked. My Grandma looked very fashionable in her short black slacks and peach blouse. She was putting the finishing touches on her appearance when I entered the room.

"Oh, hi, Sugar," she said with a smile. "Would you do me a big favor and zip my pants in the back?" I was all too willing to oblige her request as I watched her rosy soles lift off the insoles of her heels when she backed toward me with her hands behind her back. It was as if she were acting out her role in a script written for a made-for-TV movie or something. It was all too perfect.

I lovingly zipped her pants in the back and kissed the back of her head as she raised up on her tiptoes so that I could get a better grip. One look down at her exposed wrinkled soles and nice round heels drove me into orbit. I asked her, "What is that perfume you're wearing today? It smells really nice." I lowered my nose to her neck as she smiled and cocked her head to the left so that I could get a better whiff.

"Oh, Just a little something I picked up at Macy's last week. I'm glad you like it. It cost me a fortune." She lowered her soles back to her shoes and attempted to walk forward. Without notice, I grabbed her around the waist with my left arm and forcibly walked her forward pushing her up against the bedroom wall. She shrieked from being startled and put both hands above her head and flat against the wall.

"Don't move," I whispered closely in her ear. "You know the routine, Grandma." I pulled up on her waist so that she would have to be on her tip toes.

"My God, Sugar. You're being so rough,"  she giggled and tried to look backwards at me. "You're gonna get my feet again, aren't you?" She sounded almost sorry as she asked me. Without so much as a sound in reply, I pushed my shoulder into her back to hold her in place. Then I knelt down and wedged my fingers between her feet and shoes and began a fast and furious scraping of her soft delicate soles that were still in her shoes. Her feet felt heavenly on my fingertips and I could feel the insoles of her shoes rubbing against my knuckles as I assaulted my Grandma's sexy senior foot bottoms.

I reacted so quickly that everything seemed like a blur. When she finally realized what was happening, she began giggling heartily with her lips pressed together. "Oh, my Go-o-o-od, I'm so Tickli-ii-ii-ish!" She exclaimed in between yelps. "Oh, no. No-oo-oo. Please Qui-ii-ii-it. Baby, baby, please STOP! That tickles!"

I ignored her demands as I began to focus on her other foot. I felt like I was busting a bronco the way she squirmed and bobbed up against my body as I struggled to hold her in place. As much fun as I was having, it was too much work. I wrapped my strong hand around her ankle and lifted her foot up behind her while still pressing her against the wall. I slid her shoe off of her delicate foot and placed it between my teeth as I danced my fingers across the underside of her sensitive toes. This sent her into wild hysterics and she threw her head back and cackled louder than I had ever heard her laugh before. My heart felt like it would burst out of my chest from the adrenaline rush that I was experiencing. My Grandma was one hot woman at that moment.

She was almost in tears from laughter as I released her ankle. Her bare, tickled foot fell to the floor still exposing that soft sole because she was on her tip toe. She was really breathing hard as she expelled the last few giggles from her small frame. When her breathing was close to normal again, I leaned my shoulder into her back once more and grabbed the other ankle. She tried to hold her leg straight so that I could not bend it back behind her. I raised up her loose pant leg and tickled the bend behind her knee.

She squealed and immediately raised her leg up behind her. She began to laugh again in anticipation of what was about to happen and I heard her yell out, "No More!  Oh, please, No MORE!" She furiously wiggled her long sweet toes as I slid her sexy black mule off her foot and raised it to my teeth. The sound of the leather shoe sliding along my Grandma's sole was almost too much for me to handle.

I positioned her shoe in my mouth and gently placed my fingertips on my Grandma's soft, damp sole. I could feel the wrinkles rise and fall under my fingers as she scrunched, wiggled and bent her toes in response to my touch. I started from her smooth heel and scraped my way down to her toes where I began to play, "This Little Piggy" with each toe.

Strong, cackling laughter was bellowing out of my Grandma's wide open mouth. She couldn't speak a word as I got to the last "little piggy." She could only giggle and squirm. I went literally hog wild on my Grandma's sole as I told her how the little pig cried, "wee, wee, wee all the way home."

The bulge in my pants was beginning to grow and I was so hot that my erection literally hurt. I let my Grandma off the wall and proceeded to go release myself. She was still laughing lightly as she slid her bare right foot into her shoe. The other shoe was turned over upside-down on the floor, so she had to right it with her toes before sliding it on. I could hear those soles slapping as she followed behind me to the other end of the house still giggling, "I'm running so far behind," she giggled.  "When I get to the hospital, I'm gonna ask the doctor for a new pair of feet. These will never be the same again, I'm sure of it!"

About fifteen minutes later, I helped my Grandma load some goodies into her car just before she left. She began looking for her shades in the backseat and as she reached over to retrieve them on the far side, I was overcome, once again, from her arched soles and round heels. I pushed her down onto the backseat and ripped both of her shoes off her feet once again. I began tickling every inch of both of my Grandma's soles. The wailing laughter filled the garage as she flopped around on the seat trying to break loose.

When I tickled her heels she would giggle with her mouth closed. When I tickled her arches she would cackle and moan. When I scraped the balls and underside of her toes she would scream and go hysterical. I was playing her soles like a guitar and the sweet cackling laughter that resulted from my skilled fingertips was literally music to my ears. Before I let her up, I sucked each toe and relished the scent of peachy sweat that filled my nostils.

Remember the tape recorder? Well this was the scene on the tape that made me cream every time I listened to it. You could hear her struggling, her laughter, and the sounds of my mouth sucking and licking on her toes. It was HOT!

I was just about to let my helpless Grandma up from the seat when I saw a ballpoint pen in the floorboard. I reached for the pen, tightened my grip around my Grandma's ankles and I wrote, "Footman was here!" on the heels of both of her soft feet. She went ballistic under the pen, but, the messages were still legible on her heels.

I finally let her up and she said, "I truly do not know what I'm going to do with you. This foot fetish of yours is too much for my little old toes to take." She was smirking as she stared at me intently. She grabbed me, hugged me, and kissed my cheek. "What did you write on my feet, honey?" She raised her foot up behind her and slid her shoe off her foot to look at the message on her heel. She let out a bellowing laugh and said, "My feet are a drug to you, aren't they Footman?"

She laughed some more, told me that she loved me and asked me if I would be here when she returned. I told her that I probably would. She cocked her head, gave me a stern look and asked, "Should I expect that you will be at my feet again when I get back?"

"Oh, no doubt!" I answered her excitedly.

She laughed, shook her head and said, "Why did I even ask?" She put her shades on, rolled up her window and drove out of the garage still giggling from the smackdown that I had put on her feet. I rewound the tape so that I could relive the experience all over again.

This story was submitted by Foot Man.

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