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My Wife, Chapter 2
Providing A Specimen
(Posted on Tuesday, August 29, 2000)
This story was submitted by Blueboy.

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The next 7 years of our marriage were pretty much status quo in the bedroom. There wasn’t much sexual exploration. Foot play, hand play, and oral sex are all just types of foreplay during this time except for when she had her period and I really needed relief.

Our life was focused on our children during this time. We had a son about 2½ years after our daughter was born and another girl a little over 2 years later. Our family was complete, or so we thought. To allow for some measure of spontaneity, our birth control method was a diaphragm with spermicidal gel. About 2 years and 3 months after our second daughter was born, my wife informed me that she was pregnant again. So much for diaphragms and spermicidal gel!

The next few months were carefree because, after all, you can’t get more pregnant. Without the pause to insert the diaphragm, we could try different positions and techniques. I began to buy her clothing articles to enhance my visual stimulation. This was when I first convinced her to wear pantyhose while giving me a footjob because I wanted to feel what it would feel like with the nylon in between us. Needless to say, it felt great! This prompted more clothes, tights, cotton-poly opaque knee-highs, thigh high garterless white stockings, etc. We experimented with all of them and all to our satisfaction.

About 7 months into the pregnancy we began to realize that my wife was getting quite large. She hadn’t gained weight anywhere except for the baby. On her next prenatal visit, the doctor advised her to not have any penetration during sex in order to protect the baby. I’m assuming this was due to the size and position of this baby because we had never been told that before the 9th month with any of our first 3 children. This had a dramatic and positive impact on our sex life.

The frequency of sex actually increased and the variety was incredible. This was the first time in our 11-year marriage that my wife actually told me what she wanted. There were things we wanted to do but couldn’t because of her size, however, this laid the groundwork for things to come. Our imaginations had been stimulated. The doctor also changed her monthly visits to bi-weekly, which is normal in any pregnancy.

On the following visit he told her to allow an extra 30 minutes on the 8-month visit so he could do an ultrasound. My wife asked why and he said, given the size of the baby, he just didn’t want any surprises. When she returned from the 8-month visit, she announced we were having twins.

The shock was even greater than when we learned she was pregnant. We had planned on only 3 kids and now we were having 5. We quickly came to the conclusion that we needed to have some type of permanent contraception. We collected information about the possibilities and decided on a vasectomy for me. Because it required abstinence from ejaculation for 4 weeks after the procedure, we decided I would have it done within 2 weeks following the delivery of the twins because there is always a 6 week abstinence from copulation during that time anyway, at least from our experience.

I called for an appointment with my doctor and was asked the turpose. When I told the nurse, she informed me my wife would have to accompany me and state law required a 4 week period between this consultation and the actual procedure and that my wife would have to sign a release in order for me to have the procedure. We scheduled both appointments to avoid delay because this already put the vasectomy 2 full weeks after the planned delivery of the babies.

We had the vasectomy consultation and the doctor confirmed the 4-week abstinence period after the procedure. He also informed us that local anesthesia would be used. I was not to eat the morning of the procedure. To our surprise, he also told us that I was to come “as empty as possible.” Then he said, “You look puzzled. Most couples smile when I tell them that. Let me clarify it for you.” Looking directly at my wife he said, “What I mean is that he should be so drained when he gets here that the best efforts of a Sultan’s harem couldn’t get him erect.” It was an interesting prescription and it provided the most fun filled 24-hour period in my life.

The twins were delivered by C-section because one was in a breech position. It’s a good thing because they were more than 8½ pounds each. My wife weighed less after delivery than she weighed when she conceived! She looked great. In fact, she was absolutely voluptuous. We had only a 10-day abstinence period while my wife recuperated from the surgery. Then we had 4 days until my vasectomy. We made full use of the 4 days since my wife hadn’t had copulation in over 6 weeks. For 3 days we were like rabbits.

The day before the vasectomy my wife went to the clinic and signed the release as required. We had arranged for the kids to be at my mother-in-law’s the day before so we could do what we needed to do. My wife was well prepared. She wore, at various times, all the clothes I had bought her. We watched movies with sexy women. We even played Twister! Regularly throughout the day and night she did everything possible to get me up. I dreamt I was getting humped and I dreamt I was getting blown, but neither ended up being a dream.

Finally, the morning of the procedure, about 90 minutes before, my wife lubricated her feet and tried everything imaginable for nearly 30 minutes to get me up, but couldn’t. She said, “Judging from that wet noodle, I’d say my work here is done.” We showered and headed for the clinic.

They had us go into the exam room. The doctor confirmed one last time that we both wanted to do this and we each signed one last form. He prepped me by shaving me and sterilizing the area. Then he administered the anesthetic and said, “While that takes effect I will brief you on what you need to do and not do during the next 4 weeks.” First came all the details about postoperative care during the next 48 hours and the following 7 days. Then the big warning; “No arousal of any kind for a week and no ejaculation for 2 weeks. Then it’s OK, but until we do a sperm count 4 weeks from now, we cannot guarantee effectiveness of the procedure.”

Then he took a little plastic bottle out of the cabinet. It was packed in a clear plastic bag. It was about 2 inches in diameter and about 3 inches tall and there was a curved section at the top so that the opening was 90 degrees perpendicular to the bottom.  It had a screw on top. He told us that the edge inside the cap was coated with a soft rubber-like material so that it couldn’t cut the penis and it was to be used to collect every spec of semen, even by scraping the semen off the side of the penis if necessary. He said, “This should make it easy to collect everything.”

He called the lab to get us a time for the test and then explained that the entire specimen had to be collected in the 60 minutes preceding the lab test. He also pointed out that they needed all of it, especially the clear droplets of “pre-cum.” Beyond that, the specimen had to be at least ½ ounce but more was better and the container would hold 3 ounces.

Then he said to my wife, “To maximize the quality and quantity of the specimen I recommend abstinence from ejaculation for 3 days prior but the 12 hours before you should engage at least his mind in the arousal process. This may involve telling him what will happen, wearing sexy clothes, touching him, or any other thing that you know gets him excited.  I recommend you start the collection process 60 minutes before the appointment and try to get him to the brink of orgasm without going over it until the time is right for one large orgasm. This will maximize both the amount of clear pre-cum you collect and also the size of the total sample.”

He asked my wife if she wanted to stay in the room and watch or wait in the waiting room. She elected to wait rather than watch. The procedure took about 20 minutes. I got dressed and we went home. We followed his instructions carefully. Two weeks later we began a normal but conservative sex life and continued for 11 days. Then we began the 3-day abstinence.

On day 3 we had an early supper and packed up the kids and took them to my mother-in-law’s so we wouldn’t have to deal with that the next morning. When we returned my wife went to our bedroom to “get comfortable.” We had discussions previously about what things she did in the normal course of her activities that turned me on and she obviously knew the clothes I had bought her, so she had a full repertoire for the 12 hours.

She came out wearing black tights, a gray bikini type bottom, but with a stretch waistband that goes above her navel (covers the C-section scar) and a matching gray sports bra type top. She did not wear shoes. She knew I loved to watch her exercise with her exercise video, 30 Minute Workout.

She got out her tape and put it in while I sat down on the couch. She took a comfortable position on the floor with plenty of room, but not far from me. I was sitting behind her so I had a great view of both her and the TV. In this position I see all the great aspects of her body. She has a deeply etched spine, which is emphasized when she exercises on all fours and is very exciting to me. Her butt, legs and feet, especially in this position, are delightful.

She did the full workout, but rewound and repeated the rear leg thrusts portion several times. That exercise has her on her hands and knees. She thrusts a leg back and up, then straightens it out behind her and raises it as high as she can while keeping it straight in a sort of isometric. This includes keeping the toe pointed back as much as possible. She added a little touch for me; she flexed her ankle in all directions, which showed me her foot in every position possible. This is a particular turn-on for me.

When she finished the exercises, she turned off the tape and to my surprise got back down on the floor and began another series of exercises that focus more on her thighs and butt. She’s always felt they were too large although I’m fond of them. In the final exercise, she lays on her stomach with her legs together, toes pointed straight back and flexes each leg up as high as she can. This exercises the butt and thigh a lot. Then she holds it there and bounces it up in a rhythm perhaps about 10 times. She then flexes her ankle and foot up and down. This is something she’s done in footjobs, so it was particularly arousing for me. Then she added another little touch. She held her leg and foot straight back and flexed just her toes a number of times. This also had been done in footjobs and added equally to my pleasure.

After she did both legs this way, she rested on the floor for a minute and then raised both legs together and repeated the routine. I had a great soles-up view of her nicely sculpted feet and arches. As she flexed them, I wanted to hop on and go for a ride in the worst way and she knew it. When she positioned herself originally, she did it so that her feet were only a couple feet away from me. If I extended my leg, I could touch her foot with my foot.

She then did an isometric where she held her legs and feet together, kept her knees on the floor, and elevated her feet, soles-up, about 12 inches. She held this general position for a long time, but flexed her toes and ankles in a variety of ways the entire time. She flexed her ankles front and back so that her feet moved together, alternating between a “pointed toe” position and “perpendicular to her legs” position.  She also did this so the right foot and left foot were going in opposite directions.

With her soles cupped, she twisted her ankles side to side. She also did this in opposite directions so that her heels stayed together and the balls of her feet went apart and then came back together. She put her feet together and, without flexing, moved them front and back in opposite directions by using the knee as the hinge. This added the sound of her tights brushing against themselves on the inside of her feet.

As a foot came towards me, the toes were flexed toward the knee and then the toes would curl the opposite direction, cupping the sole, and it would move away from me. If they had actually been touching my manhood, the toes would be pulling my balls with them as the foot moved up my shaft.

I was wearing a pair of shorts, boxer style, but designed for external wear. Underneath them I was wearing my usual boxer shorts. Watching this routine had caused me to develop quite a tent. In this position she couldn’t visually monitor me, but I’m sure she was aware of the reaction she was causing. But she was probably not aware to what degree it was affecting me. I was as hard as a rock, but had developed no pre-cum at this point.

Then her feet stopped, but stayed together and she flexed and wiggled her toes in random order. She had used this in foreplay and her soles, while stationary, held my cock gently against my abdomen while her wiggling toes juggled my balls. This was extremely arousing.

Finally, she held her feet together and tightly flexed her toes, cupping her soles, and “bounced” her feet. She would move her feet as a single unit down towards the floor and back up, but only about an inch and very rapidly, causing a “bouncing” effect. This had also been a foreplay position with dramatic effect.

Suddenly, I caught a break, or what seemed like a break at the time. Her left foot cramped in the arch. Her right foot fell to the floor and wiggled while her left foot flailed around in pain. I seized the opportunity, hopped down and grabbed her left foot with both hands and massaged her arch with my thumbs while my hands supported the foot. I was sitting on my feet with my knees on the floor and apart, straddling her right foot.

She was so focused on the cramp and my thumb massage that she didn’t realize that my manhood was resting directly on her right foot with only my shorts in between. I told her to flex her left foot alternately while I massaged and we’d get the cramp out. As she did this, she was unaware that her right foot was also flexing and the sole and toes were giving my manhood quite a workout.

As the cramp subsided her feet relaxed and the left foot fell to my lap where it immediately encountered my raging hard on. She said, “Oh, my” and got up to her knees and then stood up. I was still sitting on my knees and feet. She saw the healthy tent in my shorts and at the very top of it there was now a small wet spot from the pre-cum.

“Are you going to be OK?” She asked. She knew from experience that if she went too far and didn’t relieve me I would experience 8 or more hours of pain and discomfort.

“I think so.” I replied.

She said, “Well, I’m going to take a relaxing bath and you should probably take a cold shower.”  I agreed.

When I finished my shower I put on my pajamas. In the summer, my pajamas are an old pair of boxers and a tee shirt. I went into the bathroom where she was still relaxing in the bubble filled tub and reading a book. She glanced up at me when I came in and asked, “All better now?”

I said, “Yes, I think so.”

She put her book down on the floor next to the tub and said, “How about a favor then?”

I said, “Sure.”

She replied, “Wash my feet for me?”

I got down on my knees next to the bottom of the tub and she put one bubble covered wet foot up on the edge of the tub and handed me the soap. Well, her feet are exquisite, at least in my opinion. They’re size 7½ with very narrow ankles, wide balls because her toes are double-jointed, and very high arches. The toes are short but with great spread because of the double jointing and a particularly wide spread between her big toe and the next toe. I proceeded to soap them down and wash them. She spread her toes very wide and said, “Don’t forget to wash good in between the toes.”

I was already rock hard as she put the foot back in the bath water and produced the second foot. The same routine, and by the time I finished it, I had another wet spot at the front of the bulge on my shorts. It was obscured to her by the side of the tub, but when I stood up she immediately noticed it.

“Oh, my, and I didn’t do anything.” She giggled.

I said, “You didn’t have to because you’ve got my mind focused on one thing and one thing only, just like the doctor knew would happen.”

“Is this supposed to keep happening until morning or should we stop?” She asked.

“I don’t think you can stop it from happening.” I replied as I got up to leave.

“Where are you going?” She asked.

“To take another shower.”“ I replied.

She chuckled and said, “I hope we don’t run out of cold water, because this is kind of fun!”  Her sexy grin made me even harder.

When I finished my shower, I put on the same shorts and shirt. The spot on the shorts had dried and was no longer visible. I went to the family room where she was sitting in her pajamas, which, in the summer are a pair of boxers from Victoria’s Secret with a waist tie string, and a ribbed white, sleeveless shirt. The shorts are not tight, but not baggy either. She looks great in them, to the point that I almost always want to jump her when I see her in them.

She was watching a movie. She was on the couch and reclined on her side to watch TV and put her feet up on the arm of the couch near me. I was sitting in a stuffed swivel rocker. There was an end table between us. As I was watching the TV, I could see her feet out of the corner of my eye.

My wife’s feet are never at rest. They’re always moving and playing either with her shoes or with each other. Tonight was no exception. They rubbed each other as her toes flexed. She rubbed the top of one foot with the sole of the other. At one point she had the sole of one foot on top of the other foot and all ten toes were interlocked. She can do this in either this position or with her soles together and because of the spread between her toes, it’s actually a comfortable position. But that’s another story for another chapter!

About half way through the movie I asked if we could pause it for a while. She said, “Sure, why?”

I said, “Because I need to take another shower.”

She giggled and said, “Boy, you really are a slave to that thing, aren’t you?”

I returned after my shower to find she had put on white knee-highs. These are cotton poly so they are not thick, but they are opaque and very soft. I said, “Another change?” and she said that she had gotten cold. She was covered by an afghan except for her calves and feet, which were again on the arm of the couch nearest me.

After a little while she said she was warm and removed the afghan, which is when I first saw that she had changed from the boxers to a pair of white cotton bikini panties. She lay on her stomach and had her head on a couch pillow. Her knees were next to the arm and her feet were straight up in the air. Her feet continued to play.

About 30 minutes passed and I got up again without saying anything. She paused the movie and laughed, as my reason for getting up was now obvious. I was actually tiring of the cold showers and hoped that when I returned I could get through the last 30 minutes of the movie. She was on the couch on her back with her knees bent and her feet, soles down on the arm. She was reading the book again and she had changed back to her boxers and now she was wearing nude to the waist pantyhose under them. I couldn’t believe it.

As I sat down I said, “You’re really intent on this, aren’t you?”

She said, “It’s gone from being a necessary routine, to being a game, and now it’s bonafide research. It’s fun and I’m learning a lot.” She said.

She clicked the movie back on. Pretty soon her feet were playing again. Now when the sole of one rubbed the top of the other, I heard the sound of nylon rubbing against itself. Her feet kept busy with each other while she watched the rest of the movie. I kept looking at the TV, but my mind was fixed on the show her feet were putting on. It was wonderful and the sound of it was really driving me crazy. Every now and then she would glance over to see what effect she was having on me and the tent my manhood had built was pretty obvious. She knew I was enjoying every minute of it.

As the movie ended, she straightened her right leg out and rested it on the arm of the couch near me. The ankle was on the arm and the weight of the leg kept the knee straight. She bent her left leg more and set the foot, sole down on her right knee. Then she moved it slowly down her shin until it reached the ankle and then back up to the knee. Since the movie was over, I watched intently as she did this for most of 10 minutes. A small wet spot had formed at the top of my tent. I glanced at her face and she was smiling at me. She knew the effect she was having on me and she was really enjoying it. Then she said, “I think my right foot has gone to sleep. Would you come and massage the circulation back into it?”

“I can massage it, but I can’t cum.” I said.

“Oh, I think you can, but you’d better not.” She replied with a coy giggle. “Can you control yourself?  You know, doctor’s orders.”

I said, “I think I can,” and I got up and moved over to the couch as she pulled her legs up toward her to make room for me to sit. I sat down and she placed her right foot in my lap. She placed it directly against my hard-on and rubbed it gently for a few seconds and said with a smile, “It doesn’t look like you’re having any circulation problems.”

I began massaging the foot. It felt wonderful. It had been bathed and was soft and smooth and inside the stocking it felt even smoother. And it smelled great! Then I realized that she had perfumed it slightly. This smell combined with touching it and seeing it there in my hands on my lap was having a dramatic effect. Suddenly she brought her left foot up and rested it on the heel on my right shoulder. The toes and sole of her left foot began gently rubbing my ear. She had perfumed that one also. I was quickly being intoxicated by the soft sheerness on my ear and the fragrance. Without thinking, I began to slowly hump against the right foot in my hands.

Suddenly she pulled the right foot away and said, “The circulation is back.” She moved it to my face and gently rubbed my cheek and nose. I gave it a tender kiss as it passed my lips. Then she said, “Do you know what I think?” as her feet continued to massage my head.

I looked at her and said, “You think it’s shower time again.” She smiled and nodded her agreement as she pulled her feet away. I got up and headed for the shower as my manhood pressed hard against the front of my shorts.

It was a long shower. I adjusted the water from cool to ice cold and then it finally had an effect. I toweled off and put on a clean pair of boxers for bed. My wife was already asleep. I checked to make sure she had set the alarm for morning. She had. I slipped into bed and quickly frifted off.

Toward morning I drifted in and out of sleep because I was used to getting up at 6. When the alarm went off at 8, I was awake immediately and a few seconds later felt my wife tapping me on the shoulder. “You have an hour to eat, lay your clothes out, and shower.” She said. “When we finish, you will only have a minute or two to get dressed and leave for the lab.”

I headed to the kitchen and got myself a bowl of cereal. Sitting at the table, I looked at the newspaper while I ate. When I finished, I put my bowl in the dishwasher and went back to the bedroom to put my clothes out. It was July and I picked out a pair of shorts, golf shirt and some white socks and boxers and put them on the chair. I stripped down, and put my nightclothes on the hook in the closet and went into the bathroom. I shaved and jumped in the shower. I figured I had 15 minutes or so.

When I finished, I dried off taking extra care to be very dry. When I went into the bedroom I saw that my wife was under just one sheet. I could not see what she was wearing. She immediately said, “Why don’t you put on your socks so you have less to put on when we finish?”

I thought that was a good idea. I took my socks and as I went to my side of the bed to sit, I glanced at the clock and noticed it was almost 9:00am. I sat down on the edge of the bed. I bent forward and put on the right sock. As I bent forward to put on the left sock, I felt the bed move. Suddenly, 2 white nylon clad legs appeared at either side of me. I felt my wife scoot up tight behind me.

I finished putting the sock on and sat up. My back was against her chest. She put her arms around my chest, gave me a little hug and a kiss on the left ear. I glanced at the mirror opposite the foot of our bed and saw that she was wearing white cotton bikini panties and a white undershirt. This was one of my favorite outfits. The nylons were thigh high and did not require garters to stay up.

She scooted forward a few inches, pushing me off the bed. I was surprised and slipped to the floor. I immediately felt her feet behind my butt. She used the tops of them to push me forward until my shoulders were below the bed and my neck rested on the bed. Then she spread her legs wide and pulled on my forehead as she scooted forward until her crotch was tight against my neck and in one motion, put her legs on top of my shoulders. I was in a half sitting, half laying position with her white nylon clad legs draped over me.

Her legs were long enough for her feet to reach all the way to my manhood. She bent her knees so her feet were together, soles down and toes just touching my pubic hair. With her right foot she slowly stroked down the length of my limp shaft until her toes reached my balls. It was followed in one motion with the left foot and as it proceeded down my shaft, she lifted her right foot up and positioned it behind her left foot. She continued this in a constant, bicycle like, motion. I began to get hard very quickly with this constant stroking of her soles on the entire length of my shaft.

As I got hard she continued this motion, pressing against the top of my shaft with her soles. When she couldn’t press it down without hurting me, she moved both feet to the sides of it, but touching it. Her soles rested on me and her toes were touching my balls. She then began to slide her feet forward and backward about 3”, but in opposite directions. Each time the toes of a foot came in contact with my balls, she paused the foot for just a second or two and the toes stroked the balls sideways. Each time her feet made a cycle the inside of her feet and ankles brushed my shaft, which was now fully erect and a drop of pre-cum had formed at the top.

She moved her knees out to each side and turned her feet so the soles had my shaft surrounded. Gently squeezing the shaft between them, she did a push-pull motion with the sides of her feet resting on my abdomen. When she pulled, she was careful to stop before the tip would disappear between her soles. This allowed the pre-cum to form at the tip without being rubbed into her stockings. On the push part of the motion she curled her toes up so they easily went around my balls. Then with my balls between all 10 toes, she would stop and for a few seconds play a little ping-pong with her toes.

I was getting extremely hot and I took the receptacle jar and used the edge to scrape my cock on  all sides around the head to catch the pre-cum, which was now literally running out of me. In this position she was able to watch everything that was happening and when I would need to catch more pre-cum in the jar, she would pause on the down-stroke, shaft between her soles and balls between her toes.

After one of the collections, she changed her foot position. She pushed her left foot, sole on my abdomen, against the base of my shaft so that her toes were touching the shaft. The foot was at a 45-degree angle so the heel was closer to my side than the toes and the middle toe was touching the shaft. Then she used the sole of the right foot to pull the shaft down across the top of her left foot. The right foot was also at an angle so that the shaft was pinned between the arch of the right foot and the top of the left foot and the head of my cock and a couple inches of shaft protruded beyond her left foot. In this position I could still scrape around the tip as necessary. Actually, all I had to do was hold the jar in place just under the tip and the pre-cum would just run into it.

She started an up and down motion with the sole of her right foot on the underside of my cock. It was very slow and gentle. When it got to my balls, it would pause there and massage them a bit. It didn’t take many strokes before the pre-cum was running again. The jar was clear and you could see the pre-cum running into it. After a few more strokes, the pre-cum began to turn a cloudy white color and my cock was absolutely purple between her two white clad feet. She recognized the fact that continuing this would finish me very soon, so she paused with her right foot on my balls. She waited there, massaging my balls, until the pre-cum stopped running. This took a few minutes and the pre-cum was now almost a half-inch deep in the jar.

When it stopped, she removed her feet and moved back on the bed. I took the hint and got up off the floor and onto the bed. She instructed me to lie with my head on the pillow as close to the corner of the bed as I could get with my body angled toward the opposite corner. I spread my legs so that my right foot was pointing at the opposite corner from my head and my left foot was pointed straight at the middle of the bottom of the bed.

As she moved around the bed to take her position, I glanced at the clock and saw that it was 9:10am. We had 20 more minutes to finish. She sat at the bottom corner inside my right foot and put her feet along side my balls. For the first couple minutes she just played with my balls in every imaginable way with her soles and toes. My cock was sticking up at an angle toward me and the pre-cum began to emerge again, but now it was clear. In this position it was easy for me to hold the jar in one position and catch it.

She scooted closer and bent her knees to the outside and my manhood was once again sandwiched between her soles, but this time her toes pointed toward me. She began to stroke it gently with both of them, but in opposite directions again. My balls were also sandwiched and her strokes included the balls and lower half of the shaft. It’s a good thing she had to stay away from the head, allowing me to catch the pre-cum, or I would have exploded long before this.

It didn’t take long for the pre-cum to start running again. After a couple minutes she kept the same position but began moving her feet in the same direction. After a few strokes like this the pre-cum was really running fast. She must have been able to tell from the color of my cock and my breathing that I was getting very close to cumming, because at almost the instant the pre-cum turned cloudy she paused again. This time she kept her feet in place against the shaft and just rested, waiting for the pre-cum to stop flowing.

It took a few minutes and after I used the edge of the jar to scrape all around the tip, she moved her feet so the left one rested, sole down on my abdomen and the right one pressed my cock down against the top of her left foot. My cock was still at an angle and the top couple inches protruded past her left foot allowing me, once again, to just hold the jar in position. She began stroking the underside with the sole and toes of her right foot. She worked all the way from my balls to very near the tip. In no time at all the pre-cum was running freely. She switched feet and worked with the left foot. Again the pre-cum turned cloudy and she stopped.

This time while she waited for it to stop, she got off the bed and moved to the right side of me. I glanced at the clock and it was now 9:20 a.m. When the pre-cum stopped running, I scraped around the head again. Then she instructed me to slide down so my knees were at the bottom edge of the bed and to turn on my side and get my head up close to her butt. She turned on her right side and bent her knees with her soles to me. I bent my right knee so my foot and calf rested at the very bottom of the bed. My left knee was in the air and my left foot was sole down on the bed with the top of the foot under my right ankle. I was not totally on my side, but at a slight angle. My manhood was easily accessible to her feet. She told me to tell her when it got cloudy again.

Her feet went to work. The right one rested on the mattress while the left one stroked the left side of my cock and balls. Then it rested and the right one did the same to the right side. The pre-cum was emerging again. Then she worked my balls with the entire length of her left sole in a long slow stroke. Then she did the same with her right foot. Now the pre-cum was running. She put my shaft between her feet and stroked in opposite directions and then began stroking it in the same direction. After only 3 strokes I warned her that it was cloudy again and she paused with her toes massaging my balls again.

While we waited for it to stop, she said it was 9:26 a.m. and this time we wouldn’t stop. She suggested that I make a fist with my left hand so that it gripped both the head of my cock and the curved top of the jar and I could hold the bottom of the jar with my right hand also. That way I’d be sure to not drop it or let it slip off the head. She told me to tell her when it was cloudy and asked if I had any advice for her. I told her to keep pumping until I went limp. I got my grip and she had only the bottom 5” of the shaft and balls to work with. This would make it more difficult, but I was so hot it wouldn’t matter.

She put her right foot between my abdomen and my shaft and used the left foot to stroke the underside of the shaft and balls. I was pinned between her two feet. Her stroke was only about an inch because she didn’t have the entire dick to work with. She kept her toes curled so that on each upstroke they tugged at my balls. Her stroke was also firmer and more deliberate.

After 5 or 6 strokes the pre-cum was running more than ever. After another 10 or 12 strokes I told her that it had gotten cloudy. Now she began to move her left foot in conjunction with her right foot. My shaft was moving back and forth between the silky nylon on her two feet as they expertly gripped me. The stroke was firm, deliberate and it always reversed as soon as her feet made contact with my left hand. I began to hump involuntarily against her feet. It didn’t matter because they moved with me and had my shaft tightly squeezed between them. But it did allow her to time her pumping to my thrusting.

It was only 5 or 10 strokes and I began to cum. She kept pumping like I told her. I kept cumming, one volley on each stroke, which she had perfectly timed. I think if the jar hadn’t been there, the cum would have hit me in the face. Huge quantities were coming out. My hands could feel it hit the jar and each volley raised the level almost a quarter of an inch. I had never cum like this before. It continued on and on.

There were at least 8 or 10 volleys and not until the last 3 did the quantity subside. Then there were about 6 or 8 empty volleys. I was empty, but still attempting to ejaculate. Finally, my body searched for all that remained and I had one last volley as I pushed against her feet and held the position for most of a minute. She continued pumping as the last drops ran into the jar. Finally, I went limp and relaxed and she removed her feet.

She asked if we got enough and gasped when I showed her the jar. I couldn’t speak. I was so out of breath, but a picture is worth a thousand words. The jar was full right up to where the curve started. We had twice as much as the lab needed. She took the jar and said she’d get the top on it and put it in a brown lunch bag while I caught my breath and got dressed.

As she got up, I looked at the clock. It was 9:29 a.m. I got up and threw on my clothes. She handed me the bag as I passed through the kitchen on my way to the car.

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