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My Brother's Fetish, Part 6
(Posted on Monday, August 28, 2000)
This story was submitted by Soly.

After I  relaxed from my wonderful orgasm, I removed my feet from my brother's mouth. I told him, "Well, you sick freak. I can see you had a good time haven't you?"

My brother got up and sat beside me on the bed saying, "Soly, you are so hot!" He moved his head on my leg.

"Shut up!" I yelled at him and slapped him on the face. "Don't touch me. You are fucking sick. You will do what I want or I will scream to the neighbors that you tried to rape me!" I warned him.

"You little bitch!" He told me. "You wanted it. You enjoyed it, you fucking whore!"

I really got angry and slapped him even harder. "Do you want to go to jail, to ruin mom and dad? I will tell them that you came to my room to rape me. They will never believe you and anything you say, so if you want touch me, you will do what I tell you to do."

My brother answered, "What kind of sick person are you?"

"The worst kind." I yelled. "Now you will do what I say or I will start screaming." I told him.

"All right, all right bitch. What do you want?" He demanded.

I slapped him as hard as I could. "Shut up! Never call me that! Do you understand me? You will do exactly what I will tell you to do. Now lie back on the floor." I commanded him. At first he didn't move, but after a few seconds he laid on the floor. "Now, do you like my feet?" I asked him.

"Oh yes, Soly. Very much." He admitted.

"Do you want it?" I asked.

"Yes, yes Soly. I want it." He answered.

I sat on the bed and put my right foot above his face. "Do you want to lick my dirty feet?" I asked him.

"Yes, please." He answered back as his dick got hard again.

"Well if you want it, beg for it." I told him.

"Soly, give me your feet." He begged me.

"That's not good enough." I told him. "You should really beg for it."

"Soly, please let me have your feet. Please!" He begged again.

"Not good enough!" I told him. "You can do better."

He didn't speak for a few moments and then said, "Your majesty, please let me worship your dirty feet."

When he said that, I knew that he would do anything to please me. "Very good." I told him. "This is how I want you to treat me. I'm the princess and you are my servant." Then I lowered my dirty feet to his mouth. "Now clean it! I don't want to see a single bit of dirt when you finish."

My brother started to lick my feet. "Start from the heel." I told him. He obeyed of course and started to clean my heel. "Faster!" I told him and pressed my heel to his mouth. A few minutes later he finished my heel and moved to the rest of my sole, and then to my toes. "Treat my toes with special care." I told him, and he did.

He sucked them one by one, from the pinky toe to the big one. After 20 minutes my feet were clean again. "Very good." I told him. "You still have to practice, but for now its good." I didn't want to end it like that, so when I noticed that the blue mark on his eye was gone, but still there were still red, it gave me an idea. I told him, "Stay on the floor until I return."

Then I went to the bathroom and found what I wanted. I took the bath soap and went back to my room. My brother was still lying on the floor as I had told him. I entred the room and told him, "Close your eyes and don't open them until I tell you." He closed his eyes as I sat on the bed. I put my left foot over my right one and then took the soap and rubbed my big toe with it. Soon my toe was full with soap.

I then moved my feet next to his face, placing my toe right above his eye and said, "Open your eyes." As he did, I pushed my toe into his left eye.

"Ouch!" He screamed as he moved away quickly and closed his eye. Then he covered his eye with his hand and told me, "That hurt!"

"I know." I told him. "I told you to open your eye, didn't I?" But he didn't open his eye. So I scolded him "Don't make me angry!" I yelled. "You will open your eyes and keep them open until I tell you that you can close them!" At first he didn't move, but then he removed his hand from his eyes and opened them.

His left eye was all red and tears were dripping from it. I took the bath soap and right above his face rubbed it onto my big toe. Then I lowered my feet near his face. From the look on his face, I knew that he was very afraid. I moved my feet closer right above his right eye. He blinked. "I told you to keep it open!" I screamed at him. He opened his eye.

I inserted my toe into his right eye and moved it in. I could see that he made great efforts to keep his eye open, so after few minutes I removed my fbig toe. I didn't wanted to make him blind. His eye was all red, so he immediately closed it and covered it with his hand. Tears were all over his face. "How much pain is he ready to take in order to please me?" I asked myself.

It was really late by now and I was very tired. "You can go now." I told him. "You can wash your face if you want."

My brother got up to his feet and said, "Soly, honey. You're great. It was the best thing I ever had in my life."

I slapped him on the face and said to him, "Haven't I told you how to treat me? I was very serious about that. Never talk to me like that!"

As my brother was about to leave my room he said, "Whatever you want, sis."

But before he could leave I yelled, "Come back here! Haven't you forgotten something?"

My brother came back and said, "Thank you, sis."

I slapped him again. "Don't call me sis!" Iscoled him.

"Thank you, your majesty, for letting me worship your feet." He said.

"That's good. Always speak to me like that." I told him. As my brother started to leave again I commanded, "Stop! One more thing!" He stopped. I reach over to him and slapped him as hard as I could.

My brother was really surprised. "What was that for?" He asked.

"Because I wanted to." I told him and pushd him out of my room. I returned to my bed. My plan was a complete success. It went even better and easier than I had planned. My brother gave up to me so easily that I almost didn't believe it. It was like he had wanted me to control him, to order him. I knew he would do anything that I wanted. I'm going to use that to get what I wanted.

Thinking on that night's events really made me horny. I removed my clothes and laid on the bed. I started to touch my tits. My nipples got hard and I could fill my wetness. I moved my hand down and started to rub my cilt. Then I took my pillow and placed it in between my legs. I moved my body from side to side, rolling all over the bed. I started to moan loudly.

I always had to be quick when my parents were in the house. I couldn't remove my clothes when I masturbated because I was afraid that someone would enter my room and catch me. I was free to do what I wanted and the feeling was great. I continued to play with myself. After I had my second orgasm on this day, for the first time in my life, I fell asleep lying naked on the bed.

To be continued…..

This story was submitted by Soly.

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