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Young Foot Lover
(Posted on Saturday, July 1, 2000)
This story was submitted anonymously.

Hi fellow footlovers.  I am a 34 year old male from Georgia who just adores women's feet.  I have loved women's feet since childhood. I am going to share stories with you from time to time about women's feet.  I would prefer to limit myself to true stories. If I run out, I will then tell stories about fantasies that I have had. Until then I will stick with what has actually happened to

Some of my stories are of me actually having my fetish satisfied, and some are situations in which I describe how I felt upon seeing some woman's feet.  I should mention something from the start.  I am conservative about what I like.  My fetish is strickly for women's feet. That consists of giving foot massages, sucking toes, kissing and smelling the feet, things like that.

I am not into the other extracurricular activities which some people like.  Nothing wrong with those things - I simply have no desire to engage in those activities.  I believe you women who read my stories will get a good idea of what I like.  Here is the first story.

When I was a young teen, my father was dating this lady.
As the 2 of them became closer and more intimate, she and I became more affectionate with each other.  The affection I refer to is the same kind exhibited between close family members, like a kiss on the cheek and hugs.  In other words, I was getting as close to her as I am to blood relatives.

The first time that I saw her feet, I was impressed.  Her feet were only a little above average compared to the feet of other women I have seen, but I liked her as a person. She had a good personality, so this made me like her feet that much more.

Every chance that I got, I would let my hand brush her feet. One time we embraced while seated, and she was sitting with one leg up under her, so the bottom of her foot was exposed on the sofa.  When we embraced, I gradually worked my hand down towards her foot until it was resting upon the bottom of her foot. She did not move her foot, and she did not say anything to me.  We stayed like that for perhaps 5 minutes.

On other occasions if we were sitting next to each other on the sofa, if her feet were within range, I would allow my hand to slightly brush her feet.  Each time she said and did nothing. One evening, when I brushed my hand over her foot, she said to me that I could rub her feet.  This statement really caught me off guard, and I sat in stunned silence briefly. I was embarrassed at having been caught.

After awhile she then simply asked me if I would rub her feet.  I told her that I would if she took off her pantyhose ( I prefer barefeet).  She thought about it for a few minutes, and she then removed her pantyhose and placed her feet in my lap.  I had never rubbed a woman's feet before, so I was quite clumsy at first. She told me how I needed to be doing it.  I then started doing it correctly.

Every now and then I would take her feet and place them
upon my chest.  I was  just overwhelmed with having her feet so close to me and the feel of her feet on my chest was heavenly.

From that day forth, I actually got to engage her feet every now and then. I usually did the same as above, but sometimes I did more. One time I decided to try something.  I gradually worked myself into the position whereby her legs were over me so that I could have her feet closer to my face.  I would then just bury my face in the bottoms of her feet.  From the tops, her feet look nice, but the bottoms were stunning.  Having those feet in my face were absolutely wonderful.

I would stay there with her feet in my face for as long as an hour, taking in the feeling of the touch of her feet on my entire face, hearing the sounds of my muffled breathing.  My face was completely covered, and it was one of the best sensations I had ever had. There was something else I got to do with her that I trully enjoyed.  I don't remember how I got the situation set up.  I would engage the situation only when she was in shorts and was barefooted.

I somehow set up the scenario in which I would sit on the floor directly in front of her, and she would then drape her legs over me.  Her knees (the insides) would cross over my shoulders, and her legs would continue all down the front of my body.  Her feet ended up in my lap on the floor. In this situation, the front of my body was completely engulfed by her legs, and the feeling was absolutely heavenly. With her feet within easy reach I would rub her feet.

I got to do this with this lady on more than one occasion.  It got to the point when as soon as I sat on the floor in front of her, she would automatically drape her legs over me.  We would stay like that for as long as an hour. The very first time this scenario occurred, I told her that I had dreamed of this happening (I really had that dream).  She seemed genuinely intrigued that I had had that dream.

One evening my father, she, and I were out for the evening.  At one point we were at a gas station. While he was inside paying I asked her if when we got home if I could rub her feet.  She said sure without hesitation.  Just hearing her say that was exciting.  All the way I just sat in the car in a sort of high, anticipating the touch of her feet once again.

Finally we got home. After she changed and had something to drink ( coffee I think), I followed her into the living room.  She sat down in a chair, and I sat down on a small table in front of her.  She removed her shoes and swung her feet toward me and into my lap.  Just watching her do this was arousing for me. I rubbed her feet, but I promptly placed her feet upon my chest. I really enjoy having a woman's feet on my chest.

At that point, she began curling her toes, digging them into my chest! This move on her part took me by surprise; this was like a bonus. I can't even began to describe how good this felt and how much I enjoyed it.  I bet I had a continuous smile on my face. What's neat also is that I told her I liked that and asked her
to keep doing it. She frowned and told me that doing that really made her feet tired. Guess what? She kept doing it anyway!

She must have continuously curled her toes into me for at least 30 minutes.  Periodically I would look down at her curling toes.  It was almost as pleasurable watching those toes curl into me as the way it felt. I was in pure ecstasy. This was the first time that I had ever been close to a woman's feet.  Sometimes I engaged this woman's feet with my father in the room.  He did not object to what was going on.

Other times she and I were alone.  I was just a kid at the time, yet even with some of the experiences I have had since then, I still think about those earlier times with that woman and her feet. It felt so good that even today not too many experiences compare with that one. Even if I go on to satisfy every foot fantasy I have, I will never forget the feet of the woman from my teen years.

This story was submitted anonymously.

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