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My Wife
Introduction - Getting To Know Ourselves
(Posted on Saturday, April 29, 2000)
This story was submitted by Blueboy.

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I know that I've had a foot fetish forever, because I have memories of adolescence when I would get very aroused watching girls who were unknowingly wiggling their feet around. This began in 7th grade. I was a good student and teachers typically had me sit near the back of the room. I remember seeing a couple of girls who must have had more nervous energy than most. They would sit forward with their feet crossed at the ankle and tucked back under their chair so that when their shoes came off, their soles were totally exposed. As these girls matured and began dressing like women, saddle shoes were traded for flats and the knee-highs were frequently traded for nylons.

I remember two girls in particular who sat one behind the other near the front in English class. The one in the back always wore knee-highs and the one in front always wore nylons. Both had very nervous and active feet. I sat further back and to the side where I had a great view of both sets of feet for the entire class period. I always looked forward to English class that year.

At the time I didn't know anything about fetishes and attributed my desire to my coming of age and intrigue with the female form. As I got older my interest was always peaked when girls would wear unique combinations like nylons under socks which was very popular at the time. As I started dating, my interest in other areas of the female form grew and I wasn't drawn to their feet, at least not consciously. In college, saddle shoes and boots were all the craze so you seldom got to see women's feet.

As I reflect back, my wife, when we were dating in college, frequently wore sandals when the weather permitted. I was always interested in her feet, although I never fantasized about doing anything with them. In fact, I teased her about them because the ball of her foot was very wide in proportion to her size 6 feet. It turned out that this was caused partly by the fact that her toes were double jointed. She can curl her toes almost totally under her foot, in spite of the fact that her toes are quite short. But what I teased her about the most was the fact that she had a wide gap between her big toe and the 2nd toe. At times it seemed almost as wide as the big toe itself. Along with this attribute, she has very high arches. Her arches are so high that when she stands normally without her shoes on, there is probably a full half-inch or more of air space.

As intriguing as her feet were to me (subconsciously) I was physically attracted to her in many other ways. She is average height, about 5' 5" with a true hourglass figure with average C-cup breasts, a very narrow waist, nice hips, butt and legs. She's never liked her thighs, but I do although I'm particularly fond of her shapely calves and very thin ankles to which those delightful feet are attached.

A week after graduation from college, my wife and I were married. We were unusual, probably even by the standards of the early 70's, in that we were both virgins when we married. Our first 5 years of marriage I was in the navy and we had no children. We were stationed in Hawaii and then California. Like most young couples in that circumstance, we had a very healthy and normal sex life. We learned our techniques together and I would say it was pretty basic, especially since we were both the products of very strict Catholic families.

In Hawaii I convinced my wife to wear a bikini that I had bought for her. At first she resisted because she did not consider herself to have a good body, but eventually she did, I think, only because I wanted her to. She got comfortable with it and spent a lot of time at the pool and beach because she was unable to find meaningful employment while we were there. Once she started wearing it, it didn't take long to have an affect on me. I was tremendously attracted to her and our sex life got more intense, although it still stayed very basic by today's standards.

I became more attracted to her butt, I think because her great tan made it an attractive, porcelain white, target. Our sex life became a little more varied as we tried a few more positions although still very restricted by today's standards. Our sex life was great by virtue of our age and virility. "Doubleheaders" as we called them, were fairly common and even an occasional "Triple Play" when I felt particularly strong. We set the standard for frequency when my ship returned from a 7-month deployment to Vietnam.

During the deployment my wife had returned to her parents' home and did some substitute teaching. She returned to Hawaii a few weeks before our ship came back and helped the other wives make preparations for our return. This is a very big event in the navy. You can imagine the desire to get back together after 7 months is pretty intense. Everyone on the base knows which ship is returning and for the first week you're back they leave you alone, on duty and especially off duty. Your neighbors in housing have all been through it and they leave you alone.

The first week back is called stand down which means that you only keep enough crew on board to keep the ship from sinking next to the pier. The others all have the week off. You take turns, in duty sections, each working one day and getting the other 6 days off. I was the senior section leader so I got first pick of which day my section would have duty. Needless to say, I picked day 7 so that we had the first 6 days off!

After tying the ship up to the pier and turning it over to the duty section, we loaded up all the goodies I bought in Hong Kong in the car and headed home. We unloaded the car, putting everything in the living room and pretty much raped each other. For the next 6 days our life consisted of making love interrupted mostly only by the need to eat and an occasional rest to open a few more of the things that I had brought back. On the 7th day I had duty and other than the two 4 hour watches I had to stand, I spent the day sleeping. In the evening my wife came in for dinner and a movie in the wardroom and we relaxed with the other 3 duty officers. It was a comfortable evening spent in each other's company knowing that we couldn't make love on the ship.

In the coming months our ship went into overhaul, so we didn't have to go out to sea at all. We enjoyed our time together in Hawaii and my wife got pregnant. It was announced that our ship would go on another deployment to Asia and the timing of it meant that my wife would have the baby while I was gone and would have to pack and move our household (our time was up) back to the Midwest without me. We decided to take an additional tour of duty because then I could get off the ship before it deployed and all we had to guarantee the Navy was that I would spend a full year at the new duty station before separating from the service. Our new duty station was shore duty in southern California and we were living in a motel waiting for our housing unit to open up when my wife had a baby girl.

A week later we moved into housing which was a nice 2 bedroom duplex. Our parents came to visit and we got the baby baptized. It was at this point that our sex life began to change. It changed because we had been sexless for 2 months because we had left Hawaii in October and traveled back to the Midwest and I spent the month of November in New York going to a school. When I got back to my wife's parents house in mid-December we had our own room, but my wife was 8 months pregnant. The bed was very squeaky, she had two high school age brothers still at home and we were in her parents' home.

It was then that I learned that women in their last month or two cannot do just anything, nor do they feel like doing anything. And with the birth of the baby I further learned that the next 6 weeks is a no-no until the doctor says you can. After our parents left we still had a month to go until her 6 week checkup and it was at this point that I vocalized the need for alternative methods of relief. For the first time we ventured into the realm of climax without copulation. I think my wife capitulated because I was a real pain in the neck. I was irritable and my friskiness was making her want to do things that she couldn't. This was when I learned that 7 months away from your wife was easier than 2 months with her, but not being able to have her. It's like apple pie. It's more tempting when you see it, but can't have it until dinner.

I call this period of our life the "alpha omega" period because foreplay was the beginning and the end. My wife kept it very mechanical to minimize her arousal. This was when I got my first footjob. I loved how my wife's tan body looked in white panties and white knee-highs. The knee-highs weren't the nylon variety nor were they the thick type. They were thin opaque cotton-poly blend and she wore them in all different colors. I loved them because they were soft and my favorites were the white ones because of how they looked on her. During this month I got only footjobs and handjobs and only when I was so aroused that I had to have one which was perhaps 3 per week. Also, they were always done with me wearing a sock because that helped minimize my wife's arousal and kept things from being messy. The benefit to this time in our life was that my wife began to expand her understanding of what made me tick. She definitely learned how to pull the trigger and she liked to pull the trigger as quickly as she could.

The positions met the simple objectives. For the handjob we were on our sides in bed under the covers, face to face. She would simply put the sock on it, take a golf club style grip and make it happen. For the footjob I was in the same position, facing her, but her back was toward me and she bent her legs at the knee so her soles were directly at me. I would slide down in the bed put my left foot behind my right knee so my left knee was in the air giving her better access to my groin. She would put her left foot on my balls using the toes and ball of her foot to massage them while her right foot pressed the shaft up against my body and worked it over. Because she could not feel me very well with the knee-highs on, she relied on me to slip the sock on when I was close to climax. She would then put both feet together so that her toes were on my balls and her soles had the shaft pinned up against my body. In this position she would thrust her feet up and down in strokes of about 2-inch length and matched her rhythm to my pumping against her feet.

Because I would let her take me almost all the way before slipping on the sock, it usually didn't take more than a minute or so of this pumping before it ended. What took considerable training was for her to learn that she needed to continue the pumping or at least the pressure throughout the climax. Initially she would pull her feet away as soon as my body stiffened which greatly reduced the intensity of the climax. Ultimately, she learned this, but it took a long time and I think it was because she didn't think that I enjoyed this as much as copulation.

The learning grew with practice and was enhanced by our creativity when my daughter would wake up (remember her bassinette was next to our bed) while we were having sex. My wife would end the copulation to get our daughter as soon as she was done whether I was done or not because she learned that making me cum with a baby crying 3 feet away was pretty near impossible. This was also because she breast-fed the baby. She soon learned that this coitus interrupted was painful to me if it took too long to get back to me. This was when I convinced her that we could be more creative if she was willing.

She agreed to try it if it didn't disturb the baby's nursing, so we did. Instead of facing me with the baby she faced away from me and bent her legs at the knee just like the footjob position. Then I would get her knee-highs (I really liked them) and put them on her while she nursed. Then she would finish me with her feet. She also discovered a side benefit to this. The rhythmic pumping also rocked the baby back to sleep when she was done nursing. This was when my wife first realized that I was almost as satisfied with a footjob as I was with traditional sex.

All of this was very beneficial to me. I would keep track of when her period was and try to initiate sex then. I don't need to tell you what the answer was. Then I would suggest a footjob which I usually got and always with the knee-highs. My wife would usually get up and get them. On one occasion there were no knee-highs because they were all in the wash so I got my first barefoot footjob. Well, my wife got pretty hot because after I was done she turned over and faced me, I thought to snuggle, but she scooted up in bed so her breasts were in my face. I took the hint and began to kiss them, tongue them, and suck on them. She moved her legs around until she got my lower leg in between hers and she began to hump it. I pulled my knee up towards us so she had more to work with and she went crazy on my thigh. I could hear the sound of her mushing herself onto her kotex as her love juices were obviously adding a lot of moisture to the pad. At the same time she used one hand on the back of my head to pull it in tightly on her nipple and I increased my suction and tongue action.

I was starting to get hot all over again. To increase her leverage she brought her right knee up pushing her thigh tightly into my groin. No doubt she felt my now raging hard on because she released her pressure slightly, scooted toward me, reapplied the pressure and pulled back an inch or so, which pulled my balls forward toward my cock. She must have had her knee bent back because I then felt the heel of her right foot under my sole and it pushed up, pushing my thigh more tightly into her crotch. Then I felt her left leg move and she must have somehow interlocked with her right leg because I felt the squeezing of my thigh increase substantially.

At the same time she had wiggled her left hand free from under my torso and placed it behind my head, I thought to help her right hand press my head into her breast, but then the right hand went away and disappeared under the covers only to show up on my cock seconds later. But she didn't grip it. Instead she opened her hand and used the palm to press my cock down against her thigh, which also increased the pressure on my balls. Then she resumed her humping firmly and rhythmically. Each time that she humped, her crotch slid on my thigh and her thigh slid under my cock and balls.

Like it or not, I was locked in this position destined to be her sex toy for the moment. After a few minutes of this I felt that familiar tingle and began to cum again. She wasn't done and continued to hump all through my orgasm, which totally drained me. Just as my last shot was fired she stiffened and stayed that way for a minute or so. We went limp together and she released her grips on me.

We pulled the covers down to straighten ourselves out and I was surprised to see loads of cum scattered from her mid thigh all the way up to her panties. I didn't think my body could produce that much in the short time from the footjob to her assault on me. She looked down and said, "So that's why we normally use a sock?" Then she added, "I hope you didn't mind me taking advantage of you."

I said, "Does it look like I didn't like it? I think you should take advantage of me more often." She kissed me and we drifted off to sleep.

This story was submitted by Blueboy.

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