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Aunt Katy's Smackdown!
(Posted on Saturday, March 18, 2000)
This story was submitted by Foot Man.

Hello all. Just a couple of weeks ago I was at a birthday party for my 10 year old niece. My Aunt Katy was there looking as hot as ever. I must tell you what happened that day, but let me give you some background on Aunt Katy first. Aunt Katy is 48 years old, about 5'5" tall and approximately 130 lbs. She is very shapely and has always been popular with men, even to this day.

I cultivated my foot fetish with Aunt Katy's feet. As a very young child she used to roll me around on the floor with her barefeet. I kinda remember the wonderful feeling and smell of her feet to this day. Anyway, I had a small crush on Aunt Katy growing up as a child and all the way through high school. I must have tickled Aunt Katy's feet 2000 times during that period. It wasn't until I was a freshman in high school, before she really responded to my tickling of her feet. It was always something that she tolerated, maybe even enjoyed, without much emotion or reaction. I could never get her to scream, squirm, or kick. I enjoyed the feel of her feet anyway though.

Although Aunt Katy's feet have provided me with much pleasure over the years, prior to a couple of weeks ago at the party I hadn't touched those sexy feet in almost 6 years since I got married and relocated with my job. That day Aunt Katy had on a sporty black dress with a silver tie belt and some silver high-heeled thong sandals. Her shoes were so loose that her sexy soles exposed themselves to the world with each step that she took. She wore a silver ankle bracelet with a heart pendant on her left ankle and a silver toe ring on her right middle toe. She wore a french pedicure on her toenails. Aunt Katy always plays with her shoes standing up or sitting down with her feet under the chair. Most times she just goes barefoot. The way she looked at me as she danced her feet around in her shoes seemed to invite me to tickle her as in times past.

She was deeply engaged with the 13 young girls at the party as they sang, ate, and opened gifts. When the girls finally went out into the backyard to play, Aunt Katy and I sat in the kitchen and talked. She sat directly across the table from me and I was restless in my seat as I heard her shoes clunking around under the table. I knew she was playing with her shoes under her chair and it was killing me. I thought that it would be quite awkward to tickle her now that I was married and I hadn't touched her feet in years.

When she answered the phone and began talking to my uncle, I got up and went to the sink. I couldn't help looking down at her feet as they danced on her sleek sandals. Her soles were as perfect as I remembered. I could hardly contain my erection as I noticed how her shoes had worn an imprint in the heels of her soft feet. Her heels and soles had become almost red from the violent slapping of her shoes as she walked. I couldn't take it. I walked over to her as she continued her conversation with my uncle on the phone. I stood behind her and whispered in her ear, "Do you remember when I was growing up and I used to tickle your feet ALL the time?" She smiled and nodded her head yes. I told her, "Well, when you get off the phone, your feet are all mine, madam. I'm gonna put the screws to ya for old time's sake."

She gasped loudly as her eyes and mouth opened wide. She told my uncle to hang on, covered the receiver of the phone with her hand and giggled as she told me, "You'll have to catch me first!" She chuckled and went back to talking with my uncle. She put her shoes on, crossed her legs and dangled her shoe dangerously off her toes. It was killing me. I was watching the basketball game in the family room when she got off the phone. She must have forgotten about our little phone talk because she was totally at ease when she came in and sat down next to me on the couch. We talked about the game a little and then I told her how well her feet had held up over the past six years. She gasped, screamed loudly and tore off toward the kitchen with her shoes violently slapping her red soles as she ran away from me. Of course I gave chase after her.

We were like two little children running through the house. My adrenaline was pumping because I wanted to feel her feet in my hands once again. I cornered her in the master bathroom near the closet and slowly walked toward her grinning and rubbing my hands together. She had an anguished look on her face and she was already laughing hysterically while pleading for me to leave her little feet alone. I was so hot by now that I couldn't stand it. I lowered my body into her and hoisted her up onto my shoulders with her legs and feet dangling there in front of me. She pointed her toes into a deathgrip on her shoes to keep her shoes tightly on her feet so that I couldn't remove them.

I felt her claws dig into my back as she struggled to break free from my grip. I held her tightly to my shoulder with my left arm around her waist and I began to tickle her ribs with my right hand. Aunt Katy has the sexiest laugh that I have ever heard. She twisted her body wildly as I tickled her sides. As she was struggling and laughing, I swatted her shoes to the floor with my right hand when she lifted her legs up toward her butt. I was almost overcome with emotion as I dug into her soft, wrinkled and slightly damp soles. Her feet had been sweating against the leather insole of her sandals and her soles felt absolutely heavenly under my fingertips.

She kept saying, "OH, GOD!" and gasping for air as I lay down a wicked assault on her writhing soles. She began to kick her feet furiously to keep my hands off, but I quickly grabbed her right ankle and crossed her leg over her left leg while continuing to balance her over my shoulder. I loved the way that she said, "OW, OW!" between laughs when I raked the wrinkles out of her soles. She was bucking like a bronco, so I spanked her ass three times and told her to be still as I proceeded toward the bedroom.

I tickled inbetween her toes until I reached the bed. She made a last ditch effort to get away as I threw her down on the bed. She clutched the sheets tightly with her beautifully manicured fingers as I pounced on her back and wrestled her down. I turned her over on her stomach and subdued her ankles as she screamed, "NO MORE, NO MORE!" I continued my assault on her delicate, sweaty red soles as she giggled and squirmed in her bed. I pinched her nice firm ass and told her to keep still. Her sexy yelps sent me into orbit as she clutched the sheets even stronger.

I looked at her raised arms and pounced on her back again. I tickled her underarms like nobody's business. She began running her feet up and down the bed as if she were running in place. Her toes were bent back scraping the covers as she arched her soles with each movement. It was time to taste those lovely feet. I jumped back to the foot of the bed and grabbed those ankles again. She loudly gasped for air as I began to gnaw on her arches with my teeth. The smell of Avon foot creme, sweat, and leather filled my nostrils. I was so ecstatic that I was dizzy enough to faint. I caught myself moaning and saying, "OH, YES!" when I ran my tongue along the entire length of both of her soles. She seemed to squeal with delight. I darted my tongue in and out between each of her toes and then I lifted her right foot up. She giggled and moaned as I engulfed her middle toe in my mouth and grasped her toe ring tightly between my teeth. With my teeth I slid her toe ring up and down the length of her middle toe. She was really cackling then. Her toes were so soft and the smell was intoxicating.

After nibbling on her heels and balls some more, I finally let her up. When she caught her breath she smiled at me and told me how much trouble that I had managed to work myself into. "Oh, my God, I'm going to get you for this!" She said. "I didn't know you were going to go after me like that, Mister."

I was shocked when she told me that she knew I was enjoying it because she felt me growing when my pelvis was pressed into her back. I was kind of embarrassed, so I apologized out of respect. She told me that there was no need to apologize. "I've never felt your mouth on my feet like that before. Do you do that to Sabrina [My Wife]?" She asked. "That really felt kind of nice. You got your poor little Auntie K a little excited, sweetie. Gosh, you're my nephew. That's not supposed to happen." She exclaimed.

She told me that her panties were wet, but not from pee. When she went to change her underwear, I scurried to the bathroom to jackoff in the toilet. That was a total blast. I sure won't wait another six years before I get her again!

This story was submitted by Foot Man.

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