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Grandma's Smackdown!
(Posted on Friday, March 10, 2000)
This story was submitted by Foot Man.

Here's a great experience that I will never forget. I was about 20 years old at the time and in my third year of college. I was at home for the summer vacation and stopped by to visit my grandmother, whom I hadn't seen in months. She saw me pull up in front of her house, so she unlocked the screen door and went back to the kitchen to check on her dinner.

Thinking that it would be just another visit to my grandmother's house, I walked in and locked the door behind me. As I entered the kitchen, I was breathless. My grandmother was wearing black high-heel mules with only two black criss-cross straps holding her feet to the shoes. I immediately felt a rush of ecstacy as I watched her walk around in those shoes exposing her delicate soles with each step. The sound of her shoes slapping the soles of her wrinkled feet was enough to drive me totally insane. It was kind of weird because I had never paid much attention to my grandmother's feet before now. She had never excited me, growing up as a child, like my aunt Katy did so often.

She put down her pan glove and walked over to me and gave me a warm greeting with a big hug. As I embraced grandma, I looked down over her shoulder and noticed that she was on her tip toes. I could see the insides of her skimpy shoes while her heels were raised. My grandmother is 5'0" tall and in good shape for her 64 year old existence. She is a little on the thick side, but fairly shapely. She had long, lavender-painted toenails with soft wrinkled soles and nice, round heels that looked like dinner rolls. I had never seen my grandmother in mules before and I never took my eyes off her sexy feet as I followed her to the back family room to watch television and catch her up on my past semester at college.

We talked as I followed her and she kept teasing me about how long my hair had grown out. She would turn around, run her hands through my hair, and start laughing. I told her to stop teasing me and we both laughed. The sound of those sexy shoes slapping her soft soles was driving me nuts. Something inside me snapped as we were passing through her hallway. When we got to the family room, I abruptly rushed my grandmother from behind as if I were a linebacker tackling a quarterback. I wrestled her down to the sofa, turned her over onto her stomach, grabbed her left ankle and crossed her left leg over her right leg to keep her from kicking. I furiously ripped her shoes right off her feet and threw them to the floor. Her body went into wild convulsions as I feverishly raked my fingers across the soles of her soft, 62 year old soles. Her laughter, moans, and screams were enough to bankrupt my emotions. She floundered there on the sofa like a catfish on a hook. She really squealed when I tickled the underside of her long, beautiful toes. I was intoxicated with ecstacy at my grandmother's delicious response.

I could not get enough of those soft wrinkled soles and wriggling toes of this senior woman. I had to taste those feet. I let her catch her breath a little and then I knelt down and began to nibble on her toes. She screamed, moaned, and then let out a strong, hearty giggle with her mouth closed. A huge bulge began to form in my pants when she spread her toes and the slight smell of sweat mixed with the leather from her shoes filled my nose. As I was tasting my grandmother's toes and nibbling on her soft, round heels, I looked to the floor and noticed the faint toe and ball impressions worn into my grandmother's empty shoes as they lay there motionless. I thought I would burst! The phone rang and interrupted our fun.

She was still giggling when she answered the phone in her barefeet. I sat there looking at her empty shoes there on the floor as she talked with the neighbor across the street. My grandmother's feet were so soft and smooth and her reaction to my fingers and teeth was delicious. I thought my cock was going to burst from its skin when I heard my grandmother explaining to the neighbor what had just taken place on her couch. She told her that I should be put in prison without parole for the way that I had raped her feet. I ran to the bathroom.

When my grandmother had gotten off the phone, we talked about the fun we had. She told me that she used to watch me go at my aunt Katy's feet growing up and that she was always jealous that I paid her feet no attention. She had bought those shoes especially for me just before I came home for the summer. She planned to wear them every time that I visited and she couldn't wait to tease me in public with her feet just like my Aunt Katy. Since that time, I have clobbered my grandmother's feet on several occassions and in several different situations. Stay tuned for more later. ______________________________________________________

This story was submitted by Foot Man.

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