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Pudding & Toes
(Posted on Thursday, February 17, 2000)
This story was submitted anonymously.

My girlfriend is great. We've been together for 3 years now. She has perfect feet. They're unpainted and soft. No bunions or corns and they're never dirty. Her toes are in proper proportion and there are no flaws that I can see. She is open to wearing sandals and flip flops but being barefoot is something that I always get her to do for me. Usually she's in sneakers (keds) and socks, but her wardrobe is wide and different shoes can be found on her.

There was one occasion that we had just gotten back to her place from dinner. We were just too tired to do anything else, so we just hung out at her place (college apartment with 3 roomates). When we got there, she checked her messages and had to return calls to her best friend in San Diego. She also had her daily, just checking up on you call from her parents.

While she chatted with her friend, I headed for the computer. She just laid there on her bed wearing her jeans and Bass loafers with socks. After awhile, that conversation seem to drag on and I was getting bored. The talk ended and she told me that she needed to make one last call. She would start paying attention to me afterwards.

While she called home, I started making faces at her. She started smiling. She couldn't laugh because her mom would start wondering what was going on and it wouldn't be cool that I was there in her room. Other than that, her family had no problems with me. She just laid there talking on the phone and watched me as I puckered up while she blew me kisses. I had to play quiet, so I grabbed a pudding snack pack out of the fridge and headed back to her room. I sat next to her on the bed leaning on the wall. That's when i got a great idea.

I pulled her feet towards me which she put to her right as she sat upright. I rolled up her pants to the top of her socks and I began kissing the little skin exposed in that area. With my teeth, I started rolling the sock down. I slowly kissed my way down, all the way down to her toes on both feet. She just had the look of, "Not now. I might get caught." But that didnt stop me.

I switched to kneel on the floor with her feet right at my disposal and I started on the pudding. I dipped her big toe right in the pudding and sucked it all off. I was using her toe like a dipstick and did it to make the pudding so much better.

This story was submitted anonymously.

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