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My Female Boss
(Posted on Monday, February 14, 2000)
This story was submitted anonymously.

I work in a sales office where I have been the top producer for some time now. I work for a female boss I'll call Mary. This is a good thing since Mary is always wearing nylons and high heels. I have had a female foot fetish for a long time and I have spent 2 years wondering what Mary's feet looked like. She is about 5'6", short brunette hair and very sexy legs. She almost always wears a skirt above the knee as she is a very confidant woman.

My problem began last week.Mary paged me to her office. As I entered, my eyes were immediately drawn to her feet. She was standing on a chair in her nylons, tiptoeing to hang an award plaque we had won. She wanted to know if it was straight or not. I was mesmerized! The moment I had been waiting for had arrived. And worth the wait! She had the most perfect feet I had ever seen. Her heels! Stretched arches as she tiptoed! Whew!

I managed to tell her that the plaque was straight. Then I came around to help her off the chair (and to get a closer look at her feet). Now I can't get Mary's feet and what I would like to do to them out of my head! As a result, I daydreamed two days away and my production dropped. Mary, always the boss, noticed. She waited until Friday, then told me she needed to see me in her office after work. Once everyone had left, she called me in and explained that my numbers were down. Mary asked if there was anything wrong.

I decided to be honest. I confessed that I had a severe foot fetish and that ever since I had seen her in her pantyhose standing on that chair, that was all that I could think about. I felt relieved for me to tell her about it. She said, "I'm flattered, I think," acting as if she didn't know what a foot fetish was. "Is there anything I can do?" She asked.

"Let me worship your feet." I replied.

"What is that? Worship my feet?" She asked.

I guess since I am into it, I just assumed that everyone knew what foot worship was. I found myself having a hard time explaining in words to her. I said, "Let me show you. If you don't enjoy it, I'll stop."

She agreed. "If this will help my top salesman get back on track." I had her sit on her desk and asked her to cross her legs. She did. I then kneeled down in front of her and finally allowed myself to feel the smoothness of her pantyhose as I ran my hands up and down her legs. Then I was ready to begin. I carefully licked the tip of her black high heel. I then allowed my tongue to roam all over her left pump, taking time to watch her expressions. I did the same with her right shoe, licking tip to heel and then asked for her permission to remove her heels.

She said that I really seemed to be enjoying myself and allowed me to continue. I gently removed her pumps and held her feet in my hands. They were so beautiful! I kissed them over and over again. I kissed every inch of her feet, especially her toes! I also licked her soles from heel to toes. I figured that I would cum in my pants. I didn't want this to end as I was living out a fantasy. She seemed to be enjoying the attention her feet were getting as she never asked me to stop. After about 20 minutes of licking and kissing her feet, I told her that I wanted to cum on her feet.

She said, "Go ahead." I pulled my pants down to expose my hard-on. She asked, "Did my feet do that?" I smiled at her and wrapped her stockinged feet around my cock. Her feet felt so smooth on me . As I slid her feet faster and faster, I could tell that she was enjoying the power she had over me. I came all over her feet with more cum than I had ever shot before. I put her left toes in my mouth and ripped her hose with my teeth. I peeled them back and sucked each toe since I had pantyhose in the way earlier. She switched and extended her right foot for me to do the same.

Before the night was over, Mary had ripped the crotch from her hose and had me satisfy her there, too. She thanked me for worshipping her feet. I thanked her for letting me and we agreed to find the time to do it again really soon.

This story was submitted anonymously.

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