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Oh, no! Not My Feet!
(Posted on Wednesday, January 26, 2000)
This story was submitted anonymously.

My name is Jennifer. I am 22 years old with long, blonde hair and blue eyes. I am 5' 6 and a theater major in college. A few weeks ago we were working on the props for our play and it was getting late. The theater instructors had just left and it was just me and four of the other theater majors, which were all guys who seemed to have had a crush on me for awhile, but I had a boyfriend.

We are all friends and they said that they really liked my feet. They make fun of the way my feet slosh around in my sandals when I walk. These sandals aren't real good at absorbing feet sweat because they have a leather in-sole. It does sound kind of weird, but they say that it turns them on. I thought that comment was very strange. These sandals are size 7 and very tight. They are made of brown leather straps and very tight toe straps that seemed to grab their attention.

They always poke at the sides of my tanned feet with their fingers, and grab my red painted toes to see what I will do. Of course I don't like it. My feet are so very ticklish and I have been lucky that people leave my feet alone. The theater guys always said that they were going to hold me down and tickle my feet untill I cried. I always said, "In your dreams."

Well their dreams came true on this night. One of the guys, who will remain nameless, picked me up around the waist while I was painting a backdrop and pulled me over to the stocks, which were a prop for the play. The other guys helped secure me in this torture contraption, securing my feet and hands in the padded holes. I was very upset and yelling at them to let me out. I was so scared. They then got a couple of cloths and pulled them tight accross my mouth and eyes. I couldn't yell or see anything anymore and I was becoming very scared.

One of the guys whispered in my ears that he was going to lick all that sweat from the soles of my feet. I was shivering with those words on my ears. I felt the hot breath of someone breathing on my feet. This went on for about 10 minutes and my feet were squirming and sloshing around in my little sandals. Then I felt someone lick the sides of my feet and I was bucking and squirming in the stocks trying to break free. I couldn't move! I couldn't even scream! I was in real trouble.

My boyfriend wasn't even at school that night to come and rescue me. I could be in there for hours and no one would know. I then heard one of the guys say that he was going to suck the red polish off of my bubble gum toes. I felt the sucking start on my right foot, and the stroking of someones fingers on my left. I was really going crazy and trying to break free. I became numb in laughter and I actually peed in my pants. I was really hurting. My feet were really sweating and sloshing. I wished that they would take my sandals off. The sloshing was actually turning me on!

They then started to lick my soles while still in my sandals. They were licking the sweat from under my feet. My toes were hot and juicy said one of the guys and he sucked on them for about 10 minutes straight. I was really bucking and trying to get out of the stocks but I just couldn't budge. I was laughing so hard that I passed out. When I woke up my sandals had been removed and they were all licking my soles and the base of my toes. I peed again in my pants and passed out from laughter. They just kept going on my feet.

They put my sandals back on and pulled the straps so tight that my feet were just pouring sweat over the sides. This turned them on so much. It actually turned me on too. I came in my pants and they watched as I had an orgasm to my own feet sloshing in my sandals. They then all took turns masturbating with my feet. They would slide their privates in between my sandals and the soles of my feet. They came under my soles in my sandals, which were just loaded with sweat and cum. My feet had really had a work out.

I passed out while they were doing this and woke up with the stocks loosened enough to get out. I was so covered in sweat, pee, and my feet were a sight. My sandals were loaded full of cum and sweat as I pulled them free from the stocks. This night of torture had lasted for about 3 hours. I couldn't believe that this happened. I didn't say anything to anyone, and neither did any of the guys. My boyfriend wants to know why I don't wear sandals anymore. I just can't tell him.

This story was submitted anonymously.

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