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The Movie Theatre
(Posted on Tuesday, June 23, 1998)
Anonymous Story Submission

I am married to a man who has a foot fetish. Am I a lucky lady or what? I had never met anyone with a foot fetish before. Not until I met my husband, that is. I had heard about it, but never came across anyone who declared their sexual excitement for feet. My husband had a hard time believing that about me at first because he says I have the most beautiful feet in the world and he was surprised that nobody ever approached me about my feet to pay me compliments.

Sure, a number of men have come up to me to tell me what great shoes I have, but they've never made compliments about my feet. In retrospect, as my husband has correctly explained to me, many of these men probably had foot fetishes. Thinking back, it now occurs to me that every time these men would compliment my shoes, in some way my feet or toes were showing. Well!

I keep my feet in the best of shape and pride myself in their appearance. I have regular pedicures and my feet have been blessed with very soft skin and perfectly wrinkled soles. They are a size 7 1/2 C with high arches and long, perfectly shaped toes. I sometimes wear different colors of nail polish depending on my mood, but usually paint my nails with my husband's favorite color. Candy apple red.

The ironic thing about never having met any foot fetishists before is that I now come across them all the time. They seem to be everywhere. It's as if my wedding ring is a magnet for them. My husband loves it when he notices men paying attention to my feet. He even encourages it. He tells me it excites him to see other men get turned on by my feet, which is often quite obvious when a hard-on rises up in his pants. Naturally he more than appreciates the sexy, beautiful feet of other women, too. I don't mind. I like it when he gets excited. I even invite him to give my lucky girlfriends foot massages when they come over to visit. I love it when he gets hard doing it. And later on, I get the rewards of his libido.

Because it turns on my husband to see other men appreciate my feet, he is always on the lookout for men who may have foot fetishes. His greatest fantasy is to see me with another man. One whom has a foot fetish of course. I must admit that the idea of being with another man is not something that naturally appeals to me. I'm pretty much a one-man woman. However, the way he presents the idea to me often has me excited and curious. My husband is a fantastic lover. Incorporating foot fetishism into his lovemaking certainly helps. My feet are sensitive and he knows just how to touch them.

Usually during lovemaking my husband broaches the subject of bringing over other men to take advantage of my feet, and the rest of my body of course, too. We've actually talked a lot about it. He even pretends to be another man coming in to take advantage of me after he has blindfolded and tied me up in bed. That's another thing he's introduced to me. Bondage. Oh, the thought of foot fetishism and bondage combined really gets me wet.

One evening not so long ago, one of my husband's wildest fantasies came true. As it turned out, so did mine. As we often do, my husband and I went to the theatre to see a movie. There was an empty seat in front of me and, as my husband often has me do, I slipped off my open-toed leather sandals and rested my feet against the back of the theatre seat in front of me. It's his theory that if there is a man in the theatre who has a foot fetish, my feet will attract them. He believes that a guy will see my perfectly pedicured toes and soft feet with their high arches and get as close to them as possible because they are just too tempting to resist. Apparently, at least with some men, he's right.

What sometimes happens is that someone sits down in the empty seat. Of course, we try to go to the movies at off-peak times and often the empty seat in front of me remains empty. Even when we think we've gotten a man with a foot fetish sitting down in the seat next to the empty one, nothing ever really happens. But when it rains, it pours. That evening turned out to be quite the exception. Less than three minutes after placing my feet against the back of the empty seat, we both noticed two men getting up out of their seats and moving over to the row in front of ours.

The two men were not watching the movie together and neither of them had dates. Both of them were handsome men and pretty fit, too. As the first man sat down in the row of seats in front of us, I left my feet there, and as soon as the other man sat down, my husband leaned over to them and spoke out. Neither of them had sat in the empty seat in front of me. I heard my husband ask both of them if it would be alright if his wife had her feet over the chair during the movie. They both smiled and at the same time told my husband that they didn't mind at all. Then they kind of laughed because they had stumbled over each other's quick reply.

As one of the men continued chatting with my husband, the other man actually turned to me and mentioned that I had great feet. I thanked him for the compliment. Then he told me that he had hoped it was alright of him to have paid me a compliment with me being married and all. I told him that it was just fine as my husband liked it when other men made nice compliments about my feet. He sheepishly laughed and reminded me that I could definitely hang my legs over the seat. Then he turned to the front as the previews were about to begin. The man who had been speaking to my husband turned back around in his seat, too, after giving me a quick smile and a hello. My husband gave me a wink and sat back into his seat as the previews began.

My husband quietly urged me to get comfortable and put my legs over the seat. I did. My legs are fairly long, so when I placed my legs over the seat, my feet were well hidden out of view from everyone but the two men in front of us. The theatre was practically empty on this weekday evening. In fact, nobody else was in the row in front of us and only one couple was in our row, but they were at the very end near the aisle. We were smack in the middle of the theatre.

The movie itself was actually pretty bad, but I didn't care. My husband was feeling amorous, especially after chatting with the man sitting in front of him. I wondered what they had talked about and had a feeling it had something to do with my feet. I soon enough forgot about the men in front of us as my husband began to slowly stroke and massage my legs. It was really turning me on, especially the way I was dressed. Aside from the leather open-toed sandals that were of course off my feet and sitting on the floor beneath my seat, I had on a soft leather one-piece skirt outfit. I was braless and had no panites on either. That leather skirt outfit was it.

My husband's large leather coat was draped over the two of us like a blanket. The theatre's air conditioning system was set just a tad too low, making the theatre cooler than I would have liked it, but my husband's leather coat actually made me pretty warm despite my present state. Because my legs were hanging over the seat in front of me, my leather skirt was hiked up clear to my hips and my ass was practically off the chair. My lower back anchored me in the chair, but I was really quite comfortable. Being especially amorous this evening, my husband soon hiked up my skirt to the point where my ass and pussy were now completely bare. He reached up even further and started to play with my bare nipples which very quickly grew hard and erect.

It was then that I noticed a slight tickle or a touch on my right sole. My heart immediately skipped a few beats when it became quite clear that someone was now lightly running a finger up along the sole of my right foot. I assumed it had to be the man my husband had been speaking to, but I couldn't tell for sure. My feet were together in the seat in front of me and both men were slouched very low in the own seats. Either one of them could be touching my foot. Maybe both. It made me hot to think about it, especially as my husband continued to play with my nipples and breasts.

I let out a soft inaudible sigh as the touching fingers began stroking both of my feet at the same time. I could tell that my husband knew at least partly what was going on because he then squeezed my hand and gave me a quick soft kiss on the cheek. Within a few minutes it was clear that the man in front of us to the right was playing with my feet. He softly grabbed onto my right foot and while massaging it with one hand, he gently pulled it towards him. Then he lovingly held my right foot with both hands and began giving me a deep foot massage. It was heavenly.

My husband reached down in between my legs and gently pushed my left leg more to the left. The moment he did, my left foot brushed against another hand. I knew for sure that it belonged to the man in front of us to the left since the guy on the right was using both of his hands to massage my right foot. The guy to the left must have had his hand right there next to my foot. Otherwise my left foot wouldn't have brushed against him. Initially he pulled away, but in less than a minute he was finger-touching my left foot from heel to toe. It was a contrast to the feelings of my other foot which was getting a thorough foot massage, but it felt great!

At this point my husband was playing with my extremely wet pussy, sliding his fingers in and out with ease. I could feel some of my juices dripping down onto the bare floor beneath my seat. He knew me well and it was obvious that I was extremely turned on. Extremely turned on! But each time Iwas about to climax, my husband backed off. It was driving me nuts. With two guys stimulating my feet at the same time while my husband continued playing with my dripping pussy, I was getting much more aroused than I had ever been before. I wasn't sure I could go on like this.

I started squirming in my seat a little. I couldn't help it. Each of the guys in front of me were now holding onto my ankles firmly and holding me in place as they started tickling my feet more seriously. It was at this time that my husband pressed my clit a little harder and with a steadier motion. He held firmly onto my right thigh so that I couldn't escape his manipulating touch. In five seconds I was cumming hard and fast. My body was now shaking from the strength of the multiple orgasms I was experiencing. I grabbed my husband's thigh and held on tight as the continued flood of orgasmic climaxes wracked my body.

Suddenly the guys in front, as if they were coordinating their movements, let go of my ankles. I pulled my legs up and back over to my seat, scrunching my kness up against my breasts and leaning into my husband and practically crawling in underneath that big warm leather coat of his. I hadn't realized that the movie was almost over by then. Incredibly, the three of them had been stimulating me for almost an hour and a half before my body lost control and I became a mound of quivering flesh basking in the throes of some major, major orgasms. I could hardly believe it.

As the credits of the movie ran, both of the men in front of us, my phantom foot lovers, got up and left. One went to one side of the theatre and the other went to the opposite aisle. As I picked up my leather sandals and placed my feet inside, I noticed that my right foot was sticky with cum. The guy on the right had cum all over the top of my feet and toes. Wow! I could hardly believe that either. I took some tissues out from my purse and cleaned myself off. My husband noticed and smiled at me. He told me that he couldn't wait to get me home. Despite having cum so heavily with multiple orgasms, I was still hornier than I had ever been. I couldn't wait to get home either!

The End

(This story submission was e-mailed without express permission to give the author's name!)

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