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Under The Table
(Posted on Monday, January 17, 2000)
This story was submitted anonymously.

Here is the true story of how my love for feet started. When I was a child my mother would invite some of the neighbor ladies over on Friday nights to play cards. After they got their glasses of wine I would crawl under the table to play with my cars. None of them minded when I ran my toys over their shoes and feet. I even remember pulling off their shoes and tickling their soles. When I got older I started to get aroused when I was close to attractive women. Amazingly the ladies still insisted I get under the table and attend to their peds.

One night the usual group came over. Mrs. Adams from across the street, Mrs. Golden from two houses over and Mrs. Kreiger from the next street up. Each of the ladies was attractive but Mrs.Kreiger was exceptionally so. She was about 45 and had short blond hair. Her figure and face were lovely but her feet were beautiful. They were a size 8 with high arches and lovely toes. Whenever I was under the table I spent the most time on her.

This particuler night the ladies drank a little more than usual and were quite relaxed when they finally called for me to rub their feet. I assumed my position under the table. I had privacy under there because a long tablecloth draped over the sides. I went first to Mrs.Adams who had already slipped off her shoes. She had pretty nice feet and I rubbed her soles while I brought her shoe to my nose and smelled it. Somewhere along the line I had learned to love the scent of a woman's feet.

After 15 minutes or so I moved on to Mrs. Golden. She usually wore sneakers and she had very pale but well shaped feet. I untied her sneakers and she kicked them off and wiggled her toes. I was getting very excited as I always did around all these feet, but tonight something was different. The ladies were really getting into my ministrations and I could hear them thanking my mother for letting me do this to them.

As I petted Mrs. Golden's feet I couldn't stop staring at Mrs. Kreiger's feet and legs. She was wearing low black heels and she kept dangling them from her toes. Every time a shoe would drop she wiggled her foot back into it and began again. I was mesmerized watching this and I was more aroused than I had always been. I moved over to Mrs. K's feet and slowly pulled off her shoes. I quickly brought each shoe to my face and inhaled deeply. My heart was beating hard as I took her foot into my hands.

I started to caress her heel when she suddenly rested her other foot right in my lap! My cock was hard as an iron rod at this point and I couldn't stop thinking that she had to feel how turned on I was. As I rubbed her sole she increased the pressure with her other foot. The room seemed to spin around me as my excitement grew. The sensation of her one foot pressing against me while I stroked the soft wrinkled sole of the other must have gotten to me because before I could even think about what I was doing, I pulled her soft warm sole to my face and kissed it!

I started planting kisses on her heel and toes and I greedily inhaled the scent of her foot. Mrs.K then started to slide her foot up and down against my erection. I pulled her foot even harder against my face as a wave of pleasure crashed over my body! She then brought both feet up and pressed them into my face. As I held on to her heels and smelled that incredible scent, I had no way of knowing that I had just been initiated into the world of foot pleasure. I would worship Mrs.K's feet every time the ladies would come over and each time was better than the last. To this day I can't walk by a table of well dressed women without getting aroused Thank you Mrs. Kreiger for giving me hours of incredible pleasure.

This story was submitted anonymously.

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