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Unknowing Sister-In-Law
(Posted on Tuesday, January 4, 2000)
This story was submitted anonymously.

With all the Y2K hype, a lot of people had to be at work when the clock hit twelve this last New Year's Eve. My brother had to spend the night at his job in case of any computer problems or power outages. We on the other hand had set up for a great bash with all of the booze you could drink. I invited my brother's wife so that she wouldn't have to spend it alone. She was not happy about spending her new year's eve without my brother, but accepted my invitation.

My sister-in-law is great. She's like a sister to me and always has been. She married my brother when I was a kid so I grew up having her around. She's in her late thirties now and still looking good. She has always had the best looking feet. Hell, I think she's the one that got my foot fetish started. She always used to come over to my parent's house while I was growing up and kick off her shoes and lay around barefooted on the couch. I would spend hours looking at her feet and thinking about them at night.

I spent the night at their house a lot of times and would sneak into her closet and smell her shoes. There were a lot of times I would go in when they weren't there and cum in her slippers and dirty socks. I've even stolen her dirty socks before and jacked off into them. I even have, to this day a pair of her old slippers hidden in my closet. Her feet are what I've based my fetish on for years. She keeps them perfect. Always pedicured and lotioned. I've watched her apply lotion to them many times. I don't think she is aware of how I feel about her feet.

Well the New Year's part was becoming a success. My house was packed with people celebrating the new year. My girlfriend was in California visiting her folks for the holidays so the house was pretty much mine. I noticed my sister-in-law was drinking heavily. She looked sad because my brother had to work. I tried talking to her a couple of times throughout the night and each time I did she made less sense.

The party went great. Twelve o'clock hit without a glitch and I noticed my sister-in-law was no where to be found. I looked all over the house until I found her on the floor in the bathroom. She was completely wasted. I had one of my friends help me carry her to the couch and we let her pass out there. It was getting late so people started to leave and a couple of people offered to take my sister-in-law to her house but I told them there was no sense in moving her from my couch.

It was almost 4:00 am before my last guests left. I was pretty buzzed myself as I started to turn off lights throughout the house. I went up to the couch were my sister-in-law lay and tried to wake her, thinking that she would be more comfortable in my guest bedroom. I tapped her shoulder, shook her, called out her name, but she kept right on sleeping. She didn't even squirm, just let out a little purr. I went and grabbed a blanket and a pillow for her and came back to where she was. I lifted her head and then started to spread out the blanket over her when I realized my current situation.

I noticed that she still had her black pumps on and stockings. I also realized that she was out cold and that I could pretty much do whatever I wanted to her feet. My heart started pounding devilishly and I got this adrenalin shakiness followed by an almost instant erection. Here was my sister-in-law, passed out on the couch, with her feet at my disposal. No one else around for miles and if she did for whatever reason wake up, I could say that I was just taking her shoes off to make her more comfortable. I was so extremely excited. Never in my life had I felt that level of sexual tension.

I dropped to my knees at her feet and put the tips of her high heals against my cheek. I could smell her feet from there and could feel their warmth generating outward. I started to kiss the leather of her shoes and the tops of her stockinged feet. I knew then for sure that I would victimize her feet in every way that I had ever fantasized. I would smell her feet, suck her feet, bite her feet and cum all over them.

I removed her shoe slowly, taking my time and watching as more of her meaty foot was exposed. They were so hot and moist from being trapped in those shoes. Her foot was sweaty and put out a salty sort of smell. The classic, erotic, pungent smell of a hot, sweaty, meaty, female foot. I basqued in it. Taking in the fleshy smell, absorbing it into my nostrils. I revealed her toes which as usual were freshly pedicured and very well pampered. I could see the bright red polish through her stockings. I loved that color on her feet. She used it a lot and it was my absolute favorite.

I had both of her shoes off now, but wanted to see them bare. I started to tug lightly on her stockings being careful not to rip them. Fortunately she wore knee-highs, making them easier to remove. When I got them down to her ankles I tugged at the toe portion until they went over her heals and revealed the meaty wrinkly flesh of her instep. I was in heaven. The pail, soft texture of her lovely feet was driving me insane. I yanked the rest of her stockings off and exposed her feet completely.

Tonight, those feet belonged to me. Even if she would have woken up at that point, I would have had my way with them. Years of obsessing over those feet and I had them inches from my face. I would have raped her feet if she woke up because the level of desire was uncontrollable. My whole body was shaking uncontrollably as I fondled her chunky feet. I can't explain how soft they were. It was as if there were no bones, just soft, flesh. I separated her toes and began smelling her feet.

Deeply I inhaled the scent and started to lick as well. I literally licked every inch of those soft stinky feet. I then grabbed one of her feet and brought it to my face and started biting it. I bit it hard and deep, without fear of waking her. She didn't even budge. I licked madly, and bit forcefully until I couldn't take it any more. I violently pulled my dick out of my pants, lifted her legs up in the air and sat down on the couch. I put her , limp, clumsy feet on my lap and then I spit all over her insteps. I then wrapped her feet around my dick and rubbed the spit into her soft feet. I rubbed the tips of her toes on the head of my dick. I scrubbed my cock all over her chunky insteps and on her wrinkled soles.

I felt my cum begin to boil inside and knew that her feet would soon be bathed in it. I gave my shaft a couple more strokes with her feet and then I opened wide on them. My cock head exploded with bursts of thick creamy cum that oozed all over her insteps. Glob after warm glob of cum seeped out onto her feet. I could see the cum ooze between her toes and on her soft insteps. I sat there with her feet on my dick and let my cum soak into her fleshy feet.

I had just bathed my sister-in-law's feet with cum and now the rested quietly absorbing my cum. I was going to leave the cum on them to forever mark them as mine, but half an hour later I went at it again with them, so I had to clean them in order to suck them again. I sucked and fucked my sister in laws feet three times in a period of two hours. I left my final sticky load to soak into her feet. Now in some way they will forever be mine. I stole her stockings and hid them well.

The next day when I got up she was up cleaning up my place a bit. She asked if I had seen her stockings and I told her that she didn't have them on when I put the blanket on her the night before. She said, "I must have stepped in something last night, because there is this white crust all over my feet."

As she showed me the crust, I smiled knowing that I had marked them. Her stockings have kept me company every night since!

This story was submitted anonymously.

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