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My First Footjob
(Posted on Wednesday, December 29, 1999)
This story was submitted by Darryl.
(No instructions/permission to make his e-mail address was given)

Hello, My name is Darryl. I must say that I love the Great Feet site and have been checking it out for quite some time. I figured that it's time I submit a story of my own. I am a 31 year old black male and have always had a fetish for white women's feet ever since I was young. I sit and dream about footjobs all day. My first experience happened about a year ago. I worked in a office, so there are sexy stockinged feet around me all day. I met this woman named Denise. She was attractive and had the best legs I've seen. She always wore black nylons. I've always dreamed about seeing her feet.

One day we were were out on a date and I got up the courage to tell her about my foot fetish. I asked to see her feet. She pulled off her shoe, and GOD they were gorgeous. She wore a size 7 and had deep red nail polish that could clearly be seen though her black sheer nylons. As the night progressed after dinner, it was late and we decided to call it a night. As I drove her home, she said that she had never met a man who liked her feet. She wanted to know what was it about her feet that I liked.

I told her, "Take off your shoes and I'll show you."

She complied and said, "OK."

I was in heaven! I buried my face deep into her soles enjoying the warm scent. I then told her that I would like a footjob.

"A what?" She asked.

"A footjob." I said.

"Well, you'll have to show me what that is." She replied. So I unzipped my pants and exposed my cock. She gazed at it and said, "Wow!" So I to told told her to wrap those sexy feet around my cock and stroke it. She then did just that. She began to stroke slowly with those perfectly pedicured nylon feet. I couldn't believe that I was getting my first footjob. She asked, "Am I doing this right? Does it feel good?"

I let out a good moan. She replied, "I guess I am!"

I let out another moan. She then said, "This is getting me really wet!"

I could no longer hold it in. Huge ribbons of cum shot out like a fireman's hose all over my dash board, all over my seats and all over both her feet. Her toes were soaked in my cum. I even managed to get her shoes which were lying on the floor of the car. She let out a big laugh and said, "Wow! I've never seen anyone cum like that before."

After that we went to a hotel. Of course, we weren't finished. We had sex like crazy. Up to this day, she and I have been on good terms. She has given me a total of 35 footjobs and the numbers keep climbing. I'll keep you updated.

This story was submitted by Darryl.
(No instructions/permission to make his e-mail address was given)

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