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Foot Job From My Wife
(Posted on Saturday, December 25, 1999)
This story was submitted by M. W.

Okay, it is time that I share my experiences with all of you foot lovers since I have had so much fun reading all of your stories over the past year or so. Here is my first-time contribution.

All my life I have had an extreme thing for female feet and toes but never had the chance to fulfill my dreams. Until I met and married this lovely lady with the sexiest feet and toes I have ever had the pleasure of sucking. She has a perfect size six, with slim toes that she loves to keep trim and well taken care of. She figured out that I have a foot fetish while we were still dating, and found it interesting and exciting. See, she truly enjoys the feel of my hard cock between her soft feet and when I squirt a nice load over her soles and toes. A foot lover’s dream come true!

Over the months she really came to get a tremendous amount of pleasure out of teasing me with her feet until two months ago, when she gave me my first foot job ever. We were fooling around. After I had been sucking her toes again while she was on her back, with me pounding away on top of her, she told me to get on my back and close my eyes. Fine with me! So she grabs my hard cock and starts stroking it nice and slowly, top to bottom. Then I felt that she was using more than just two hands, so I opened my eyes.

What I saw was enough to nearly blow my load right then and there! She was holding my cock in her one hand while she was massaging my balls with her left foot. The sight of those lovely, red toes rubbing and stretching my balls was unbelievable! She then grabbed my balls with her hand and started stroking my cock with her toes, spreading her big and second toes so that she could try and squeeze my cock in between. Her feet are too small for that, but I had to control myself so I could enjoy the treatment a bit longer.

My wife let go of me and got on her stomach, telling me to grab her feet and do what I want with them. “They are all yours.” She said. So I got behind her, enjoying the view of her nice butt and bush, while I grabbed her feet and squeezed them around my cock. She moved them just enough to show me how wonderful a foot job could be. But since I was allowed to use them for my pleasure, I told her to lower her legs a bit, just enough so we both were comfortable. At that point I just started fucking her feet, getting hornier by the second, looking at her butt and seeing my cock coming out between her feet while pumping away!

She told me how great that it felt and that was when I lost it and shot a huge load of warm, sticky cum all over her soles, thighs, and even all the way up past her butt. Some of it landed on the small of her back! Let me tell you, this was the greatest thing I had ever experienced up to then. Now I am lucky enough to get a nice foot job about once a week. Of course, I still get to suck her toes while I am on top, her feet right in my face! And nothing is nicer than seeing the happy look on her face, too, when she gives me a foot job!

This story was submitted by M. W.

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