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Pretty-Foot Mother-In-Law
(Posted on Saturday, December 11, 1999)
This story was submitted anonymously.

Thought I'd drop you another letter. I just got through doing my pretty-footed mother-in-law again. This was to date the best ever. It started when my wife told me we had to take her mom to a family gathering. Her father was out of town on business. I was informed that her mom was going to stay with us this night because it would be too late to take her back to her place and besides, she wouldn't be alone.

Well my wife was feeling rather dominant this night as always and told me that I was going to give her mom a foot massage when we got home this night. I of course jumped at the chance as always. My wife was dressed to the nines. She wore a blue silk dress with a black full length girdle under it with reinforced heel and toe stockings. I was drooling before we even left the house. Her pretty feet were encased in blue pumps with four inch heels and an instep strap. One of my favorite pairs that she owns!

When we arrived to pick up her mother, I thought I'd shoot in my pants. Her mother was dressed to kill too and she was killing me! She had on a powder blue dress, very leg-revealing and tan shade hose that covered those sexy legs of hers. Her feet were strapped into one of the prettiest shoes I've ever seen. She has exquisite taste in shoes. Even her flats are sexy. The shoes were silver D'orsay style pumps and like my wife's, they had instep straps. Man was I hot seeing her feet in those and couldn't wait to slide them off her hot wet peds. Her always well manicured fingernails were graced with the polish I like her on best. Platinum! I could only hope her toes were polished to match.

We had a great time at the party with lots of dancing and such. My mother-in-law had more than a few drinks as did my wife. I didn't drink, being the driver and all. Several times during the night my wife saw me eyeing up her mom's shoes and hers too. She just smiled and nodded. A few times she whispered in my ear while we danced. "I can't wait to see you at my mom's feet when we get home. I already told her that you'd massage her feet.You like her shoes, huh?"

Her words caused my already hard cock to get harder. I told her I would love to do both of them when we got home. My wife teased my neck with her long nails and told me very casually, "Oh don't worry hon. You're going to do something you've been wanting to do to mom's feet for a long time now." Then she gave me a very long french kiss as if I wasn't hot enough allready.

As the time drew near to leave, I noticed that her mom was very tipsy. She had had a lot to drink. My wife had kept her going pretty good all night. It was part of her plan. She never told me what that plan was other than that I was going to massage her mom's feet again, which by now was a perfectly natural thing for me to do with her. Why not? We both liked it and her mom liked it too.

I walked the ladies to the car and helped her mom inside. She was giggling like mad. On the way home she said, "My feet hurt. I sure could use a nice massage."

Smiling my way as she said so, I was so horny and she was so drunk that I just blurted out, "Be glad to." I wasn't normally that brazen but figured why not? It isn't like I never did it for her.

When we arrived at our place, I helped my mother-in-law inside. She was a bit wobbly as I walked her to the door. The sound of her heels on the cement made me nuts. I couldn't wait to get her inside and out of her sexy shoes. As soon as we were settled in, my wife pulled me aside and said, "This will be a night you won't soon forget."

Smiling wickedly as she said it, I followed the ladies to the living room. My mother-in-law sat in the recliner that we had. My wife was on the couch. I just leaned on the arm of the couch awaiting for my services to be requested. My mother-in-law was sitting with her long legs crossed and her feet on the floor. Before two minutes had passed she looked over to me and asked teasingly, "Where is my little foot massager? I thought I was going to get a nice rub tonight."

My cock stiffened instantly at her words. I didn't need to be asked twice. I made my way to her, sitting at her feet with my back to her. She pulled the lever on the chair and the foot rest came out. That put her feet even to my chest and closer to my face. I didn't know at the time that this was going to be just the right height for something I'd be doing shortly.

She made herself comfortable, crossing her ankles left over right. I went right at those sexy shoes, undoing the buckle on the left one and slowly sliding it off. My cock was drooling as soon as I touched her instep.and started removing her shoe. Her shoe slipped off with a resounding swish sound. My hands were on her hot wet sole in an instant. Her scent was as always incredible and musky-like with a touch of leather and fresh nail polish. My fingers danced all over her foot, loving the fact that her long well polished and pedicured toes were clearly visible through the sheer sandalfoot stockings she wore. She arched her toes and purred, "Oh that feels so good hon. Hmmmmmmm."

Her words were slightly slurred and only encouraged me to do my best to make her feel good. I glanced to my wife, who as always, smiled at me and nodded her approval. After a good fifteen minutes of doing her left foot, I removed her right shoe. Again the scent hit me and caused a pounding in my pants. My cock was freely dripping now. Her shoe was wet inside and I sat it on my lap out of her view and ran my fingers through the sweat that collected in it. I massaged that foot with the same love as I had done the other one. Repeatedly she commented how nice it felt. I then did both feet together. "Hmmmmm. Oh honey, you have no idea how I love you doing this for me." She purred. I smiled up at her and told her it was my pleasure to do it. She had no idea how much of a pleasure it was.

After what seemed like an eternity, my cock was aching with need of relief. I realized she was falling asleep. I looked to my wife and she smiled a wicked smile. Motioning for me to keep it up, I did and soon her mom was fast asleep. Little snores escaped her lips. She flexed her toes as I stroked them, even though she was asleep. Now I could clearly enjoy her feet with no fear of embarrassment. Not that I really had any. That had pretty much passed since I had been doing her feet for sometime now.

I studied every detail of her feet now. I again looked to my wife and she ran her tongue over her upper lip. At first I thought she was just adding to my torment, teasing me more, but when she snapped her finger quietly, I looked her way and she motioned with her fingers and tongue to lick her mom's nyloned feet. I thought she must be joking. What if she woke up? I shook my head no and whispered my fears. My wife would have none of that and again told me to lick them. "She's out hon. Trust me. She won't wake up."

My mother-in-law's feet were in the perfect position for such a task and I fully admit I had thought about doing it for sometime. My heart was pounding as was my cock and I quickly slid my tongue the length of her big toe. Her scent filled my nostrils. My cock twitched in my pants as my tongue came in contact with her toes. I looked to my wife and she nodded, pointing to her mom's pretty feet. "Again. This time the whole length of her sole.You know you want to."

Her teasing smile urged me on. She was loving this almost as much as me. I moved closer, looking to my mother-in-laws face, then flicked out my tongue and slid it the whole length of her beautiful foot. Shivers went through me as I tasted her foot. I thought thjat I would cum in my pants. I was afraid she'd wake up, but with every lick I grew a bit more at ease. Soon I was licking up one foot and down the other, tasting her salty toes and soles. Her scent was making me crazy.

My wife took a blanket and covered her mom up with it. I played with and licked her feet as she slept even deeper. I was so hot and turned on! That's when my wife sprung her other suprise on me. She motioned for me to come to her. I did. She leaned over and whispered to me, "You want to cum huh?" I nodded emphatically. "Well sweety, the only way you will come tonight is on her feet." She pointed to her mom's feet.

I shook my head no.What if she woke up as I came, or caught me doing it? I was turned on and scared at the same time. I mean I wanted to do it, but I was scared shitless of her catching me in the act. "Well unless you want to go to bed frustrated, I suggest you cum on her feet now.You'll never get this chance again." My wife urged.

Then she reached down and unzipped my pants, releasing my very wet and swollen cock from my pants, stroking it a couple times. That drove me nuts. I almost exploded in her hand. She laughed knowing how close she was bringing me. "Now go over and spray her feet." She demanded. She pointed to her mom's lovely stockinged peds just dangling over the edge of the recliner, begging for more attention. My heart raced out of control as I crawled back to her mom. She was sleeping soundly with her feet just inches from my cock as I knelt at them.

I carefully lowered the foot rest of the chair to get her feet in position to be fucked, not wanting to wake her up. My hands shook like crazy as I stoked her soft soles a bit more. Then to be sure she was out, I lightly tickled her feet. No reaction. Knowing how she reacted the time I tickled her pretty feet, I knew that she must be out for sure. I placed her two feet on my lap. My cock was dripping pre-cum on her stockinged insteps as I stroked myself. My eyes locked on her face looking for any sign of her waking. I was sweating like mad from my nerves. My wife whispered, "Do it. You want to don't you?"

I almost moaned out loud as I nodded yes. I loved how my pre-cum looked on her stockinged toes, and with only a few strokes I felt all the blood rush from my head as I began to squirt huge ropes of my cum all over her toes and insteps. It ran everywhere. Down her arch and onto my leg. She didn't even stir as I let out a fairly loud moan of extreme pleasure. It seemed to take forever for the squirting to stop.

When I could finally open my eyes and looked, both of her pretty nyloned feet were soaked in cum. As my orgasm stopped and I regained my senses, I looked back at my wife who was obvioulsy pleased that I had done as she wanted. She was also horny to boot. She licked her lips and whispered. "Good boy. Nice load. I told you that you could get away with it. Did you enjoy that?" I could only smile and nod to her that I had. "Go get a towel. Hurry up." She told me. I think she was a bit nervous now, too.

I gently laid her mom's feet on the footrest and hurried to get a towel. I returned and wiped my deposit off her mom's pretty feet, not wanting her to wake up. I did the best I could getting it off. It wasn't easy. The thought hit me that surely her stockings would be stained in the morning. I hoped that she wouldn't notice. Well my wife managed to get her mom off to bed a bit after that and came out of the bedroom with her pantyhose. She washed them out and hung them up to dry.

She told me that she had told her mom after helping her get ready for bed that she had something on her hose and would wash them out for her. She is pretty slick I'll admit. The next day her mom never said a word about anything. I don't think she even remembered me massaging her feet for her.

This story was submitted anonymously.

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