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Mother-In-Law's Ticklish Feet
(Posted on Thursday, December 2, 1999)
This story was submitted anonymously.

I thought I'd share with you the time I tickled my mother-in-law's feet. As you know from past letters, I massaged my mother-in-law's pretty nyloned feet on more than one occasion. Her sexy peds deserved that and more. She was gracious enough to allow me to serve them for her, a task I loved beyond words. This time it was different though, as I got this urge to find out if her sexy feet were ticklish. Another favorite fetish of mine.

It started normal enough. She had come home from work, dressed as always sexy as hell. She wore a flowery print dress with tan nylons covering her feet and shapely legs. Her well pedicured feet were trapped inside a pair of white pumps. I got hard as soon as she got in the car. We had gone to pick her up as always. Man, she looked good! I had talked to my wife about tickling her mom's peds. She told me it was something she wasn't sure of, if her moms feet were ticklish, but said that we should find out today. As before, she coerced her mom into a foot massage from me, something her mom was enjoying more and more each time I did it for her as she told me so.

When we got home this day, I assumed my position at my mother-in-law's feet. It was becomming a natural thing for me to do. I was much more at ease this time, even though I was rock hard and dripping with the anticipation of getting her hot wet nyloned feet once again in my hands. She offered me her shod feet as always for the removal of her beautiful real leather pumps. My heart was racing wildly as I took hold of the slim sexy heel of her left shoe. As always her concern was that her pretty feet were to hot or wet or smelly. I quickly assured her it wasn't a problem and proceeded to slide her shoe off. Her heat was incredible as always and her foot was soaking wet with her sweat. My cock drooled instantly at the feel of her foot in my hand.

I began her massage like I always did. I stroked her soles and heels, then her long thin toes which were graced with a light frost polish that I had never seen her wear before. I liked the look a lot. Not as much as her platinum, but it was different and looked very nice. Her hose were sandalfoot style and hid nothing from my staring eyes. As was always the case I became very flush, feeling the touch of her soft hot foot in my hands. I did my best to conceal my excitement from her. I sometimes wonder how much she knew she was making me horny. I massaged that foot for a good bit before proceeding to slip her other shoe off. I was again being hit by the heady scent she had, and her extreme heat and wetness. This was foot fetish heaven.

As I blissfully massaged her two stocking clad feet, now laying across my lap, I got the most powerful urge to tickle her feet. I pictured her tied up with me torturing her sexy peds. This fantasy was driving me nuts. I wanted to know if she was ticklish and decided that it was time to find out. As I massaged her two feet normally, as I had done for her several times prior to this, I lightly allowed my fingernails to glide up her stockinged soles. The reaction was swift and erotic as hell to me. She let out a shriek and said, "Oh hon, be careful. I'm very ticklish on my feet."

My cock thumped at not only her words, but her reaction. I glanced to my wife sitting across the room who was looking at both of us now. I saw her knowing smile. She was thrilled that I had decided to find out something I had been talking about for a long time now. She winked at me and nodded. I knew that she wanted me to tickle her mom's feet more.

I was so horny, I just lost control. Before I knew it, I had my mother-in-law's feet crossed at the ankles trapped between my legs. She didn't even notice until it was too late. My fingers were gliding up and down her stocking clad soles. Up one and down the other, from toe tips to heels. Her shrieks of laughter filled the room and my cock thumped and pumped with every shriek and jerk of her sexy feet. I loved how she arched her pretty pink polished toes as my fingers danced across her soles.

"Please hon, stop!" She squealed as I continued her torture. I couldn't stop now. I was too damn horny and her spasming feet were hitting my swollen cock with every jerk.

I glanced to my wife as my fingers continued to slide along the soft sheer hose on her mom's feet and she was smiling from ear to ear. I knew she approved of this and continued to apply the tickle torture to her mom's pretty peds that had brought me so much pleasure and torture over the last few years. She really didn't deserve to be tickle tortured like this, but in a way she did for teasing me so much with her sexy feet. I couldn't have stopped if I wanted to now and just went nuts tickling her pretty feet.

"Please don't! Oh, God! Stop it!" She squealed. Her pleas fell on deaf ears, though and I tickled her for at least ten minutes straight. Her constant thrashing and giggling and the sight of her beautiful nyloned feet was more than I could stand. As I stroked her toes, encased in those wonderfully sheer hose she always wears, I started to spew forth in my pants the most incredible orgasm I have ever had. I thought I'd pass out and worried that she would see the rapidlly developing wet spot on my pants.

My wife knew what happened and I saw her lick her lips and smile at me. Then she told me, "Now stop that hon. Just rub them for her. That's not nice."

While my orgasm subsided I regained my composure long enough to just continue her mom's massage. She laughed and said, "I never knew my feet were that ticklish." She patted me on the head as I went back to doing what she liked best, getting her sexy feet rubbed.

I looked up at her and smiled saying something about being sorry and that I was just playing. To my delight she smiled at me and told me it was ok. I felt great relief in more ways than one. Still I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to tie her up and really apply some serious tickle torture to those pretty feet of hers.

I massaged her feet for the next half hour and when she had enough. I went and got her slippers for her. My wife made some excuse about needing a pair of white shoes for a party we were scheduled to attend and her mom offered her the white pumps I had just removed from her feet. We took them home that night and my lady had me worship at her feet while wearing her mom's shoes. She then made me cum in them. Then she told me, "Someday I am going to figure out a way to make you squirt on my mom's feet. That will be the ultimate prize for you."

I can't wait!

This story was submitted anonymously.

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