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A Week In The Life Of A Shoe Fetishist
Part 2 - The Hairdresser's Shoes
(Posted on Friday, November 5, 1999)
This story was submitted by John Sheridan.

This is Day 2 in a week in my life. Day 1 was entitled The Babe.

Day 2 - Tuesday

The following day after I had explained Relexology to the babe at college. I made an appointment to cut my hair with my regular hairdresser. She is an older woman around 34 years old, a fairly good house and a family to match. She runs her business from her house. This woman's feet have always fascinated me, ever since the first time she cut my hair when I was younger. She is the kind of woman who keeps herself beautified, head to toe(s) and what toes they are too. They are a little long, in perfect proportion and always painted. They also have this chubby look to them which was the most arousing thing about her feet, but they bared no resemblance to her slim figure.

I got to her house around 3:20 pm, ten minutes before my appointment had been booked. As I knocked on the door I noticed her blinds were up in the hallway that leads to the salon. In that hallway was my favorite pair of shoes, that she wore alot, as indicated by the soft inprints of her toes on the insole of her shoe. She opened the door and greeted me. As she led me in I noticed she was barefoot and I remembered that she doesn't like wearing shoes on her new carpet, but that she has to put them on when cutting hair because the salon floor has tiles on it.

She showed me into her living room which also doubled as the waiting room. The living room was on the other side of the house from the salon. She told me to sit down, get comfotable and that she'd be with me in 10 minutes as she had another customer in her salon. The only thing I could think about after seeing her bare feet and those shoes was to to get some relief for the hardness in my trousers. I wanted to fuck her feet badly. But since it would be too risky to do so, I settled for those shoes.

After about a minute I got up and slowly creeped to the salon where the shoes lay near the door. I grabbed them and looked around to see if she had seen me. I took the shoes back to the living room with my heart jumping out my skin. I pulled my dick out and started stroking it. I placed her left shoe over the head of my penis and continuted stroking it, all the time thinking about her feet and what my cum would look like on them. With those images in my head, it didn't take me long at all. In minutes I was squirting warm, creamy cum all over the inside of her left shoe nearly filling it up.

I felt a second orgasm coming on so I picked up the right shoe and flooded that shoe with my cum. After my orgasm had subsided and I regained my composure, I made myself up and sneaked the shoes back to the place where I had seen them. I went back to the living room and sat there, satisfied, waiting for my haircut.

A couple of minutes later she came in and told me it was my turn. As I got up and followed her, I noticed her bare feet again. I couldn't help but start to get stiff again. I followed her down the hallway to the salon. She had been wearing a pair of slip ons, cutting her previous appointment's hair. They were sitting next to my pair of shoes. All the way down the hall she was making small talk with me, dispensing the usual pleasantries. She stopped at the doorway of the salon to put on another pair of shoes.

To my surprise and arousal, she started to put on the cummed pair of shoes. She slipped them both on without a word about it, but she paused in the middle of the small talk and looked confused. My dick almost busted my zipper when I saw that. Although as soon as she stopped talking, she started again. We went through the whole appointment with not so much as a word about the shoes or what was in them. Needless to say I was pretty much a happy and stiff person throughout the whole appointment.

TO BE CONTINUED ... DAY 3 : Twilight, so, so Right.

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This story was submitted by John Sheridan.

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