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First Tickle!
(Posted on Tuesday, June 16, 1998)
Anonymous Story Submission

I was 9. "Sue" was 12. I had a crush on Sue and would carry her books all the time when she walked home from the school bus. I'm not sure why she put up with me. I guess she knew I had a crush on her and was very kind about it. Being young, sex was never a thought, yet, but I did know I had a thing for feet. I was always sneaking peeks at her feet over the summer as she laid in the sun.

One really hot day I was in my small wading pool trying to cool off and she came by in her swimsuit and asked if she could join me. Of course I said yes. We sat in the pool and talked for a good while facing each other. Her feet were very close to my fingers, but I was too scared to try anything yet. I had never tried to tickle anyone before. I had seen a Popeye cartoon when Popeye builds a bridge. Brutis chases Olive Oyl to the end of the bridge and she falls managing to hold on to the end of the I-beam with her foot. She dangles there and Brutis peels back the sole of her shoe and tickles Olive's foot until Popeye manages to come to the rescue. Having seen that I wanted to try it myself, but this was really the first time I really had a chance to do it.

Sue was starting to talk about having to go home and do some things and I knew that soon this chance would pass. I had to gather up all my courage and slowly moved closer to her foot with my fingers. Finally I was within inches. It was now or never, so I struck. I wiggled my fingers on her soft, water-soaked soles. She moved her foot away, but my fingers chased after her maintaining as much contact as I could. She giggled and kept pulling further away until I finally just grabbed her ankle with my other hand and pulled her foot close to me. She yelped, giggled and struggled as I continued to tickle her foot. Being older and bigger than me, she was impossible to hold still, but I was getting in some good tickling.

Sue managed to roll onto her stomach and crawl out of the pool, but I was not about to let her go now. I jumped out of the low pool and sat on her legs. Now on her back and me on her shins, she was helpless and I took full advantage of it. Within seconds she was screaming and laughing out of control, begging me for mercy. After about 30 seconds or so of tickling I told her to cry Uncle but she refused. So the tickling continued. After maybe 2 minutes of both feet being tickled from heel to toe she finally couldn't take any more and started screaming, "UNCLE!"

I kept tickling her for another few seconds asking her if she was sure. Now she was begging and pleading with the crying of uncle, so I finally stopped. She could bearly move or breath when I got up. What a turn on for me. I think this was the first hard-on I ever got in my young life. I was hooked on tickling feet from then on. I've tickled over a hundred feet since then, some even make pretty good stories. As time goes by, I may even try to write them down to share with everyone. As a side note, Sue was really mad at me for the tickling and hardly ever spoke to me again after that. As she left to go home, she did ask me never to tell anyone that her feet were so ticklish. I did tell her younger brother, who took advantage of that whenever she picked on him.

The Begining

The End
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