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How I Discovered My Foot Fetish
(Posted on Friday, November 5, 1999)
This story was submitted by Amanda McKenzie.

Webmaster Note: A general rule for this site is not to place on-line any foot fetish activities that occur among minors, even when there is no sex involved. However, this story is well written and simply explains how a young girl discovered her foot fetish. For more details, please read our policy.

I've had a foot fetish for as long as I can remember. I guess I picked it up from my Dad, whom I've lived with since my mother died, when I was three. He always tried to sneak in some tickles on me, but they never lasted long. Mainly a few seconds. In my younger years (ages 4-8) I was absolutely terrified of being tickled. I grew to like it later on, but it scared the daylights out of me when I was a child.

As a child I still went around barefoot all the time and I did like to stare at other women's feet, but I never really took notice to my foot fetish until I was in my early teens. My best friend, whose name is Allison, is the one who brought it out of me and made me actually notice it. Allison also has a foot fetish and, like me, she also goes barefoot and wears sandals whenever she can. Perhaps that is why we've stay such close friends all these years.

The incident I'm going to tell about happened when we were thirteen. Allison and I had met in Kindergarten and have been best friends ever since. In our pre-teen/adolescent years we spent almost all of our time together. We were always sleeping over at each others' houses, going to the mall, and other stuff like that.

It was a warm summer day and Allison and I were sitting in lawn chairs on her back patio and conversing. We were both barefoot at the time, of course, and I didn't think much of it until she started talking about my feet. "Your feet are just so beautiful." She said.

This kind of surprised me. I looked at her strangely and said, "Thank you," with a sarcastic tone.

"No, I really mean it. I can't take my eyes off of them." She confessed.

It dawned on me that I had been staring at her feet too, so I said, "You have very lovely feet also."

"I know. You keep staring at them." She said. I began to get a little timid. She had caught me looking at her feet, which is something I hadn't intentionally done anyway, but I was still scared that she was going to tell the world. Then she said, "Don't worry. It's okay if you have a foot fetish."

"A foot WHAT?" I asked.

"A foot fetish. You know, because you like to look at feet." She explained.

"Oh, I guess I do have a foot fetish then." I admitted.

"So do I." She said.

It was this moment when I realized that I actually had a foot fetish. I mean I've had it long before that, but this was when I actually noticed that it was there. It was exciting! The next thing that happened made me kind of nervous. She asked me if I had ever had my feet tickled. Remembering how my Dad would tickle me when I was younger brought back bad memories. So I replied, "Yes, but not in years. From what I recall, I'm not too fond of it."

"That's too bad. Have you ever tickled anybody?" She asked.

"Not that I know of." I told her.

"Well, why don't you come here and tickle my feet?" She asked. I didn't know what to say. I never wondered what it what be like to tickle someone's feet. Especially when it was the feet of someone I was so close with. So I sat down at her feet and took one of them in my hand. Allison was already smiling. Then I started tickling her feet. She laughed of course, but not like I had ever heard her laugh before. This kind of scared me, so I stopped. "Why did you stop?" She asked.

"You don't want me to stop?" I asked.

"No. Tickle me for as long as you want." She insisted.

So I resumed the tickling. I admit that after a few minutes of hearing her laughter, I started to enjoy it. Then I looked at her face and saw how much fun she was having. At that moment I thought, "What the hell. Why not have her tickle my feet?" So I stopped and asked if she would like to tickle me.

"Well look who's starting to come around." She said. I sat in the lawn chair in which I had previously been sitting in and propped my feet up so she could tickle them. When she started tickling, I started laughing hysterically. I slowly began to realize that I was actually enjoying being tickled more than I had enjoyed tickling. Allison used both hands to tickle me, one on each foot. I had never had so much fun in my life. I had become addicted to being tickled!

When she stopped, about ten minutes later, I said, "We need to have more of these tickling sessions. That was so much fun!" She agreed and from that day on, the two of us have had many wonderful and exciting tickling experiences together. Throughout our teens we focused a lot of attention to our feet. We gave each other pedicures, we shopped for sandals (which is probably the only kind of shoe that you'll ever see me or her wearing should you happen to meet us), and we basically just pampered each other's feet and toes as if they were the most valuable parts of our bodies. So that's how I got into feet. Allison and I are still best friends and we always enjoy many hours of foot tickling, worship, and pampering together.

This story was submitted by Amanda McKenzie.

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