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My Sister's Sweet Feet
(Posted on Friday, July 9, 1999)
This story was submitted anonymously.

I am a 40-year-old man with an insatiable foot fetish. My love for the female foot began around the age of 10. I can't explain why but I've been drawn to them my whole life. This is my first true experience with feet and the joy they give me. When I was 16, I had my first experience with my unsuspecting sister. My sisters feet drove me crazy every time I saw them. She wore a size 6 shoe and always had her toenails painted in various colors. Whenever she was out with her friends, I would take note what shoes she wore and when she returned and took them off, I would sneak into her room or closet and smell the mixture off her sweaty feet and leather. This always led to an erection, which I relieved by masturbating in them. One night, after she had gone to bed, I laid in my bed fantasizing about sucking her toes and wondering if I could get away with it. Her bedroom was across from mine so I knew when she went to bed. I decided to attempt to make a move and satisfy my burning desires. I entered her room and sat beside her bed listening to her breath. My heart was beating so hard that I thought she might hear it and wake up. After waiting about 5 minutes, I felt comfortable that she was sound asleep and I began my move. She was lying on her stomach and both her feet were angled toward the right side of the bed. I placed my hand on her right foot that was under the blanket to see if she would rustle. This would give me an out if she woke up with me in her room. She was definitely sound asleep and I got more excite each step of the way. I pulled the blanket and sheet from between the mattress so I could gain a glimpse of her foot. As I raised and flipped the blanket back, her right foot glistened from the reflection of a night-light, and to my surprise, her left foot was touching the right. As I realized that I was going to have some fun, I felt a throbbing sensation between my legs as I looked down at the lump that had developed in my boxers. There was no turning back now; I had to suck her toes. I put my hand between her two arches and slowly separated her right foot from her left and slid it ever so slowly to the edge of the bed. As I slid her foot toward me I listened for any change in her breathing. When I successfully move her foot to the edge of the bed, her foot and toes hung off the side of the mattress supported by her ankle. I pushed my nose lightly between her toes and smelled the lovely smell of her sweaty feet. The smell drove me crazy and I pressed my nose harder in between her big toe and second toe, this was too good to be true. I needed to have her toes in my mouth, I let my tongue explore between each of her toes, savoring the taste of salt as I licked every part of her right foot. I sucked her toes one at a time enjoying the contrast between the soft fleshy part of her toes and the hard, smooth, red nail polish she wore. After enjoying her right foot, I had to have her left foot too. I decided to go for it and began to lift her left foot up into the air. As her foot raised her leg was bending at the knee until her foot was almost at a 90 degree angle. At this angle, I could see the tops of her sexy toes that made my cock pulsate in anticipation. I pulled my boxers down and free my cock allowing it to rest on her right foot. The sensation of her soft foot against my cock almost made me cum right then and there. I fought the urge and began to smell, kiss, and suck on her left foot and toes. As I sucked her big toe, I began to rub my cock against her right sole and arch. The feeling of her foot against me and her toes on my sack created a burning in my loins that I thought would make me moan. The thought of getting caught heightened the excitement. I sucked her big toe in rhythm with the fucking of her foot as if I were giving her toe head. I continued until I knew I couldn't hold back any longer and let go. I twitched as the first stream of cum shot out and covered her heel and ankle. I came so hard I thought she would wake up from the sound. As I covered her foot with my cum, I could feel it dripping down my shaft and down between her toes. I didn't want this to end but decided not to press my luck and ruin a good thing. There would have been no way to explain what I had just done. I lowered her left foot back to the mattress and covered her saliva soaked foot with the blanket. I decided to leave the cum covered right foot dangling from the bed, dripping my cum on the floor. It was kind of like leaving my mark. I left her that way and returned to my room to savor the experience. This was the first of several times that I enjoyed the pleasures of my sister feet and toes.

This story was submitted anonymously.

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