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Grandma's Feet
Published on Sunday, May 30, 2013.

This story was submitted anonymously.

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It was my grandma's 60th birtday last Saturday, so she decided to have a party by her house since she lives all alone. She's 5'5" at 120 lbs. with short black hair, and she has a size 6 foot. She looks really good for her age, and she always takes care of her feet.

I decided to go to her house early to help her set up. When I got there she was wearing a short black one piece dress with black slip on heels. I always had something for her feet. She had dark red nail polish on. They looked amazing. My cock got hard as soon as I saw them in those heels.

As we were setting up I couldn't take my eyes off her feet. As we finished, everyone started coming. During the party my eyes never left her feet. I wanted to suck each one of her toes. It was around 10 p.m. when everyone left. I decided to stay to help clean up. Plus, I was a little drunk. It was probably 11 p.m. when we finished. We sat on the couch together.

My grandma said her feet were killing her from those heels. That was my cue. I asked her if she wanted a foot massage.

She said, "I don't know. My feet might smell."

I told her it didn't matter. So she kicked off her heels and put both her feet on my lap. I was in pure heaven. When I grabbed them they were the softest feet I ever touched. She laid back as I massaged her feet. I took her left foot in my hands, and as I dug my thumbs into the sole of her foot, she let out a quiet moan. My cock got hard fast. Her right foot was inches from my rock hard cock.

I lifted her left foot up higher to get a good look at her sole. As I did that, her dress went up too. I happened to look down, and saw she was wearing white satin panties. She didn't realize that her dress went up because she was really enjoying the foot massage. She said, "You can stop if my feet smell."

I told her that they didn't smell at all.

Then she said, "I hope not."

That's when I buried my face in her foot, and took a nice inhale. They smelled amazing, like leather and lotion. She asked if they smelled, and I told her they smelled amazing. She laughed. Then I put her left down, took her right foot, and did the same. I couldn't believe I was smelling my grandma's feet. Then I couldn't believe what I did next.

I opened my mouth, and started sucking her big toe. She asked if that was part of the massage. I told her it was.

Then she said, "You have 9 more to go."

I was fucking shocked when she said that. This was the chance I'd been waiting for. As I sucked each toe, she was moaning. That got me going crazy. My cock had  never gotten this hard. As I was sucking every inch of her right foot, her left foot was right on top of my cock. She then asked if that too was part of the massage. I couldn't believe my ears.

I said, "If you want it to be."

She then started to rub my cock with her foot as I sucked her other foot. I looked over and saw that one hand was down her panties rubbing her pussy. I started to unbutton my pants. I couldn't believe what was happening, that I was going to fuck my grandma. As I pulled down my pants and underwear, my cock was wet with precum.

She looked over, and saw my cock harder than ever, and said. "Wow! That's a big dick."

I then grabbed both her feet, and wrapped them around my cock. What a feeling! I must say my grandma's feet wrapped around my cock felt great. She then slipped her dress off to expose her tits. She had perfect tits, 36c.

As I was giving myself a footjob, she was playing with her tits. I was trying very hard not to shoot my load all over her. She was lying on her back. When I stopped fucking her feet, I  noticed she had precum all over her feet. I grabbed her white satin panties, and slowly removed them. I looked down to see her pussy. Wow, was it nice. She had a hairy pussy. I started to kiss and lick all down her leg until I reached her pussy. I was tounge-fucking her pussy. She was screaming.

Then she got on her knees, and started sucking my cock. As I looked down to watch her suck my cock, I saw her wrinkled soles on the floor. What a view it was to watch my grandma sucking my cock on her knees. She then pushed me on the couch, got on top of me, and we kissed.

Then I felt my cock inside her moist pussy. Wow! As she was riding the shit out of me, her tits were in my mouth, and my hands were on her feet. I couldn't ask for anything more. I then flipped her around, and was fucking the shit out of her with her feet in my face and mouth. I couldn't hold it any more. Gallons of cum shot all over her pussy, tits, and feet. She then got up and sucked all the cum off my dick.

She said that was the best birhday fuck she ever had. I told her that I had a foot fetish for her. She laughed and said, "I know."

We never mentioned what happened, but she teases me with her feet now. I will let you know what happens next.

This story was submitted anonymously.

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