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Dude, Your Mom's Feet Are Hot!
Published on Wednesday, April 12, 2012

This story was submitted by Mike.

It all happened when I was 18. I'm 22 now. You see, my mom had me when she was 15, so sh's young and she's hot.

She loved to get drunk with her friends. One night she came home, and passed out on our couch laying face down with her soles up. I was coming home with my best friend (who has a foot fetish as well). We noticed her feet.

Since she was my mother, I tried to ignore her, but my friends comment got to me.

"Dude, your mom's feet are hot!"

As he said this, he went over to her, so I asked him, "Man, what are you doing?"

He said, "Man, I've got to smell her feet."

I responded, "Okay, but hurry up. She won't wake up until tomorrow anyway. She won't wake up until she's sober."

So my friend picked up her left foot, lifted it to his face, and that's when I really noticed her soles. They were white, soft, and wrinkled. I started to get a boner myself.

When my friend saw my boner he said, "C'mon, get a whiff yourself bro."

At first I was reluctant, but her feet looked so good that I couldn't help myself. So I grabbed her right foot, and brought it up to my face. As my nose touched her wrinkled sole, I almost came. When I looked at my friend, who by this time was sucking her pinky toe, he had a huge erection himself.

He said to me, "Man, look. Her ass is showing."

I hadn't noticed, but the mini skirt she had on had ridden up, and her whole ass, which is awsome by the way, was showing.

My friend responded, "Man, fuck it, I'm jacking off now!" He pulled out his dick, and started to jack off while he smelled her left foot.

I was about to say something because her foot looked so delicious, and so did her ass. Instead, I just took my dick out too. I started stroking myself as well, and brought her right foot to my nose again. I took big whiffs while jacking, and I almost came immediately.

When I heard my friend moan, I looked over to see that he had lowered her left foot to his erect dick, and was starting to rub it up and down her sole. He no time at all he started squirting cum all over her wrinkled soft soles.

I was almost came myself when I decided to rub my cock all over her soles, too.

This story was submitted by Mike.

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