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My Friend Controlled By My Wife's Feet
Published on Friday, August 19, 2011

This story was submitted by Derek (click here for Derek's chat forum profile).

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I am writing a true story about me, my wife, and my best mate. My name is Derek and I am 34 years old. My wife Louise is 31. She is a very sexy woman with great legs, and very sexy size 5 feet. I was going to give you a full descrption of her, but I've posted pictures of her body, so you can get an idea of how fit she is.

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I have been with my wife for 10 years now, and from the very begining she has known about my foot fetish. In fact, on our first date she actually asked me if I had one because I couldn't take my eyes off of her feet. She had a lovely pair of stilletoes on, and she was very skillfully and sexily dangling her shoe from her hot pink pedicured toes. The arch of her foot was on show, and I wanted to wank off there and then.

Over the years my wife has enjoyed the attention I give to her feet, and she also likes the fact that she can control me with them. By getting me to do any housework in exchange for a footjob, or tell me I can cum in her shoes, and then she will put them on if I clean the bathroom (which I hate doing by the way ... but how could any footman resist?). She also allows me to take pictures of her feet and film them, which I then send onto my best mate Tony who also has a very big foot fetish. He openly tells me he likes to masturbate while he looks at the pictures I've sent him of Louise's legs and feet. Louise is aware of this and she does tease him a lot when we all meet up. The more she teases him, the more it turns me on.
Anyway, early this year I sat down with my wife, and told her that I would like her to tease Tony even more than she normally does . So instead of just dangling her shoes, and rubbing the arch of her foot in front of him, I wanted her to let him rub them, and suck on her toes. But most importantly, I wanted her to rub her feet on his cock.

My wife then asked me, "How far do you want me to go?"

I replied, "Whatever you feel comfortable with, but I'd like you to let him cum on your feet.!"

My wife and I agreed she would see how she felt about him cumming on her feet, but she was more than happy to to let him suck her toes, and kiss her soles.
I arranged for Tony to come to my house the following weekend. All I told him was that my wife said she was going to tease him with her feet. This got him very excited, and he couldn't wait to get to our place.
When the day came, I went to meet Tony for a drink, and after a few, my wife texted me to tell me she was ready. Tony then downed his pint, and was insisting we leave staight away. When I got home, I was totally blown away. My wife was dressed in a black silk knee length nightgown, which showed of a lot of cleavage, and she had a sexy little ankle braclet with black stilletoe 4 inch heels, which also showed off a lovely bit of toe cleavage.

Tony's face was a picture. He couldn't take his eyes of her. He whispered to me, "You lucky bastard. You'll be fuking her later!"

I just laughed, but I was loving the effect my wife had on him.
My wife sat down on the couch, and I sat down on a chair opposite her. Tony sat at the opposite end of the couch with my wife. She then went straight to work, teasing Tony, dangling her shoe, adjusting her ankle bracelet, and taking her shoe off. She started rubbing her foot, and then put her shoe back on again. Tony and I were both just sitting there drooling, and I had a large boner. I'm sure Tony had a boner as well.

Anyway, after about a hour of this teasing, my wife said her feet were sore, and she asked Tony if he'd mind if she put her feet on his lap. Before he could answer, she placed her stilletoe heeled feet on his lap, and told him to take her shoes off . Tony did as he was told, and then she said to him, "Now get rubbing."

I was so fucking hard, watching my wife tell another man to rub her feet. Tony was in his element as he began rubbing each one of her toes, massaging her sexy size 5 soles, and running his hands all over her heels and ankles. I was about to explode! Judging by the bulge in Tony pants, he was also.
After about 30 minutes of foot rubbing, my wife told Tony to smell her toenail polish. Her toes were painted a bright pink, and when Tony smelled them, he said, "The polish smells like strawberriess."

My wife laughed and said, "I bought a strawberry scented polish so that I can enjoy it even more when you suck on my toes."

Tony then told my wife that he couldn't carry on rubbing her feet because her feet were driving him crazy, and that his cock was so hard it was hurting. He told her that he really wanted to suck her toes, and kiss her soles. Then he told her that she has the smoothest and sexiest soles he had ever seen.

My wife then shocked me and said, "I was waiting for you to kiss them." She added, "You've done a good job, so why don't you take your pants off, and let your cock breathe? Then you can get to kissing and rubbing my feet again."

At this point I was about to explode! Tony quickly took all of his clothes off, and his cock was standing to attention oozing pre cum. My wife then raised her foot to his cock, and rubbed her big toe on his bullhead. She said to him, "You're not kidding. Your cock is really hard. I've always known you loved my feet!"

My wife then raised her right foot to his mouth, and told him to suck her toes. In the blink of an eye, Tony started sucking her little toe, and worked his way up to her big toe. My wife then started to rub her left foot on Tony's cock and balls, and told him not to forget to lick her soft soles.

As soon as she said that, I couldn't take any more. I quickly took my pants off, grabbed her stilletoes, and buried my face into them while I wanked my rock hard cock. I then looked up to find Tony holding both of my wife's feet together so that he could fully admire her sexy soles. Then he started licking them all over, and nibbling on her heels.

My wife had her eyes closed, and was whispering to the both of us how nice, and how warm Tony's mouth felt on her feet. I couldn't hold it in any longer, so I shot the biggest load of jizz I've ever produced right into her stilletoe heels. My wife then looked at me, gave me a dirty little smile, and then complimented Tony on the job he was doing.
Tony then started to beg my wife to let him cum on her feet. He shouted out, "Louise, I can't take it any more. I've always dreamed of worshiping your feet. I fucking love them! Please, please. Can I cum on them?"

Louise just laughed. Pointing to me she said, "You're just like him over there. I can control the both of you just by showing a bit of leg, and showing you my sexy feet. You two lose all control."

Louise was right. Tony had lost control of himself just like I do when she teases me with her sexy legs, and pedicured toes.

Louise then told Tony to lay down on the floor in front of the couch. Tony was on the floor, and on his back in a instant while Louise sat just above him. She hovered both her soles just above Tony's nose, and she told him to kiss each of her soles once. She then asked Tony, "Would you like a footjob now honey?"

I was starting to get hard again, and wishing it was me who was laying on the floor!

Louise then started saying, "Look how soft and sexy my soles are. Tell me how much you want them!!!"


As he was speaking, my wife then wrapped her sexy arches round his cock, and slowly started wanking him. Tony screamed out, "OH FUCK! THAT FEELS AMAZING! PLEASE DON'T STOP!"

Louise then built up her speed, and Tony's cock was oozing pre cum. She was talking to Tony while she was wanking him with her sexy toes and soles. She was saying to him, "You're my little footboy now. I want you to massage my feet every time you come around here." She then said, "I want your cum all over my toes."

As soon as I heard that, I was wanking my cock again into her stilletoes. I've never been so turned on in all my life. Louise had teased and tormented Tony more than I ever thought she would! After a few more strokes of foot wanking, Tony's cock he splurted out a load of jizz that even rivalled the load I had produced onto her shoes earlier on. Tony then grabbed his cock, and started rubbing it all along the soles of her feet. I then shot another load of cum into her stilletoes.
Louise then stood up and asked me to pass her, her stilletoe heels, and then she very sexily placed them onto her feet. I was in fucking dream land. She then kissed Tony, and then kissed me.

She then said, "I'm off to bed now. I'll leave you two alone now. My two footboys can have a drink, and a chat."

She then took her left foot out of her shoe, and flashed the sole of her left foot. It was drenched in both mine and Tony's cum. Then she quickly stepped back into it again, and did the same with her right foot before sexily walking off to bed.
Tony and I were exhausted, and neither of us could believe what had just happened. We both got to fulfill our fantasies, and little did we know that wouldn't be the last time Louise controlled us with her feet.
Things have developed a lot more between the three of us over the last few months, but I'll tell you about that another time if there is enough interest. I hope you like the pictures that I've posted. Thanks for reading.

This story was submitted by Derek (click here for Derek's chat forum profile).

Note: As of this edit, Derek's email address is hidden in his profile. However, chat
forum members can send private messages through the forum, and membership is free.

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