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My Beautiful Wife's Penchant To Tease
Published on Friday, July 30, 2010

This story was submitted anonymously.

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This story involves my beautiful wife and her penchant to tease. I have had a foot fetish since I was a teenager. What first attracted me to my wife were not only her great looks and fabulous body, but her feet. From the first time I saw them encased in beige pantyhose and a pair of sexy stilletos I was hooked. She knew she had me.

The first evening we met consisted of her teasing me by dangling her shoe skillfully from her well pedicured red toes. Her arch was amazing, and my mouth literally watered as I watched her from across the room at a house party we were attending given by mutual friends. I approached her, made samll talk and from there is was history. I didn't get to play with her feet until our 5th date almost 2 months later and every date was blissful torture for me. Years later the foot teasing has increased and she never dissapoints me and caters to my desire to make love to her and her beautiful feet.

Recently I was to attend a 15 year high school graduation. I never attended any others, but was inspired to go to this one by a few e-mails via facebook from some old friends. I must say, 15 years later I actually am in better shape than when I was in high school, and I was kind of dying to take my wife to show her off. One of my best friends in highschool shared my fetish for female feet and I thought to myself, wow, wait until he gets a load of my wife! I hesitated to tell my wife about all this other than I told her I wanted to go and wanted her to accompany me. I had a few months so I figured I would ease her into my plans.

See, my buddy Steve was a jock. He got all the girls, and bragged about it too. I know he married his high school sweetheart, but he went to a college far away, and we lost touch. I found him on facebook, and we exchanged a few e-mails. I was surprised to find out he was recently divored. I was shocked to see pictures of him that showed he lost his hair, and put on like 30 to 40 lbs!

I told my wife that I reached out to this guy, and told her how he turned out. I showed her his pictures, and she said, "How did he get any girls?!"

I later showed her his high school grad pic in my yearbook, and she couldn't believe it was the same guy. I later that night shared with her that he had a huge foot fetish as big as mine. Well, at least he did in high school. I told her how we used to rate girls' feet. She laughed and asked, "What would he rate mine?"

I just laughed and said, "A 10 of course."

She gave a knowing smile and said, "Really???"

We didn't talk much about it the next month other than my wife informed me she bought a new dress for the reunion, and planned to get a mani & pedi, and her hair done for the event. I was all for it. I wanted her to be the knockout at this party.

Finally the big night arrived, and when I saw my wife's dress, I was floored. It was a form fitting black cocktail dress with some sequins that were just above the knee with a little slit. She wore black stockings, and she had these shoes that had 5" heels and just 2 little straps. It looked like her feet were completely and totally nude! Her toes were painted bright red, and so were her fingernails. She was stunning!

When we arrived, I saw some old friends I was close to, but no Steve. I became worried he wouldn't show. My wife knew nobody as she and I were from different areas. She moved near me well after high school. She however is very sociable, and was talking to a few of my friends' wives.

I was getting us some small plates with appetizers, and running for drinks when I turned to see her talking to a guy, but I couldn't quite make out who he was. I finally gathered our stuff, and went over to her. When I got to where she was I saw it was Steve. He and I hadn't seen each other in roughly 15 years! He commented immediately saying, "Wow! You landed a hottie. Good for you!"

As we made small talk, I noticed him checking out my wife's feet. Karen made no attempt to cover her wares. She had her legs crossed, and was rocking her foot. I kept us with drinks all night, and Steve did as well. He left for a bit to see a few others there, and my wife took the opportunity to say to me, "So how badly do you want me to tease this guy?"

I was shocked, and so turned on, and the drinks just accelerated it all. I told her, "As badly as you teased me when we first met. I want him to know what I have, and I want him to lust after you more than any woman he has ever wanted."

Steve came back to join us, and Karen went right to work. As she talked and flirted with him, she would rub her shins, dangle her shoe, and even rub her arch. Steve was dying! The teasing was working. He asked me to help him with drinks at the bar. When we got there he said, "Yo bro. Your wife's feet are unreal. She is beautiful, and she is driving me insane."

I kind of acted smugly, but agreed she is beautiful.

He asked, "Aren't you into feet anymore?"

I lied. I told him, "Not really. I kind of grew out of it." Me saying that killed him!

He said to me, "You mean you have that, and don't enjoy it?" I just laughed, and we rejoined Karen.

When we returned, she announced she wanted to dance since couples were now dancing. I danced some with her as she sexily grinded up against me. I was so enjoying other men, not just Steve taking notice of my wife. All were trying to 'work in' for a little dance, or better yet, a grind. She was whispering to me that she noticed Steve was figitty, and adjusting a lot, and that she thought he was getting hard at times when she rubbed her feet.

I said, "No doubt. He's a guy who really loves feet."

She asked, "Can I dance with him to escalate things?"

I said, "Sure."

When we came back from dancing she said, "Hey Steve. Wanna dance?"

He said, "Sure," and off they went.

I made small talk with another couple, and was looking over at Karen and Steve while they danced. After the first song, Karen did a few sexy moves to get closer to Steve. I noticed she was now touching him, and rubbing against him from time to time. She looked at me, winked, and then looked down at Steve's crotch. From where I was, which was about 20 feet away, I could see he was trying to cover his hard on!

After a few songs they came back, and we sat on a sofa by the bar. Karen placed her feet up, and announced she needed to remove her shoes for a bit. She asked me to be a "sweetie," and rub her feet. As I did, Steve's eyes were glued, and Karen made it worse by talking directly to him while giving "oohs" and "ahhs" in approval of my foot massage.

The reunion was about to end, and a few people were going to another bar. Since we have a child, and only had a sitter, we couldn't go. I told Steve this, and he said, "Ahhh c'mon. It's early. It's not even 12!"

Karen said, "Why don't you come back to our place for drinks."

I looked at her like, "What??!!!"

Steve immediately said, "Absolutely!"

When we got in the car I said, "What are you doing?"

She said, "Why end the fun? I can tease hime even more freely at home!"

When we arrived at our home, Steve was a little late again. I thought for a second that he wasn't coming, but then I thought better, and figured that he wouldn't he miss out. Karen paid our sitter, and then said to me, "I'm going to change." She came down wearing no shoes, and a long teddy type PJ thing she often wears to bed. She looked great!

Steve finally arrived. It turned out that he stopped at a bar to get take-out, so he came over with 2 six packs. When he saw Karen, his eyes were like saucers. The next hour consisted of my wife teasing him unmercifully. She even rubbed her foot against his arm while sitting on the sofa anytime he made her laugh. He was rock hard, and the drinking was getting to him.

Finally he said, "You know Karen, I think you have the prettiest feet I've ever seen. I am not sure if Bob told you, but I have a thing for pretty feet."

Pretending not to know, she told him, "He didn't say anything to me about it."

He then excused himself to use our bathroom.

I said to Karen, "Hey look. Enough. The poor guy is hurting. His wife left him. God knows when he's had any."

She said, "I'm sure he is having fun now."

I asked, "What do you mean?"

She replied, "If we're lucky, we'll see."

Steve returned, and after about 10 minutes he announced that he should get going. He said that he enjoyed seeing me and Karen, that we should do this again.

After he left, Karen said, "Come here."

I was confused. "Why did he leave so suddenly?" I thought to myself. "What was she doing?"

We went to our bathroom, and I saw that she had her stockings hung over the towel rack. She then went to our linen closet, and pulled the door open some more. She reached inside, and came out with a camera.

I asked, "What are you doing?"

She told me that she had positioned it when we returned, and had put a full tape in it. She said. "I figured he would use our bathroom, so I left him some nice gifts for him to enjoy. My panties. They were lying on top of the basket along with my stockings."

Incredulously, I said with excitement, "Get the hell out?"

We both rushed to our TV to see what, if anything, she captured. After what seemed like an eternity of nothing, we see Steve walking into the bathroom. Sure as anything, he went to to her stockings, and held them like they were gold. He placed them to his face. He must have then seen her panties because he placed them to his lips. We noticed he was licking the crotch of her panties. He then dropped his pants. Unfortunately, we didn't have a full view, but we could still see him masturbating, and eventually cumming.

Karen said, "Look at my stockings, and you'll see traces of his pre cum."

We have watched that tape and fucked at least 20 times so far! Every time my wife asks, "How badly do you think Steve wants this?" Or she'll say, "Suck my feet like Steve wants to do."

It was our hottest night yet, and she wants to tease more men soon!

This story was submitted anonymously.

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