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My Niece Was Sleeping

Last summer my niece visited us from Utah during her vacation. She was 18 at the time and looking great. Dark hair, blue eyes, and a body even the pope couldn't keep from looking at! When she first arrived she didn't talk much. She just sat around reading a lot and keeping to herself. I would advise her to go out on the town, make friends and stuff, but she would just shrug off my suggestions. This one night I came home and found her asleep on the couch. I noticed that she did not have her shoes on. I've always secretly had a severe foot fetish. I've been married for 5 years to a woman whose feet do nothing for me.

Since my niece had arrived, I had been hoping she would slip up and leave her shoes off so I could see her feet. She always left on her socks though, so I never got to look at them. Now she was asleep on my couch with her socks off and her feet were unprotected. I went and stood close to the couch trying not to make any noise. She had her toenails painted candy apple red and her skin was pail and creamy white. Just then, I heard the door slam shut. It was my wife arriving from work. My niece woke up and saw me standing there. I said "Hi Candace, did I wake you up?" and grabbed my hardening tool through my pocket so she wouldn't notice I had an erection. After greeting my wife I went to the bathroom and played back the picture of those creamy white feet over and over in my head. I brought myself to climax and went on about my business.

Later that night I laid in bed wondering what it would be like to suck my niece's feet. I felt like a pervert but I couldn't stop thinking about it. I decided to get up and grab myself a stiff drink. As I was walking to the kitchen I noticed the light was on in my niece's room. I peeked through the cracked open door and saw her deep asleep with the reading lite on. She was uncovered except for her feet. She had her feet delicately wrapped in the blanket. I felt frustrated. I wanted to see those creamy white feet again. I nudged the door open and walked on in. One of her socks were crumpled on the floor so I picked it up and smelled it. It had the sweet arroma of feet inbedded in every fiber. At that point I knew I had to have those feet. I dropped to my knees and crawled to the foot of her bed. My heart was pounding and my whole body shaked with anticipation.

I gripped one of the loose corners of her sheets and tugged lightly, all the time watching her in case she woke up. I kept tugging at the sheets slowly, inch by inch until one of her feet popped out from under the covers. There it was, the creamy white flesh I so longed to taste. She had no idea that her uncle was about to suck her feet. She kept sleeping soundly while her feet laid quietly unprotected and at my disposal. I pullled off the remainder of the covers and exposed them completly. I slowly leaned my neck in and smelled her feet. They smelled deliciously salty. My mouth began to water, so I reached in and grazed the tip of her fat toe with my tongue. When I noticed she did not wake up, I burried my nose between her toes and inhaled the salty aroma. This was too much to bear! I grabbed her feet and rubbed them all over my face. I opend my mouth and let my tongue roam freely in-between her toes. Then I sucked each toe individually, taking my time, savoring each one.

Her feet were so soft and chubby. I wanted to rub them on my dick. I kept on sucking her feet, nibbling on the little wrinkles onher her instep, moistening them for my dick. My hunger for them grew stronger and my nibbles turned into bites and that is when I could no longer take it. I unzipped my pants, pulled my dick out and slapped it on her instep. My niece's feet were being victimized and she didn't even know it. I rubbed her toes lightly against my dick. I could feel my cum boiling within and I knew it would not be long before her feet would be bathed in my sticky goo. I wrapped both insteps around my dick, let go of all reserve and bathed my niece's chubby little feet in warm, white cum. Load after load oozed all over those precious feet. In between her toes, all over her insteps and even a little on her ankles. Feeling ashamed of what I had done, I quickly left her room and crawled back into my bed. The next morning I heard my niece telling my wife that she woke up and her feet were soaked. I blamed it on the plumbing.

The End

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